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  1. Does anyone know why a find would great when the db is running as a local copy, yet when running from the server would fail?
  2. Different computers and same Same exact version of FM (fm 7, server) daysleft is an unstored field. If i copy the database down to the computer and logon to a local copy the find works great??? Don't know what that means. Since a local copy works I don't think a cloned copy will help. If you want me to post anyway let me know, but I'll have to edit out some value lists and such.
  3. I'm having a problem with a simple find problem. I have a user who when they do a search they get results that make no sense and when I do the same search I get the correct results. The user logs in with access with limited access to the table but the records she is searching are all with those parameters and she can view normally. The Database is 50 MB and filled with confidential info so I can't upload. But the summation of the problem is there is table1 with a bunch of fields but if I search of table1.agent="smith", table1.status="active", and table1.daysleft="0...15" I get 21 records and if she does the search she gets 2 of which one has 20 days left. Please if this makes no sense I'll try and explain better.
  4. OK I get both ideas. Let me ask this then, because I think either idea would work, but the latter might be better in this situation. What if I am trying to on top of that also keep a count of some other things, say for instance I have a field in the cusomter table that keeps track of what date certain things are due for that customer. Say weekly sales call and I want to keep count of all the weekly sales calls for that customer. Could I do a calculation if(status="active" and weeklysalescall="incomplete"; 1;0) then a count field. how many ands can you run in an if?
  5. I have two tables employee and customer Linked on Emplyee ID. If I want to have a calculated field of all active customers how do I do this. I tried an if IF(CustomerStatus="active";Count(CustomerID);"0") But this gives me either all customers or a 0 but not the active customers. Any suggestions.
  6. the file is over 50mb and is actually way more complex than this. It also holds all kinds of such as socials, birthdays and such. Sorry but here is an example of what I am talking about. Lets say the tables are real simple like this: Tabl1: Demo ChildId ContactID ChildName Table2:QD ChildID Date DateIntro Dateintake DateIFSP Table3:Contact ContactID ContactName And based off that I wish to create the following Layout: ContactID ContactName Portal1:(oderbyDateIntro) Demo:ChildID Demo:ChildName QD:DateIntro ... Portal2 (orderbyDateIntake) Demo:ChildID Demo:ChildName QD:DateIntake ... Portal3 (orderbyDateIfsp) Demo:ChildID Demo:ChildName QD:DateIfsp .... Where each portal might hold a dozen children basef off the current month.
  7. I use FM 7 by the way, not 8 (where do I change that I did not see it in my options). IN any event tbough I AM wanting to put different portal with different views based on the same join on one layout. Could this be accomplished using tables instead?
  8. I'm relativly new to filemaker (about 2 months now). I'm trying to make a layout with a dozen different tables on it summarizing different aspects of someones work. I figure that portals may be the key. Is there any good reading material online to explain how to do this? All the users data I wish to summarize reaside in 3 tables, Demo, QD and Contact. Demo is related to QD via ChildID and Contact is related to Demo via Contact ID. QD and Demo have most of the data I wish to show filtered to the current month via about 12 different fields. I can be more specefic but really I'm looking for the material to guide me in doing this. I've got Special Edition Using Filemaker & and the FileMaker Pro Bible, but they only explain breifly how to setup one Portal on a page.
  9. OK, I am a brand new newby to FM. I have used SQL, PHP, Access, ASP etc... so not knew to programming just Filemaker. I have inherited a database in my new job and the DB looks rather complex. Part of the database allows users to log in and go straight to a page that sums their current activity and future activity. IE 5-45 Day Cases Due 10-6 Month Cases Here is the issue, I have a user who when they log in from THEIR machine their sums are all 0 IE 0-45 Day Cases Due 0-10 Month Cases Due But when I log on as admin or with higher permissions I get the correct numbers. Oddly enough if I copy the database from the server and login as anyone I get all the numbers correct no matter who I log in as. Using Filemaker 7 Server on Win Xp from a Win 2003 server. I hope this makes sense
  10. Hey I got the script to work (impressed myself really). Now I'm looking for how to insert a script into a layout on open. Already have all my layout made. So I'm searching the forum. If someone wants to hand me the answer here though I'll forgive you. By the way used. If (fieldname<> Get(accountname)) Omit Record End If
  11. I apologize I am brand new to File Maker (literally as of today) and desperately trying to get up to speed. I see there are several posts on this, but they all require some knowledge of the program. I have made a brand new database with 2 tables: 1 with employee id, and name fields second with clientid, name fields, and employeeid I am trying to allow the employee to login and see only his clients. I can do this...but I get the "No Access" on his records. I realize I need to write a script to turn this off, and can turn on the script writer. But don't know what to write or where to place it. Some help would be appreciated. Sorry more use to access, php, sql and this program is well confusing the heck out of me. Again any help woudl be appreciated but please keep it basic.
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