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  1. Freeze doesn't work. As soon as i navigate from one database to another, flashing windows still coming. :
  2. I have the same problem. Did the freeze window step solved the problem to you? :
  3. Service Pack 4 is installed. I tried fmp_9.0v1R1_trial_win It's a problem because i have all the network with W2K Now we are running FM6 and we were waiting the new FM9 to make an upgrade of all the system. The thing is when i choose the language of the install in english, it tolds me that my windows is not compatible. Ok. But when i choose Spanish, it tolds me that i need Windows 2000 or Windows XP. :qwery: there is a mistake of translation?
  4. FM9 doesn't works under Win2k? : :P
  5. I tried that... and it works... but not the way i want. I have the DB of products in filemaker, and i export that db to sql for my website. For each product i have to make the .jpg for the website. I want to put all the .jpg's in one folder. And each time i search in FM for one product, FM check if there's in that folder the jpg for that product (I have the jpg's with the name exact of the model of the product). I enter new products each week. This way, i won't have to import all the new jpg's to the FM, only leave them in the folder. It's posible this way?
  6. Thank you for the answer. I wonder if it's posible link them to show them directly from the folder. :qwery:
  7. Hello I have a folder with a lot of jpg's. Each one have the exact name as the name is inserted in one field. It's posible in FM6 to show them in one container field? Or i have to import all of them? Thank you for your help!!!
  8. Thank you very much!! Now all works PERFECT! I owe you a pair of beers! ???
  9. thank you very much for your help. I try it and gives me one error (I translate from spanish) Incorrect Combination in the input XML file 0<>/LineNumber> It can be because on the .xml sample is and when i export returns me ¿¿¿ Thank you for your help!!!
  10. Hello I'm trying to export the shippments from FM6 to UPS WorldShip. It can be done by .xml file. But the result of my export "para_ups.zip" and the .xml necesary "New Feature - Shipper Account Number Auto Import.zip" doesn't match. Can somebody help me to create one XSL? Note: In New Feature.xml Appears the section, but i don't need to create Invoices in ups software, so i don't need that segment. Thank you!!! New_Feature_-_Shipper_Account_Number_Auto_Import.zip para_ups.zip
  11. Yes, that's the idea. I want to import the data of FM to WorldShip.
  12. Hello I'm trying to connect FM6 with UPS Worldship. I created system DNS with Filemaker Pro driver in ODBC control panel. I launch FM and open the file. I launch WorldShip. It recognize my database, and my table with the fields. I assign the fields from the table with the fields internals of Worldship. And Ok. But when i search for anything in worldship, it can't find any matches... Somebody can help me? Thanks!!!
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