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  1. Sorry should have mentioned I am building a cross tab report.
  2. Thanks for that it was my case test that was incorrect. Just added 2000 to the repetition number and it works 2001 through 2008. You are correct of course when data is past this year I will have to increase the number of repetitions. Works but crude I know any suggestions appreciated. Mitch
  3. I am trying to extract data so I can summarize it by months and also by years. I have created two fields one for months the other for years the first works and the second does not. This is the definition of both fields can anyone see what I am doing incorrectly please. MonthsWellsTran =Case(Get(calculationRepetitionNumber)=Month(Extend(TDate));Extend(Revenue). This has 12 repitions for the months. Figured this out it was the case test that was incorrect. YearsWellsTran =Case(Get(calculationRepetitionNumber)=Year(Extend(TDate));Extend(Revenue).This has7 repetitions as so far only have data for seven years. The month one works fine but for some reason the yearly one does not return any results at all. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks Mitch
  4. Thank you I created the relationships with one table not two I think thats what I understood your advice to be and it worked. Thank you very much. Mitch
  5. Mr Vodka thanks for the reply. I have as my main table one called Operators it is linked to a table called Batches by the operator ID. In my batch table I have a transaction date and a field called TYear which simply extracts the year. Then a global field gFilter in the Operators table. In my relationships two occurrences of Operators one linked OP ID to OP ID the other TYear to gFilter. From a layout of a list of operators I click a button which calls a scrip which asks for the year. I need to pass that year to the gFilter so as the layout with the portal is restricted to the invoices for that year only. I hope I have explained this properly. The Tyear field is indexed. Thanks Mitch
  6. I have searched to find a solution to what is probably a very simple question. I have a client layout with a portal that displays all the invoices for that client. I want to limit the portal display to a specific year. Tried creating a global field gFilter which I related to the Year field. Then set the value of the gFilter in a script to use as a find but that did not work. There are a number of portal queries in the Forum but I have not been able to get any of them to fit my circumstance or possibly I have not understood them. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks Mitch
  7. I am trying to produce a series of layouts that will show in each a range of names. For instance I would a layout with all the names range withe first letter between A...M. I feel the answer is simple but I cannot get anything to work. Using A...M as the range returns all the names that have an occurrence of A or M anywhere. Thanks Mitch
  8. You are correct in its first iteration it is cross tab. I intend to add other categories once I had figured out stage one. Thanks for the link it looks as though that will get me started. Mitch
  9. I would like to summarize invoices by client on a monthly basis. Essential I need a column for client then column for 12 months and finally a total. It follows I need to add up each clients invoices for each month. I would then have a row for each client. I could export all the records to Excel and use a pivot table to do this but that is very clumsy and I wondered if anyone had any suggestions. Thanks Mitch
  10. Thank you for that suggestion. However I do need to count the maybe's and no's. I have searched the forum but not found anything yet.
  11. I am producing reports under different circumstances and what I would like to do is display in the header of the report the count of the records not in the report. I have tried using calculation fields. For instance if all my records have "yes", "no" or maybe in an attendance field and I am reporting on the "yes's" I would like to be able to show in the header the total of all the records, the no's and maybes and those that were blank. Any suggestions please.
  12. Hi Soren Thanks for the advice. Does this say I can summarize on the same field as the break field? What I was doing was dividing 1 by the number of records in the sub group which then added of course to 1 and adding the ones to return the total, crude I know. thanks
  13. Hi Surfer Nate Thank you as I said I am a newbie to FM and a cartesian join is at the moment beyond me I will work on it and thanks for your help. Mitch
  14. Thank you very much for your response. What I am doing at the moment is crude in the context of a relationship database in truth it is more of a flat-form. The situation is I have a number of rooms blocked booked. As attendees respond accepting (or not) I allocate them rooms. I can handle limited attendees and have limited number of rooms. Where I can I allocate two people to a room. What I want basically is a running total of the rooms used. Numbers as you will appreciate vary and for a number of reasons are not issued sequentially. I have not found a way of seeing in browse mode the number of rooms allocated. What I have done so far is to sort by room #. I have then added three fields to my database. RoomCount which is a summary field by count. RoomCountByHead which is a calculation field. This uses the GetSummary function with Room Count and Room # as the break field. The last field is RoomsTotal again a summary field this time by total of RoomCountByHead. This works fine in preview mode if I put the RoomsTotal field in a sub summary part but does not show up if I put it in a Trailing Grand Summary. I maybe wasting you time for which I apologize because this sort of works. However what I really want is a way to see the number of rooms I have allocated as I make allocations. What I have so far I can only see in preview mode. I feel I need a custom function but am at a loss as to how I would go about that. thanks again Mitch
  15. I am new to FM having worked with Access. I have searched the forum for an answer to this question without success and I apologize if I have done that incorrectly. I am working with an event planner where we have a number of available rooms some of which can accommodate more than one. I have a sub summary field that counts the no allocated to each room. I now want to count the number of sub summaries as this will be the number of rooms used. Can anyone help please. Mitch
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