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  1. Suppose I have my sync set up as two-way between FMS and MS-SQL.. I want all records/changes going from FMS to SQL, but I may not want all SQL changes/additions coming back to FMS.. It seems a couple filtering options I have are to either use the Custom SQL Qualifer in the setup or to modify the customization script in the database. But once I filter records out, they are filtered from both directions...right? Can I filter them just from going one way or the other? Thanks... Howard
  2. On the setup screen where we specify primary keys in 2.6, there is a column labeled "Custom PK" that accepts a SQL statement. The help button for that column doesn't do anything and I was unable to find anything in your documentation. I'm thinking of using it to specify "SELECT xp_AssetID + '.US' FROM Assets" so that the primary key going from the spoke to the hub has the particular spoke's user code appended. Is this what the function does? And then when it if it comes back to the spoke it is just the original xp_AssetID (without the appended code)? Howard
  3. Done. I don't know why I was thinking this forum was the main means of tech support. Sorry.
  4. On my first of two hub installs, everything went well with the MirrorSync config, but I haven't been able to get through an initial sync (going to an MS-SQL spoke). Each time, I get a java heap space memory error: Jun 19, 2016 1:03:24 AM com.prosc.mirror.config.server.SyncServer$3 call SEVERE: Sync between usp-bolt-01.us.xxxxxxxxxgroup.com / BOLT Media Manager (FileMaker Server) and USP-SQLRPRT-01 / GlobalBoltData (MS SQL Server) Last sync failed: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space Last night's attempt was immediately after a machine reboot, and with no other users in the database. The OS is Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard (SP1), with 12GB RAM installed, running Java 1.8.0_60 with "-Xms2048m" as the runtime parameter (I'd added that parameter after the first sync attempt ended in this Java heap error). Any other ideas? Thanks...Howard
  5. Yup. In fact I have both the original mod timestamp field AND the host-timestamp calc version, both defined as timestamps, both on the layout, and both show up in the MirrorSync field dropdown. But selection of neither lets me continue to the next screen.
  6. I am setting up an FMS hub, using mod timestamps that reflect the server time, but I am unable to get past this window where we designate primary keys and timestamp fields for each table. This is the second hub I am setting up and I had no problems at all in setting up the first hub with the same exact tables and fields. I've tried selecting both the zz_modified_TS and the zz_modifiedTS_server fields, but it doesn't seem to like either one. I even tried removing the original fields, adding new ones, and refreshing this mapping screen, but it made no difference. What can I be doing wrong? (And the real bummer is that there is no "save" for all the work I've done so far. All I can do is leave the screen up and hope the connection is still good come Monday...or start over). Thanks... Howard Schlossberg
  7. No response on this? We're having the same issue on a Windows 2012 server and this is going to be a major problem that FTPeek cannot be used. We currently have Java 7 builds 25, 51 and 67 installed, and the FM script engine has to be restarted every time a script attempts to register FTPeek.
  8. I seem to be the only developer insane enough to be deploying plugins so soon on FMS 12 for web publishing. Plugins for CWP need to be 64-bit. Has 360 Works released any 64-bit versions? I'm in particular need of ScriptMaster at the moment, but I'm sure others will be required soon enough. Thanks, Howard
  9. I need to send data streams to a non-FileMaker server that can receive TCP or UDP data streams on whichever port. Is that essentially what RemoteScripter is doing to communicate between machines? Could it be used as such without a FileMaker "listener" on the other end? Or maybe I'll just have to "roll my own" with ScriptMaster (if that's possible)? I'm slightly beyond my depth when it comes to networking technologies...and Java ;-) Thanks, Howard
  10. We upgraded my client's server from FMS 10 to 11v2, on a Windows Server 2003 box. We'd previously had SMTPit Pro SE 4.1.10 running fine on FMS 10. After upgrading to FMS 11 and SMTPit Pro SE 4.1.12, I registered it with no problem, but I am unable to send emails. The error is "ERROR: Send: SendOneEmail: The Protocol Thread has Crashed." What does that mean? I even re-installed SMTPit Pro SE 4.1.10, but I am getting the same error now. Thoughts? Thanks, Howard
  11. Thanks for the feedback. I had the webmaster update those download pages to include content-length in the http header. The result is that, instead of the error, it now downloads image.php as a file (rather than inserting the image). When I export that file from the container to my desktop, it is not a php file when opened in a text editor...but nor is it an image when I change the extension to .jpg and try opening that in my web browser. It all still works perfectly from my local machine (running the hosted file). I even had them update the server's plugin to 3.34 and java to 1.6.0_20, but with the same results. I'll have to play with it some more to see if I can get anything to work. Thanks again for your responsiveness to my posts! I really appreciate it!!! Howard
  12. Thanks for the reply, Jesse. In our case, all images will be coming from the same provider, so I should be able to have them add the length into the header. What I'm still curious about is why it works okay on my local machine, but not when run on the FM server. If it's going directly into the container field, then it shouldn't be an OS permissions issue. I've asked the client's IT person to upgrade the version of Java from 1.6.0_07 to something more current, but I can't find any notes as to any apparently relevant Java changes between those versions.
  13. Oops, sorry. Try http://www4.wppionline.com/competitions/image.php?entry=B217&sz=l&c=8x10-1&y=2010
  14. I am loading an image from a URL into a container field, using this one statement: new URL(url) The URL it calls is of the form: http://www.sample.com/competitions/image.php?entry=B217&sz=l&c=8x10-1&y=2010 This works great on my local machine (inserts a JPG image), but I get FileNotFoundException errors when running it from a server-side script. As a test, I ran the same on the server using a static url (i.e. "http://www.fmadvocate.com/square/base_elements.gif") and this works fine. So it would seem to be something with lack of a standard image extension? And only on the FM server? The server is using Java 1.6.0_07-b06 (as determined by a call from within ScriptMaster) with ScriptMaster 3.33. Anything else I should look at or that I can do to my script to make this work on the server? Thanks, Howard Schlossberg
  15. Thanks Jesse. Turns out the issue was that I thought the server was SFTP but it was really FTPS. So the error was mine, though I appreciate that you made the quick update to provide better error messaging. Thanks, Howard
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