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  1. Hi - thanks for the reply. I tried the recovering process and that didn't work unfortunately so now I'll try to see if the upgrade helps. Thanks Debra
  2. Debra Murdock


    I recently started using Filemaker 8 and have come across an issue that I didn't have previously. In earlier versions, when I would set-up the page options (example: scaling down to 70%), the layout I was working on would adjust accordingly; ie: allow me more room to enter field. Then I would use a script to store (and reuse) the page set-up over and over. Whenever I try this with FM8 - it just reverts to 100% - I can never see the effect of reducing a document to 70% for example. Help? Thanks Debra
  3. Worked great - thanks so much again. Debra
  4. Thanks so much for the prompt replies. I'll try it and let you know. Thanks very very much Debra
  5. Hi Martha - thanks for the reply. Sorry if I wasn't clear. I opened up your test file but the layouts I see are Order Table and Labels. I don't see anything with Main, etc that you indicated. Did I do something incorrectly? Debra
  6. Hi - I'm creating a small media placement process and have 3 fields - Type, Name, Format. I would like to enable the user to first choose a media type (eg: Magazine) from a drop down list. When they move to the second field - Name - it should show them a drop down list of only the magazine names (eg: Chatelaine). The 3rd field is then format - eg: 1/2 Page Ad. For each of the media types, there are specific Descriptions and formats related just to that media type. I can figure out how to use a table with a self-join for two of the options (eg: Type and Description) but can't seem to figure out how to have a third level associated. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Debra
  7. Thanks - I was trying to configure it right from a suite provided by the client directly into Filemaker so I'll install it directly into my computer and then hopefully Filemaker will give me access to it. So far the installation is not working but I think it's because the font suite was provided from a Mac platform and I'm on a PC (I think - I'm not sure about that). But I'll try and work it out. Thanks for putting me in the right direction. Debra
  8. I'm developing a database for a small advertising agency. They use the Eureka typeface for all their communications. I can't find this typeface in the drop down menu for configuring typefaces - is there anyway to import a typeface suite into Filemaker 8? Thanks Debra
  9. Hi Alejandro - thanks for responding to the question. In the system I built for my current agency that was exactly the solution I used. And it worked great, but when our history file got to over 40,000 records it was SOOO slow. So I was trying to come up with another alternative. But I think you may have the right answer on this particular application - it's for a very small agency so total history records would probably stay fairly small. I'll think I'll go that route. Thanks Debra
  10. Hi - I have timesheet history table which stores hours, by staff position (eg: Coordinator, Manager, etc.) againts Projects. Each record also stores the Project ID along with other information. There are multiple records for each project. My problem is that I want to have a portal in my Project table which shows the position and total hours from the history file (I think through a combined Project ID_Position ID relationship). I can get the subtotals for hours to work but how do I limit the # of times a Position appears in a portal. The Coordinator may have 10 records with a total of 50 hours recorded. I want only one line to appear in the portal for each staff position with the total recorded against that position. Right now using the combined relationship of Project ID and Position ID, I show one line in the portal for every Coordinator record (although the total hours for the coordinator shows correctly). The system works fine using a bunch of calculation fields but it's cumbersome and doesn't lend itself well to adding in new positions in the company. Again - any help is appreciated. thanks Debra
  11. Worked perfectly!!! Thank you SO SO much.
  12. Hi - I have a timesheet data entry screen where I'm using a portal to a timesheet history file. In the portal I have a value list where I want to show the Client ID and Client Name. I'm using the option of showing the second value only showing (easier on the users) and it works great - populates the Client ID and then captures Client Name. The problem I'm having is that I would prefer not to have the Client ID stay showing. I want to the Client Name to appear in that area. I've tried making the Client ID transparent and laying the Client Name field over the top but I keep getting both images when in browse mode. I could just make the value list based on Client Name but I believe it's more efficient to have relationships build on a numeric index. Obviously I'm doing something wrong - all suggestions, as usual, are welcome. Debra
  13. Thank you all for your help - I was able to correct it - I had the 'wrong' view for the layout - duh!!! Thanks again. Debra
  14. Hi Lee - thanks for the quick response. It's from a Table. Debra
  15. Hi - I'm brand new to FM Forums and hope that this question isn't too ridiculous. I've built a system to track timesheets. I've designed a weekly report which provides each employee's hours (one page per employee). I wanted to take advantage of the Alternate Background Fill in the BODY part set-up but it's not working. The manual said that even numbered records use the fill background but it doesn't seem to use the actual RECORD NUMBER field. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Debra
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