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  1. Hello: I need somebody to alter the structure of the file, 'MotorRace' as found in the thread below, to be able to handle entering, importing, sorting, and summarizing datasets for a single Race that occurs in a particular year (I want to summarize data of the Race in 2004 and the Race in 2005 separately through a simple find). Comment (Michael) started the file, but unfortunately is not available to take it any further for at least several months (I need it quicker and he has declined my offer to hire him). Can someone please take a look and give me a rough estimate via PM or you can email me thrillrideracing at gmail dot com. In the finished database, I would be entering/importing the following excel data (example data follows the field name) -RaceYear/ 2004 and 2005 and 2006, etc. -RaceteamName/ Midlife Crisis Racing Team -RaceteamNameinfo/ various fields for info specific to the team that I will add to your structure -RacerName/ Joe is part of Midlife Crisis Racing Team while Fred and Tom are part of Squids2K6 Racing -RacerNameinfo/ various info specific to the racer that I will add to your structure -Fueluse/the volume of fuel recorded at several pitstops during a race (total fuel is calculated and summarized in the main summary table) -DistanceTravelled/ the distance travelled between pitstops from the odometer (totals and other stats are calculated and summarized in the main summary table) I would enter the racename, raceteams, and racernames manually. Fuel and distance data are imported into one table I want to be able to enter, find, sort, summarize individual racers and the team that one or more racers belong to, all by the year of the Race. I can handle the simple calculations and laying out the summary fields, but I cannot structure the initial relationship. The raceclub has a budget of about $500 CND. This is to create the structure and I will fill in the rest. I need this done this weekend. Anyone interested? Payment by wire or paypal, paypal fees included in the price. If this all sounds goofy, unrealistic, etc., let me know, but from what I've seen, I think this is an easy project for someone. Thanks! Russ http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/176142/
  2. Thanks for that! It's finished and works like a charm and just in time for tonight's meeting. I'll be singing the praises of a guy named, 'comment' tonight who bailed my ass out of a sling to get these guys their data (new rules this year on limiting tank size which will make for a lot of unhappy folks as their engines are so built up, they can't go very far on one small tank of gas!).
  3. Another question Comment...The solution works when entering data, but now how would I import data into your solution? Do I import into PitStops? If so, 'bikenumber' from my data goes into what field? Thanks!
  4. Okay, I understand now. Forget Relationships 101, I need grade 8 databases.
  5. so going back to your original example, the calculation is in BikeRace while the calc refers to the data in BikeRace2. I need 'relationships 101'!
  6. so comment's instructions to have the fuel efficiency calc in, 'bikes' and not 'entries' means that bikes is the self join? I'll go back to your original file...
  7. I've been fiddling, but I can't get browse data to show the bikenumber and fuel efficiency for each bike. What I get is the correct data, but for each record of each bike. LaRetta, as you indicated, the self join was created to facilitate showing the calcs for separate bikes, not each occurence of 'entries' for each bike. How do I get it to show only one entry with the calculation without a summary table and preview mode (which I can do)? Are the two tables 'clones' with the fuel efficiency calculation in 'bikes', whereas 'entries' is the self join or clone as Comment indicated? I don't get it quite yet...also, I destroyed my working copy by deleting one of the TOs so need to start again but thought I'd ask before trying to structure this... Thanks!
  8. Thanks all! Yes, the dates are irrelevant since the odometer reading is successional and will be sorted lowest to highest for each bike (not that I knew that in the beginning but I did not understand that the first odometer reading would be taken into the calculation automatically, which makes sense). Precision on the odometer data is fairly good since we almost know how many km they travelled (a small amount is not accounted for from the start to the first fillup). So, there is a glitch in the existing data, I could estimate it, but the volume in question is small (<.1% of the total) so we'll ignore it in this dataset. But this year, that will need to change. So Litres/100km = Let ( [ distance = Last ( Entries::Odometer ) - Entries::Odometer ; fuel = Sum ( Entries::FuelIntake ) - Entries::FuelIntake ] ; ( fuel / distance ) *100 ) In the first solution offered by swf, there was a clone of the table created. This is what I don't understand. Why was that necessary (not doubting for your solution, just don't understand) or can you provide a key word so I can look it up please? In your example Comment, there is no indication that the clone table is needed. Is that correct? Laretta referred to this as the, 'isolate'?
  9. I have a log of km entries and date and time of fillup that will allow a calculation of total miles travelled, total fuel used, and fuel efficiency for an motorcycle endurance race. What I want FMPro to do is take the km for the first and last entry (last is the finish) and subtract to get the total km travelled. There are at least 100 entries for each motorcycle for the entire endurance race and about 200 motorcycles. So entries look like: 1st Entry for Bike 1 odometer (5,786 km) : volume of fuel (13.4 litres) : date and time of fillup (05/12/05 15:10) Many intermediate entries Last Entry for Bike 1 (FINISH): odometer (8,580 km) : volume of fuel (0 litres) : date and time of fillup (05/21/05 02:54) which is actually the finish. How would I isolate the km and volume of fuel in the first and last entry for the simple calculations that would follow? Do I need to eliminate the time entry in the cell? I could do that in a text editor quite easily. I can't script at this level (I'm a biologist!), need some help! Thanks!
  10. yes, in preview mode is what I want to do. I've solved it- sort of - I think - or at least it works. I created a value field with a radio button, label3mark, marked it, and viola. Anyone with an easier way without having to mark the records?
  11. Hi: I checked my trusty book, 'FileMaker Pro 8 THE MISSING MANUAL', and it's missing all kinds of things. I have three rows of data in the body - data1 to data3. Data1 always appears in every record and there's a mix of data2 and data3 appearing. I would like to label the data on the same row in the body of the layout only if there is data present. That way, if there's no data, the fields and labels don't print and everything slides up. In the example provided, the calc doesn't work, can anyone help? Thanks in advance! Maybe there's a better way to do this? Labels.ZIP
  12. Thanks sbg2 and LaRetta for the help. The script works fine and I attached the end result ('changeyear.zip' probably not worth opening for you guys). changeyear.zip
  13. Hello: assistance is requested with this simple calculation. I want to be able to select the year of interest with a radio button and to make a calculation based on the data in that year. Yearly data for one record is lumpped together and not in annual tables (individuals in rows and up to 15 years data in columns). Is there a simple calculation to accomplish this without having to start over and manipulate the base data file? The file is attached. Thanks! changeyear.zip
  14. now I get it. Could someone not have just typed, 'getsummary' for a newb/novice? Yes, advice is free and only if you've got a minute to give it. Thanks to overrider for the help. http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/174024/
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