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  1. The 123.fp7 that is going to house the notes into one log is meant to be more for the back-end and only viewed by a few individuals with privledge. I just need to make it more presentable and cleaner so it is easy to read through without switching to multiple databases.
  2. I need to copy some information from one database to another. I only need a few global fields pulled but i would like it to do it automatically after text has been entered. For example, if a record has been created, I would like a few of the fields to be automatically pulled from that new record and thrown into another database all in the same process. Thank you in advance
  3. I need to export records from two different .fp7 files to one another. For example, abc.fp7 is a note taker file with 500 notes. I need to export those notes to 123.fp7 which will be only 1 record housing all 500 notes. Is there a way to make a container to export these notes from one another automatically? I also want this to be only for certain accounts with the proper privledge to access it. Thank you very much for your time
  4. Thank you for your response Fenton. I was also wondering though is it possible to make it automatic?
  5. Good evening, I want to be able to export data from file ABC.fp7 to CBA.fp7 automatically. Is there a script that allows this and how can the files run dynamically? Thank you for your time
  6. I am trying to figure out the best way to restrict users from viewing records not belonging to them. I have created a login (per user) that corresponds to the field name Example: Field "NAME" Records 1-1000 contain "NAME" "John Doe" so 1000 records are viewable by John Doe Field "NAME" Records 1001-2000 contain "NAME" Jane Doe" so 1000 records are viewable by Jane Doe (and not John Doe).. this would continue on per login. What is the best way to restrict the viewing of records based on this strategy?? Any and all help would be apppreciated thank you. Using Filemaker 7 Pro to try and create this rule.
  7. By dialing I would like to accomplish the following. All calls will be made via a computer headset and fax modem: a. Create a Dialing Log b. Dial a Phone Number (via record information) c. Automate the Dialing Log and actual out going call from a single button Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  8. Awesome thank you for the info Brucej. Didnt know about that sample file.
  9. Had one more question targetting user tracking records. What is the best practice to track records and record management per login user and over all login access. Tracking methods will include: number of completed records, number of semi-completed records, number of records skipped by login user. Once again, thank you for your time
  10. Had a couple questions with admin/management permissions. 1. Is there a way to create a Management Back-End that will allow users with class specific permissions to view only a set of records that the management team allow? For instance if there is a set of 1000 records I would like to allow Login A to view records 1-100, Login B to view records 101-200, etc. 2. What is the best practice to lock/omit records from a list. The records must be locked/omitted from a certain permission set after a number of days (ie: 7 days); however, a management/admin permission set will be able to view these records. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
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