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  1. Good question/suggestion Mr_Vodka I went out today and bought 2 new Filemaker books, and spent the day reading on how to do things. Your suggestion seems really simple, i'll have to try it. Thanks
  2. Hi gurus and experts I have a question that im trying to solve with little to no luck. I want to be able to search my database to grab all the data based on a specific team in my hockey league. More specifically, what Id like to do is this: If you are viewing the stats for team ABC, Id like for it to go to the table and layout of the league schedule, and pull out the data for that team (both home and away games) automatically, without my having to hard code the names of the team in. I have a relationship between the teams and the schedule, so you wouldnt think this would be so hard, but its driving me batty. Right now, I just have a code that grabs the data for one team hardcoded as a script, but id love to do this for all 16 teams by using a variable. Any suggestions on how to even get this started would be greatly appreciated, Im not expecting anyone to do it for me, but just some pointers or points in the right direction would be great. Thanks for reading. Brian
  3. Hi Chef I too am from the Maritimes (Ch'town PEI) and also having problems with input variables. It should be mentioned that what Im trying to do, (and if i understand correctly, what you want to do) i did one time by accident, but because it wasnt my desired result, now I want this, and I cant for the life of me figure out how i did it. I am working on my code and if i figure it out, i will post it here for you for sure. I run a sports league, and I want to be able to bring up a team's schedule from within the master schedule, searching for the team by HomeTeam and AwayTeam. That way it brings up all the games for that team, sorted by date played. it works great. What I want to do is have the user input what team they are looking for, instead of hardcoding the team names into the search. If/When i figure it out, i will post an example here. Nice to see a fellow Maritimer. Brian
  4. Thanks again Wim, you're a fountain of information, and I do appreciate it. : I'll see if any friends I have in IT can whip me up a script. Thanks! Cheers Brian
  5. Thanks for the reply Wim, I do appreciate it. I dont know anything about VB, so i guess i'll start working on that (Ive never used it, i was a Mac user till 3 weeks ago) Thanks for the input though, now i wont spend days trying to figure out a way in Filemaker! Cheers
  6. Hi all, i have looked in the forums and with the help of google to find an answer to this, but as of yet, i have no real answer. Here is my question. Ive built a database that handles a number of stats for a hockey league. What Id like to do is export the data when updated to an excel spreadsheet, which is no problem.... except that instead of having lets say 8 different spreadsheets and then me going in and copy/pasting them together in excel, id like Filemaker to export them all as one excel workbook with multiple worksheets? Is this possible, or am I chasing my tail looking for an answer on this? Thank you Brian
  7. Hi Mr_Vodka, I would have Private Messaged this but I didnt see an option for that. I wanted to say thank you again for all your help with the demo you sent me. Unfortunately I never had time to try it as just after that, my mother became very ill and I have been out of the province. This is my first time back to the boards, and didnt want you to think that i wasnt appreciative of what you've done, and I will be taking time to look and study what you gave me. Thank you. Brian
  8. Mr Vodka, this is nothing short of amazing. I will look at this and study it tonight, thank you SO much, I will follow up tomorrow, but even before I look at this, i really want to thank you for your help. Thank you
  9. thanks for the reply. maybe i am going about it wrong, but here's my set up 1 table for each week, in that table has the variables im collecting, like calls answered, lates, sicks, etc... each is a different field. I have X amount of records in each table, depending on how many techs were logged in that week. I did this for the first 3 weeks of this year. Am i going about it wrong? like is there an easier way? Thanks again. Brian
  10. Thanks for the quick reply How i have it set up is that i have 13 tables, each repesenting a week of the year. ie: Dec 31, Jan 7, Jan 14, etc... In these tables, I have a number of fields, some for input, (name, pin, calls taken, etc...) and some for calculation (% taken, % of short calls, etc) I also have 3 tables for a "monthly overview" and each of these have their respective weeks pool into them. This works great when I want to look at Tech ABC because i have relationships between the tables, but what if i wanted to look for all the team members of Team XYZ, and average those numbers? That way I can say ok, Tech ABC, here are your stats, and here is the average versus the rest of the team? Thanks again mr_vodka
  11. Hi all, this is my first time posting here, and Id like to say hi to everyone as this seems like a really friendly group, and im thankful this site exists. First the background...Ive been using filemaker for a bit and have used it to run simple sports stats without problem (wins, losses, points. etc..) Now I have been asked to create a database for work that tracks staff stats (I work in a callcenter) I have built a database that tracks all the stats individually for each week, which all pools into a layout for the quarter, everything works fine if you want to see what a certain tech support agent has done for the week, month or quarter.. but where Im lost is how I would be able to tell how an entire team did. I have each tech agent entered by name, id number, team, and group. What I would to do is be able to add up the stats for a team and average it, but I have no idea how to do that. IE: Search for Team A, it will list the 10 techs that are on Team A, and then sum their stats into one record and average it. Is this even possible? Ive looked over the site tonight, but haven't seen anything that looked like this. Thank you for all your help, and sorry for such a long winded first post, but I figured a lot of info and background was better than "how do I do this?" Thanks again Langille
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