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  1. Hi, Many thanks for that info but can you talk me through how to send the record. I've tried to export but pdf or excel don't appear on the save as type list. Where is User Send in the lists? best,
  2. Hi all, I'd like to email a single record, layout intact and all fields included. Basically I have send an summary to the accountant and it would be a lot easier if I can do this without changing things etc. Can it be done or do I have to export to a different file type before emailing? If I have to do this can it go straight into a word doc or something? Many Thanks!
  3. Hi all, %given can be any number depending on customer's discount. So then how do I calculate the varible% of the subtotal in the total% field? Thanks You! field1-----field2-----subtotal-----%given---total% -£25--------£75---------£100--------50%------£50 -£50--------£50---------£100--------25%------£25
  4. Hi, Can I email a single record? I've got a report, with a field to add an email address. I want to then email that report to the address in the field. Not all records. Any ideas?
  5. Hi all, I'm trying to calculate VAT 17.5%. There are 2 fields ( that the contents should be added together. Then there is a % field, which can be varible Then there is the total % field which should be: 17.5% of the 2 fields but depends on the % varible. See below for an example. Anyone know how to do this??? Thanks in advance!!! Field1----------Field2---------%----------Total% £50------------£50----------25%---------£25.00 £25------------£25----------50%---------£25.00
  6. Hi, What's the percentage symbol in filemaker? I simply want to find 17.5% of a figure.
  7. I have a sub total field. When filled I would like a seperate field to automatically calculate the VAT (17.5%) of the figure in the first field. I will then have a grand total adding both fields together hopefully. Cheers,
  8. Hi, Does anyone know how to calculate the VAT?
  9. Hi all, Hope someone can help me with this. I have two computer in the office running filemaker Pro. The problem is when the one that happens to be the slave (had to access the shared database vie remote) that computer is unable to get the shared scripts working. Essentially I have 2 databases, one for contacts and one for records. I've set up a script so you can copy the unique Contact ID and paste it in a new Record to automatically bring all contact infor over into appropriate fields in the Record. Can anybody help?
  10. Thanks for that. So there's no need to set up a script to enable network sharing?
  11. Hi all, Sure it's very easy but can someone tell me how I setup my database so it can be accessed over a LAN? I've played around with the scripts but alas no luck. Thanks in advance
  12. Hi all, Can anyone confirm this? I'm running my own FM7 database but I am thinking of getting FM8. Will my database work if I install Version 8?
  13. Hi all, Every RECORD has a CONTRACT layout but not every record has a contract. So what I want to do is when I come to draw up a contract for a record I want to be able to use a button on the contract layout to find the last contract I did. I've been playing around with the sort records tool but it dosn't seem to like me! Can someone take me through step-by-step? Any ideas? Thanks!
  14. Can I just sort by the contract field and then copy and paste that number in my new record?
  15. Hi all, Each one of my Records has a Contract layout but not every record has a contract. When I come to draw up a new contract I would like to find the last contract number in the field using a button on the Contract layout. Any ideas?
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