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  1. Hi I've been doing a lot of work recently with FileMaker and ODBC, and one of the issues I've encountered is that when you have server hosted FM file that requires an ODBC data source, even when you install that data source on the server, the client machines using the file don't seem to be able to read the data from the ODBC source. This basically means that installing the ODBC data source on the server is pretty much useless, and you have to install the same data source on every client machine that wants to use the file, in order that they can connect to the remote SQL table and view the data. Does anyone now of a way around this? Are there any special configuration settings that I need to add in the hosted file in order to point it to the ODBC data source that I've installed on the server? The other problem I have is because the server only has FMS running on it and not FMP, although I can see my data source is set up I can't really test it properly. If anyone could offer any pointers it would be greatly appreciated. I'm running an X Serve with FMS 9 and the client machines are Macs too. Thanks Nick
  2. Thanks for this. Where would we find these owner and group settings - in the priveleges for the file presumably? Would you be able to explain a bit further what the 'chown' and 'chgrp' commands are intended to do please? thanks again for your help. Nick
  3. Hi We're running FMS 9 Advanced on a brand new XServe. We have a problem with two of our database files which the server doesn't recognised and the admin console won't open. they are showing as plain documents rather than unixable files. Please see the attched screenshot. We have tried opening the files on a stand alone mac using filmaker 9 and they are recognised and open fine. We are going to test on a windows server running FMS later today and I'll report back in this post on how we get on with that. In the meantime, does anyone have any ideas? Thanks Nick
  4. Sorry, please ingore the last post. I've got this running now on port 80. I edited the generic website that was set up in IIS to allow access to all IPs. Thanks Nick
  5. Thanks. The only thing that FMS has set up in IIS is a web service extension called FMI Web Publishing which set as 'allowed' and has the following 'required file' assigned in it: c:program filesfilemakerfilemaker serverweb publishingpublishing-engineweb-server-supportiisasapi_redirect.dll There is no way to set a port within this web service extension - do I need need to create a website within IIS to run the IWP? Additionally, The web service extension doesn't give me any options to disable the authentication you mentioned. There are other websites set up in IIS to run on port 80 - should I just go into these and disabled the authentication? Thanks for your help so far.
  6. Thanks for this. I've opened all of those ports on the router now. the FMS_Sample file is set up for web publising on port 591 but I can't browse to this externally at the moment even though that port is open on the router. I can browse externally to the server admin console on port 16000 (http://server ip:16000) but when I try to open the web publishing test page it fails. The web publishing test page is at - I can access this from the server itself but not externally. I think I'm missing some configuration at the IIS end but I'm not sure what. By enabling web puslibing in the server admin console, FMS appears to have added its own web service extension within IIS but it hasn't added a web site. Do I need to do this? thanks Nick
  7. Hi We're running a windows box (SBS 2003) with FileMaker Server 9 Advanced. I've enabled IWP from the Admin Console (on IIS) and can view the IWP home page fine from the server itself (at However, I can't acces it externally from the web. The box is connected to a router and I've opened the following ports: 5003 50003 16000 160001 80 I can open the file remotely fine using FileMaker Pro 9 on a client machine, but can't see the IWP page by browsing to the server's public IP address on port 80. Is there a specific address I should be using or do I need to do anything with additional with IIS to make this work? (I've not touched IIS on the box to date, I'm just using it to run the IWP). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Nick
  8. Hi further to my last post we have managed to restart the server and the console is working again. Upon the server re-booting we had a nofitication that that the java service that the FMS9 console runs on had crashed on the box yesterdaty, so the console was down. I guess this means the problem is unrelated to the other issues I mentioned before. However, the question I have now is - is there a way to check the status of the java service that runs the console? Am I able to restart this service without having to reboot the server next time? I'm totally un sure of the name of the Java service as I didn't paty due attention to the notification (my priority was resotring the FMS service to the client machines). Any information you could provide would be very helpful. We have a windows box running SBS 2003 and FMS9 v2. Many thanks Nick
  9. I'm getting exatcly the same issue after installing the V2 updated for FMS 9 a few days ago. the first time we opened the admin console it worked fine, but now we're getting 'Admin Server Connection Error the admin console cannot... I've just read another post about a similar issue with proxy servers and saw that a user solved the issue by reverting to R1 of FMS9. I think this could well be a problem with the V2 update of FMS9 and i think it should be brought to FM's attention. My question in the meantime is - is there any other way to open the admin console? Our problem is that FMS9 appears to be runnning fine and is serving up DBs but we have no control over the files and we don't want to risk restarting our box whilst users are logged in. Any ideas? Many thanks Nick
  10. Hi Guys Thanks for all your help so far. I've got everything up and running now but have a problem hosting one of the files and wondered if you could give me some advice on this. The file I'm trying to host is a FM 8 multi table file which as far as I'm aware is fully set up for hosting/sharing, and was indeed working fine on a Mac OS X server running FMS8 before we transferred it. When you try to open the file from within the SAT tool it produces the 'checking' message and then the file reverts to being closed. The size of the file is 132mb and I have increased the database cache to the maximum level but this hasn't solved the problem. Could you suggest anything else i should be trying please? many thanks Nick
  11. Hi Guys Many thanks for your responses. I appreciate your concerns over the OS and will look to rectify this. With regard to the SAT tool, I'm aware of this and how to get into it, but I have not as yet been able to find where within the SAT tool that I actually set the location of the databases folder. This is why when I got Steven's post I thought perhaps there might be a different tool or a different way of viewing the main tool in order to find this setting. Would you be able to point me in the right direction please? many thanks again. Nick
  12. Many thanks for your response Steven. With regard to the OS, i thought it was OK to use a Server OS with FMS 8. In a previous post some months ago I mentioned that i was using Windows XP Pro and was adfvised at the time to upgrade to a Server OS, so I did and chose Windows Small Business Server 2003. Also, could you tell where I can access the SAT Tool please? Many thanks for your help. Nick
  13. Hi I'm running FMS 8 on a server loaded with Windows SBS 2003. The server is connected to a Network Address Storage tower and this is where i want the FM 8 database files to sit. Is it possible to change the location that the databases sit in with FMS 8. By default they seem to be located in C:Program FilesFileMakerFileMaker ServerDataDatabases and I wondered if there was any way of chaning this? If not can any think of another way of mapping the data to the storage tower? I don't mind if other data is mapped there too, besides the FM databases. Nick Lindwall
  14. thanks, i have done this now and all is working well. i have now been given a further task of setting up a box with FileMaker Server 5.5 to V6 databases. i have the application and the administrator's guide, but i have been unable to find out the information below. could you help me with this please or point me in the right direction? the info i need to know is: What ports does FMS 5.5 use? How do i connect to FMS 5.5 using FMS Server Admin on the same box? (perhaps you don't need to connect to FMS5.5 in the same way as FMS Admin connects to FMS in Server version 8?) thanks for your help.
  15. Steven Thanks for the info - I assume from your response that you don't rate XP pro! Could you tell me what the dissadavantages of using this instead of SBS would be please? Many thanks for all your help so far. Nick
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