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  1. Hi, Probably a silly question... but still, why doesn´t the sliding option works every time? I have a big text (it's a contract) and it has lots of fiels in the midle of it (some are numbers, others text). All of them are with the sliding option on (sliding left), but they don't work all! And some of them are exectly the same... Thanks for your precious help. Teresa Sorry, it seams i posted it in the wrong place...
  2. Hi, Jaman, I had a similar problem. See my post #197367
  3. The idea was to copy the calculated info to another field so that I could edit it. So I figured that it had to be done with a lookup... Now, I’m using the “set field” (instead of the copy/paste) to do that. Thanks anyway Queue.
  4. Thanks for your help, Queue. And that's the issue. In the mean time, I figured a solution to my problem: I replaced the lookup field with set field and a global field (I hope this is clear to you). And it works. Is this a better solution than the one you gave?
  5. Hi, I have a field that’s a lookup field from another that is a calc field, because, sometimes, I need to change de calc result, and I couldn’t do it in the calc field, so I created a lookup field that gives me a result (changeable) from the other one. The problem is that, almost every time the calc field is changed, the lookup field doesn’t sync with it… so I would have to “recalculate” it, making a find of that specific record so I recalc only that one (there are almost 65.000, and there’s a few that has been changed). Attached, there’s a picture of the lookup. It works as it is, though not every time. I’d appreciate some help. Teresa lookup.bmp
  6. Thanks a lot, Phil! And if your daughter happens to need help, please ask me. Teresa
  7. Hi, Phil So, you’re saying that it is ok? – sorry but my English sometimes is not as good as i wanted…and I’m not sure that I understand your answer.
  8. Hi, Now, I think I know how to use the set field instead of a copy/paste, but I would like to know if that will work in a server file, where there can be 2 simultaneously entries – 2 users running the same script at the same time, which is perfectly possible (and in which there will be different data trying to enter the same global field). For better viewing, the script runs like this: Set field [“Temp g”, “field A”] Enter find mode [] Set field [“field A”, “Temp g”] Perform find [] View as [view as list] Thanks in advance for some tips. Teresa
  9. Thank you, MMS6F, comment and jsalzer, for your tips. Thank you SD, for making it a litle bit clear! I'm assuming that the "g_temp" is a global text field, to be created, with the "fieldA" pasted in it - hope I'm right, because it works! Teresa
  10. Sorry, but I still don’t understand how can I replace copy/paste with Set field, in cases like this one (most of my cases are like this or worst… when changing data between files I have to put a copy script in the first one and the paste script in the other – I know this may by a little unprofessional but is the only way I know) Copy [select, "field A") Enter find mode [] Go to field ["Field A"] Paste [setect, "Field A"] Perform find [] Sort [no dialog] if [xxxx] Go to Layout ["yyyy"] End if Thanks for your help. Teresa
  11. Hi I saw post # 172831 (Copy Paste problems) and I would like someone to explain to me how can I replace the Copy/Paste solution for Set field[] - which I think is suggested. In my (very humble) opinion, this would only work if the paste data was specific data… I have a lot of scripts using the copy/paste solution, so if this isn’t the best way to do it, I would be grateful if someone could tell me what to use instead. Thanks in advance Teresa
  12. Thanks for the tip, Vaughan. I thought I could leave the script as it is (since it works), but, as I understand from your response, you recommend that there should be a “set error capture off”. Is that it? It’s not safe to leave it like this? This script will be used very often… In the mean time, I’ll try to make it as you suggest. Just tell me if it is really necessary. Thanks Teresa I just noticed that you suggest “set variable”… I’m working with FM 5, and I think it only exists in FM7… is there another way? Also, it seams to work like this: Enter find mode [] Set field [“mark”, ““open””] Set field [“mark_dup”, ““dup””] Go to field [select/perform, “popupmenu field”] Pause/resume script [] Set error capture [on] Perform find [] View as [view as List] Set error capture [off] Is it bad or can I leave it like this?
  13. I’m sorry, Ender, you’re right! I didn’t copy de final script… In the final one, I suppressed de “modify last find” and “restore” from perform find: Enter find mode [] Set field [“mark”, ““open””] Set field [“mark_dup”, ““dup””] Go to field [select/perform, “popupmenu field”] Pause/resume script [] Set error capture [on] Perform find [] View as [view as List] This is the way it works! My mistake, thanks again.
  14. Hi again, Ender In the end, it had worked as simple as this: Enter find mode [] Set field [“mark”, ““open””] Modify last find Set field [“mark_dup”, ““dup””] Go to field [select/perform, “popupmenu field”] Pause/resume script [] Set error capture [on] Perform find [restore] View as [view as List] I don’t know why the “list view” makes the difference (perhaps because of the "error capture on"), but it works as simple as I wanted. Of course I wouldn't get there if it wasn't for you guys. Thanks again. Teresa
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