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  1. Hi there, I store temporary backup files of my database regularly and want to be able to delete them after so many days. I am trying to figure out how to use the Send DDE Execute script step (the program is for Windows) but cannot find any real information on how to use it. Basically, if I could get it to use the command line program, I think I know the commands to do what I want. Does anyone know how to do this, or at least, know of any good resources? Thanks, PerryL7
  2. You were exactly correct. That worked great. Thanks for all of the help.
  3. Hi there, I am having trouble with a field highlighting when it gains focus. I have a layout with a black background and white radios (easier to see at on-site events) and when the radios gain focus, they become highlighted white. When this happens, you cannot see any of the tags or radio buttons. Does anyone know how to turn off highlighting or, at least, change its color? Thanks, PerryL7
  4. That worked perfectly for me. I had to add a delay to give it time to load but it works. Thanks for all of the help. -PerryL7
  5. Hi there, I am wondering if there is anyway to test for a connection to the internet. I am working on a script, where if internet access is available, will go to a website, otherwise it will go to a FM layout. I know about "Get(SystemIPAddress)" but I am going to be on a LAN, so I would get a system address as long as I am connected to the router (not necessarily the internet). Does anyone have any ideas? Thank, PerryL7
  6. Wow, love all of the responses. Thanks for all of the help. Had to take a break from working yesterday but I am going to give these ideas a shot. Thanks again everyone.
  7. Hi all, I am working on a script that merges two duplicate records. Currently, I have it setup to go to the merge layout, cycle through each field, and copying the information from the other record to the current record. The script looks like such. Go to Layout["Merge Layout'] Go to the first field Start loop Set $CurrentFieldName to ActiveFieldName Set Field[GetNthRecord ( $CurrentFieldName ; Get ( RecordNumber ) + 1 ) )] Go to Next Field; Exit loop if last field End loop The problem is that the information being returned from the GetNthRecord function is just the value in the variable $CurrentFieldName and not the information stored in that field. I can't figure out how to use a variable with the GetNthRecord function. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks, PerryL7
  8. P.S. The variable find information was very helpful. Thanks again
  9. I think from looking at the Duplicate information above, I am going to scrap the temp table and work on importing using flags. It seems to be working. Thanks for all of the suggestions and help.
  10. Those are great files for duplicate finding but they look like they only work in finding duplicates within the same table. That is where the problem with the temp table is, the duplicate checks won't work because I want to know if a temp record that I am attempting to transfer to the main table already has a record in that main recruit table. Is there another method that you would recommend for importing the records? The reason the temp table exists is because some additional information for each record, specifically what their individual skill level is, might need to be added to each record as it is being brought into the main table. I am open for any suggestions on that. Thanks again for the great duplicate ideas. -Perryl7
  11. Hi all, I am having some issues trying to use the perform find function. I have tried to find information or a decent tutorial but I can't find anything that solves my problem. I am trying to take records from a temp table (used for intermediate step in import) and check to see if there is a matching record in the main table. If there is a match, I might have to update/ignore the existing record. I have unique calculation fields that I use for the comparisons. The problem that I am having is that I can't figure out how to use the Perform Find criteria with a variable. I tried the following criteria but it takes the global variable as text. Recruit Info::Duplicate == $$CurrentRecord I have also tried entering find mode and doing the search that way but it looks like it would require me to switch back and forth between layouts to make sure that I am searching the correct table. Is there anyway to get the perform find criteria to work with a variable (or even a field in another table)? If not, is there any way to select a table for use in a find without changing layouts constantly? Thanks for the help, Perryl7
  12. Thanks for the help Ender. That worked. -PerryL7
  13. Hi all, I am having an issue using the perform find function in the scriptmaker. I cannot figure out how to use a table field or a variable for the parameter in the find: (i.e., RecruitInfo.StartDate >= RecruitInfo.GlobalStartDate or RecruitInfo.StartDate >= $StartVariable) I can only see how to enter a fixed value. Does anyone know how to use the find function with variables or table fields? Thank you.
  14. I am trying to write a script to create an import process into a specific temp table. The data will then be manipulated and placed in the main table. I have tried selecting a table (is there a function for this?) before I run the import function but all I get is the main table as a choice and all others are hidden. I have also tried a Perform Find on the temp table to try and select it but that did not work either. Is there a way to explicity state which table to use for the import and delete all records command? I even made a relationship between the main table and the temp table, though I don't really want one. The Perform Find might help but I can only see that there are set finds overall that have to be run through in order as opposed to specifying the find command per script without a dialog box. Below is my script as it is: Perform Find[Restore] Import Records[] *Restore = Tournament Import::First Name[*] Note: Had to remove other finds because it does not appear that the finds can be script specific Thank for you any help. -Cam
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