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  1. Hi, I'm having trouble getting ther FMFind function to work using FM7. FMNew() works, so the problem does not seem to be with the webserver. Here is my code, maybe there's something I'm overlooking? $fm_server = "fmtest"; $query = new FX($fm_server, 80, "FMPro7"); $query->SetDBUserPass("user", "pass"); $query->SetDBData("Clients.FP7","FormView",'All'); $query->AddDBParam('Client_number',$row["client_number"], 'eq'); $queryUpdate = $query->FMFind(); echo "found:" . $queryUpdate["foundCount"]; foundCount is always zero, even though this client number exists in the database. Any suggestions?
  2. Hi, I have a database in FM7 that has a lot of fields with default values auto-entered. When an existing record is duplicated, these default vales are entered, not the values from the record that I'm duplicating. Is there a way to set auto-enter off in a script so that a record can be duplicated 100%? Is there another approach to this problem? thanks!
  3. I think that FX.php also requires the script steps to be web compatible. I would also like to automate some scripts that feature some non web compatible steps using the server rather than the client. All the automation tools for FM that I've seen require client side plug ins. Is there another way to trigger scripts from the server?
  4. By trap, I mean, if I want to find the reference numbers with the alphabetic suffix so I can run conditional scripts based on this property. Adn, yes, the reference numbers are a primary key.
  5. Hi, I have a FM5.5 question. I have a field defined as a numeric with an auto-enter serial number to keep track of transactions. I also allow the user to override the entered number in case a transaction requires more that one record. In which case they add an alphabetic character to the end of the number ie: 12345B. They prefer to keep the number and alphabetic suffix in the same field rather than in seperate fields. What is the best way to trap for these alphavetic suffixes entered in the numeric field?
  6. Lee: The setup is FM5.5, using a server. Fitch: That's a good suggestion. I'll try that.
  7. I am writing a script to take transaction information from a transaction file, format it, and send it to a holding file (where the info waits to be transferred to a mainframe via PHP). The format of the transaction file is: Headre info Detail Line Info Trailer Info So one transaction record = three records in the holding file. I would like to lock the holding file while the three records for the transaction file are being created to avoid the possibility that two transactions are added at the same time, causing the Header / Detail / trailer order to get mixed up. Is there a way to lock a file at the beginning of a script so that only the current user can add records?
  8. Got it working - thanks for all the help!
  9. Thanks for that, Vaughn. Somehow I missed the smartranges formulas. Now that I have created range keys for my two files, what is the best way to link them? The documentation suggests a combined key, but I'm not sure what needs to be combined.
  10. I have a similar question. I am trying to match a single record in a transaction table with a date range (a start date and an end date) in a rate table. I want to display the matching rate on a transaction record, depending on it's date field. This is a simple AND relationship in FM7, but the tables I'm working with are in FM5. Besides converting them to FM7, what's my best approach to setting up this relationship?
  11. Hi, My company is running FM7. To maintain the files, I come in after hours every few weeks, open the files in Developer 7 and run the File Maintenance feature. Is there a way to automate this type of file maintenance?
  12. My company has several different types of transactions, all kept in different FM7 files. We want to add a tracking number to these files. The tracking numbers are reserved ahead of time, so i will know what numbers will be used. The tracking number will be entered manually, and not necessarily at the time the transaction is created. If a user types in a tracking number that is already in use in the same file, or in a different file, a suffix is generated. The suffix is blank for the first instance of the tracking number, then is incremented alphabetically each time the same tracking number is used (A, B, C...etc). What is the best way to keep track of the suffix for each tracking number and generate the correct suffix the next time the tracking number is used?
  13. Hi, I have a file of clients, some of which are related. For example client 123, 234 and 345 are all related to each other. I want to set up a display of related clients so that if I enter 234 and 345 as related clients to 123, then I will have 123 and 345 showing as the related clients of 234, and have 123 and 234 showing as the related clients of 345. I am guessing this requires a self-relationship and a portal, but I'm not sure how to set it up. Suggestions?
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