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  1. I've been having this issue for a number of releases. Can't remember when it started but it's something I've just accepted. I run substantial import tasks which are usually scripted on the server over night, however sometimes I have to run them manually and that's when it ties up my computer. I've tried everything, I usually set the affinity to a single core to move it away from anything but that doesn't really change it. I'm on Windows, but have experience the issue on both.
  2. Is there a reason this option isn't modifiable if the file is being served by FM Server Advanced 12?
  3. Yes that's right. I wanted the Enrollment records to have a portal showing the Assessments for that Enrollment. Thought it might be possible because the Enrollment effectively only has 1 Subject attached to it, but couldnt get the portal to work. note: studentID on Grade is misnamed
  4. Fantastic it works. Thank you comment for your help with this. I made Grade come off Enrollment because it made more sense given the DB intention and current structure. Is there any way to have the Grade records autofill with the assessments or am I restricted to users having to select from a related drop down for the available assessments?
  5. That's true, a student enrolls in 1 tutorial per subject. Subjects are iterations of themselves, in that, they are only for a single sememster, not even a single year. So each time the subject is run there is a new version of it. This has to do with some of the systems that interact with the DB. There are many tutorials per subject, but a student can only be a member of a single tutorial per subject. And a student can attend multiple subjects at any given time. Thanks for the tips. I'll implement into the mock today and see how I go. Thanks for all your help.
  6. If grade was a field in the Assessments table would that restrict me from having a list of assessments per subject? I don't want the tutors to have to enter the assessments per student, but rather have a list of all the assessments for the subject and then each student has a mark per assessment, and the tutors simply enter the marks. Sorry I think I should have written only 1 grade per assessment per student. Each assessment has an individual grade for each student enrolled in the subject.
  7. This isn't for FileMaker but have a look at a product called 'Trim' by HP. Used extensively to OCR documents and store them. We use it at my company for archiving hard copy student records where it is excellent.
  8. 1. Only 1 grade per assessment. Comments are kept where further details could be noted. 2. A student repeating a subject would actually be sitting a different subject. The subjects only record a single semester duration. This is because subjects may have different assessment components between iterations. Thanks for looking at this.
  9. Hi, I'm trying to create a student assessment database to replace an older flat-file 'database'. Though I'm having trouble relating assessments to both subjects and students. I'm sure this could be resolved by more TOs but I'm struggling to get it to work. I'm looking to have a students grades kept for individual assessments. Assessments are related to Subjects. If someone is even able to point me in a direction I could investigate, or a similar 3-4 level relationship it would be greatly appreciated. This is the relationship graph of a mock up I designed which replicates the actual database. This is a greatly simplified version as the full version contains additional ESS tables and calculation logic. Thankfully, JamesT
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