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  1. Jesse, Sorry to have to bug you again with this problem. The change you made does the job nicely on the Mac side. On Windows (XP), however, I am having to call up a program to convert .doc files to .pdf format. The commandline works using the Dos 'run' system but when I try it using the RunShellScript module, I hit: java.lang. IllegalArgummentException at java.lang.ProcessImpl.(Unknown Source) at java.lang.ProcessImpl.start(Unknown Source) at java.lang.ProcessBuilder.start(Unknown Source) The offending commandline: "C:Program FilesSoftinterface, IncConvert DocConvertDoc" /S "H:SolMan_SystemTrainer_ResourcesSteve_Bruecher tCHC60102PSPMNGT605A Activity.doc" /T "H:SolMan_SystemTrainer_ResourcesSteve_Bruecher tCHC60102PSPMNGT605A Activity.pdf" /F9 /C12 /M2 I have tried changing the 30 to 0 and up to 300 but it makes no difference. I hope that you may have some advice as I really need this to work. I've also tried another plug in, yooShell, and the command above works with it, on the XP platform at least. So there is still an issue with the ShellScript module. Sorry to have to report that.
  2. You might like to check out two Custom Functions that Matt Petrowsky has posted at http://github.com/petrowsky/fmpfunctions file.setpath.fmfn and file.ospath.fmfn Very handy these two
  3. Thanks Jesse The changed script passed my cupsfilter script test. Congrats. JohnP
  4. Hi Jesse Thanks for following up this issue. I hope you won't mind early feedback, but tried this code with the Shell script I want to have work. Sorry for the long file paths: cupsfilter /Volumes/Macintosh HD/Users/pracau/Documents/SolMan_System/Trainer_Resources/Steve_Bruechert/CHC60102/CHCAD3A Activity.rtf >> /Volumes/Macintosh HD/Users/pracau/Documents/SolMan_System/Trainer_Resources/Steve_Bruechert/CHC60102/CHCAD3A Activity.pdf Unfortunately it came up with the error: org.codehaus.groovy.control.MultipleCompilationErrorsException: startup failed: Script1.groovy: 1: unexpected char: 0xA0 @ line 1, column 1. ^ 1 error Parameters: {Shellscript=cupsfilter /Volumes/Macintosh HD/Users/pracau/Documents/SolMan_System/Trainer_Resources/Steve_Bruechert/CHC60102/CHCAD3A Activity.rtf >> /Volumes/Macintosh HD/Users/pracau/Documents/SolMan_System/Trainer_Resources/Steve_Bruechert/CHC60102/CHCAD3A Activity.pdf} ---Script--- Script: boolean isMac = System.getProperty("os.name").contains("Mac"); String[] cmds; if( isMac ) cmds = ["/bin/sh", "-c", command]; else cmds = ["cmd.exe", "/C", command]; Process process = Runtime.getRuntime().exec( cmds ); if( Boolean.valueOf( waitForOutput ) ) { //Wait for command to finish if( process.waitFor() == 0 ) { //Successful return process.getInputStream().getText(); } else { //Error when running command throw new RuntimeException( process.getErrorStream().getText() ); } } else { //Don't wait, return immediately return "Executed shell command: " + command; } I hope that this will help you crack it. John
  5. Thanks fseipel for this reply. Unfortunately I'm not a java geek at all. Rather I wanted to accomplish something that seems simple , but apparently is not. That is to convert a .doc file to .pdf on the fly so that it can be viewed in the web viewer. Strangely this seem more problematic for a novice like me on the Mac platform than on Windows. There are programs that give the capacity to do this from the DOS command line... but not for OSX. But I found out you could do it by first converting it to .rtf using the textutil OSX command, then using the cupfilter command to convert the .rtf file to .pdf. Very handy... but I was surprised that the Scriptmaster PerformShellScript module couldn't perform the cupsfilter script whereas the Terminal and another plugin could. Sorry, but I don't have the faintest idea how I would go about trying out your suggestion. It deals with what goes on 'under the bonnet' whereas what I need is to be able to drive the car. Thanks for it though. Maybe Scriptmaster developers could follow it up.
  6. Sorry Jesse, but this is still an issue. Even though I can use the zippshell plugin to accomplish what I need to do, cluttering up my extensions folder with plugins (including unsupported ones like zippshell) does not seem desirable. Could you or someone else check it out because it is not an OS problem; the Terminal handles the command (so does zippshell). It does seem to be a problem with the Scriptmaster module... and that is of some concern. Thanks for your attention.
  7. Sorry thats not it Just tried it again but I had already tried just about every variant in syntax I could think of. And it does work with the Terminal and with the Zippshell plugin.
  8. Don't know if you can help with this. I am trying to use the shell to covert an .rtf file to .pdf the script is: cupsfilter /Volumes/Macintosh HD/Users/pracau/Desktop/CHCAD3A Activity.rtf>>/Volumes/Macintosh HD/Users/pracau/Desktop/CHCAD3A Activity.pdf It does the job when I use the terminal but I get an Unrecognised MIME error when I use RunShellScript. The problem may well be syntaxical. Any ideas. _______________ edit The error message I get is: java.lang.Exception: cupsfilter: Unable to determine MIME type of "/Volumes/Macintosh HD/Users/pracau/Desktop/CHCAD3A Activity.rtf>>/Volumes/Macintosh HD/Users/pracau/Desktop/CHCAD3A Activity.pdf"! To make things more interesting I tried an old faithful, the now nonexistent but still functional Zippshell plugin. It worked so my problem is solved, allbeit in an odd way. There must be a problem with the java script which might be worth looking into. By the way I think that ScriptMaster is a great addition to my world. Thanks very much
  9. I'm sorry that I haven't paid attention to your replies. I am using a borrowed Windows box that its so seriously locked down by its corporate owner ( Fort Knox IT depts at work I think) that I am virtually able to do nothing. So, there are many factors that I can't begin to comprehend them all. For now I am leaving this problem be. I'll come back to it soon when I get a chance to play on a 'cleaner' machine. But thanks any ways.
  10. Thanks for the trying to replicate my problem. I did not make it clear that I was able to see the functions in the external functions list after I opened your Scriptmaster.fp7 file (from which I created my custom plugins). This was a test that I made after I initially posted and was the subject my edit. In answer to your question I have no other plugins in the extensions folder.
  11. I work generally on the Mac. Here Scriptmaster and the plugin I have generated works brilliantly. But when I restart fmp after moving the Win plugin to Extensions the plugin has not been initialised. And when I check the box to try and configure it Filemaker crashes. The Windows plugin was generated on the Mac, because I found that you had to be online which is a state the borrowed Windows box doesn't want to be in. Maybe that's the issue? Has anyone any ideas on what I am doing wrong? I have the latest ScripMaster and FMP versions and the Win operating system is XP. I just checked to see if the registered modules that formed the basis of the plugin were listed under the External functions. They were so my problem seems to lie with the plugin.
  12. I am experiencing the same problem. Could you give any idea as to how long the fix could be. ScriptMaster is an awesome product. Thankyou
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