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  1. Okay, a bit of backstory then the question: We have a Quotation system here that customer services/sales uses to quote parts. We have 2 facilities: FLA and TEN. FLA likes TEN's FileMaker Quotes system, and wants a "COPY" of the system hosted on another server that they can edit at will. Additional forms/tables in the existing DB is not an acceptable option (for no apparent reason). Here's the question: let say there are 13 files associated with this system. Can I host that same set of files on two different FileMaker servers, with the same names and have all the links, etc. continue to funciton? -edit- These servers will be on the same domain on the same network segment.
  2. I'm sorry to hijack someone else's topic, but I'm exceptionally curious. Okay, I'm pretty good at VBScripting... and even have already created a script to create a task in Outlook. That part's easy. If I read the first response correctly, FileMaker is capable of generating VBScript and executing it. That's fascinating. How would I go about telling it to do that? I can't find anything very specific in the forums and the help file certainly doesn't... "help" in this regard. Thanks.
  3. I should probably attempt to solve these myself. It was just a matter of moving the FIND steps ABOVE the sort steps. So... umm.... nevermind.
  4. Hello, quick question about a minor frustration. Currently, I have a script that prints out a report of machine setup time allowances vs. what an operator actually used and displays the variance. This works fine, grouped by machine and looks great. Now, management wants an exceptions report... i.e., only times that were OVER the value. However, doing a simple find on a form with grouped data actually "ungroups" the data. Is there any way to search on grouped data and retain the grouping?
  5. For the record (and future searches), I ended up going with Ender's suggestion (mentally flipped a coin) and it worked beautifully. Thanks a lot both of you!
  6. Alright, I've been turning to here more lately than I'd like, but I've just been having brain melt-downs... must be the newborn-lack-of-sleep thing. Alright, it's a simple thing, really. I have a script that wants to find for a record that contains a ValueA in a FieldA and omit the records that contain ANYTHING in FieldB. The best way I can think to describe it is: If FieldA == VariableA AND IsEmpty(FieldB) Display records Seems simple. What everything seems to be doing is evaluating the first part (FieldA == VariableA), displaying results then somehow displaying every record again (including what was filtered out already) and evaluating the second part, leaving in results that don't meet the first part. Not sure what to do here. Can't imagine why this is so hard for me...
  7. Guse

    Value Lists

    I ended up just creating another table called "Approvers" and used the Name field as the value list. It's what I was trying to avoid, but I've already wasted enough minutes to cover years of maintainance on that value list trying to come up with a way to avoid maintainance. THanks for all your help.
  8. Guse

    Value Lists

    It doesn't exactly matter when the list is filtered. Basically, list 1 has... say, 60 names in it. 10 of those have corresponding values greater than 0. The resulting value list should only include those 10 names associated with values greater than 0. Can you use a calculation when defining a value list? I've never had the desire/need to try this before...
  9. Guse

    Value Lists

    Hope this is the right forum and that I'm able to describe this properly. I have a question concerning making a dynamic value list. This is for a purchase order requisition system. I already have a table of "requestors" that also contains a field with the maximum dollar value that they're allowed to authorize. There are, of course, many more $0 authorization amounts than not. The "Name" field from that table is already a value list for "requestors". I'd like to somehow make another value list based on that table which would only include the "names" of people that have approval amounts over $0. I know I could make another table of "Authorizers", but using the same table again would limit the amount of administration needed when an authorized amount changes... well, half the work. If this is possible, great! If not, I understand. I'm not sure if you can use "If" statments in value lists. Thanks.
  10. Guse

    Dynamic file names

    That was perfect, all, thanks a ton. I had to add in another variable from John Mark Osborne's example, but it worked great. Thanks again.
  11. Guse

    Dynamic file names

    I'm hoping that this is the right subforum for this, if not I apologize. We have a simple script designed for saving to a PDF. Essentially, it takes the form, saves it to a PDF. We just use the "Save Records as PDF" script step to accomplish it. Unfortunately, it forces us to use the same name for the file every time. Is there any way to use a variable or field name as the name of the exported file? Right now, we have something like: filewin:/C:/Documents and Settings/user/Desktop/NEPSpdfs/nepsrecord.pdf There HAS to be a way to do this....
  12. It's always the little things that getcha. Somehow, in the conversion, the calculated field was changed to store as a number. So, it only makes sense that it wasn't displaying a text message. Switched it to store as text and it appeared. It's always the things you would have NEVER thought to check. Thanks for your help, raybaudi.
  13. It's unstored: If(ESRPNList::PPAP Required="Yes" ; "PPAP PARTS" ;" " ) PPAP Required is the real name of FieldA. FieldB's real name is: PPAP Parts
  14. Good idea. No joy, though. Same result.
  15. I've been beating away at this for a bit now, but can't seem to come up with a solution. This worked well in FM6, mind you, so something from our recent FM8 upgrade is messing with this. We have a simple text field that uses a calculation to display a "warning" of sorts on a form. Nothing complicated, just a basic "If FieldA = 'yes' set field B to 'Warning'" type statement. Nothing appears there now, which is normally fixable except that when you click the field in Browse mode, the text is there. Click off the field, "poof" it disappears. I've made sure it was "brought to the front", I've checked text colors, etc. but the simple fact is that the text is THERE, it's just not showing up. I can add an embossment or a fill color to the field, and the actual field is visible then, but the data in it is not. What am I missing here?
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