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  1. Hello. I am not sure if I should have started a new topic or not. I can't use the "save as excel" or export this report, even with a constrain. Any advice? Thanks bunches!
  2. Thank you to both of you! You have been extremely helpful and patient. I have it working thanks to both of your advice and explanations on my test database... I am going to move the solution onto another test to make sure I can replicate the list and then onto my live database. I really appreciate all your help and time. :)
  3. I think I almost have it (though not really sure why) using Comment's method. Instead of showing the last job record, it shows the first. I am not completely understanding so it's hard to troubleshoot. Any advice? Thank you for all the patience- I hope it's something simple/obvious.jobtable.fp7.zip
  4. Thank you both! I could not get Comment's method to work on my actual database.... and I am almost "there" with LaRetta's method. I could duplicate behavior in test databases, but when I put it in a backup copy of my actual database, I get blank lines--almost blank lines. It shows the name of a person, but not the lastjob fields. Any suggestions?
  5. I go to the script... Find People's with Job Code... I type in 2358 and the list shows different results - job codes with 1851- 2482 etc. I have screenshots to document my step by step. Thank you in advance PS- just to clarify. It works in your Find Any Job Code database, but when I try to implement the method you showed me into my test database, I don't get the correct results. Maybe the relationship is off or I am missing something obviously. Thanks again. Archive.zip
  6. Hi... Thank you LaRetta. I have been working on this for a while now and even imported your script into my "play/test" database but can't get it to work. Could anyone help with what I am doing wrong? I just am not getting it. <I made the job primary key, and added the lastjob table occurence to be sorted descending. I also made the globaljobcode field in the people table> but still no luck. Any assistance would be great. FIND2358.fp7 2.zip
  7. I am being asked to run a report/list that has all job code=2358 that are active or inactive. If there is more than 1 “2358” job table row, then please pull the last 2358 row. I have a list… but it’s incorrect Jane Smith is fine Bob Smith pulled but the wrong row displays Joe Bing displays the 1st row. And Pat Chauncey is correct by not showing Thank you for any guidance FIND2358.fp7.zip
  8. Yes it's "working"... I want all Fall 2011-2012. and all monthly that are between their begin & end dates (on 1 report). I just want to get rid of the "Active" and "Old budget Line" flags for monthly.... currently that's how the script pulls the monthly ones that fall in the date range.
  9. I have provided a sample table from a budget database that has both monthly & quarterly bills that will be due. I am experiencing problems pulling both monthly & quarterly bills due. I would like for the user to input term (ie Fall) and academic year (ie- 2011-2012) and have the results be both any monthly bills that fall between the billing_begindate & billing_endDate and all quarterly bills that are Fall 2011-2012. I have a script List_Billing_Monthly- and it’s working- based on the c_test=Active. I would rather not have the calculated field that says pull this monthly bill. I would like to delete the c_test field and just use a script to get the correct result set, but don’t seem to be able to do that. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Budget.fp7.zip
  10. Thanks. I think it's necessary to add the time records in advance to show the available time for classes. Is there a better way? PS- I also updated my profile. :)
  11. I am trying to create a scheduling database to show a weekly view (Monday-Saturday) of courses booked 7am-10pm. I am trying to get a script to create new records in the Calendar table for Monday 7am-10pm in 5 minute increments. I have 1 record Day Time Monday 7:00:00 I have a script that is adding 300 but it won’t recognize the previous record's time of 7:00:00. I have attached my attempt. Any assistance would greatly be appreciated. scheduling-test.fp7.zip
  12. term would be Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer and year is 2011 or 2012 (4 digit year) so the field for contract rec'd could have Fall 2011 or Winter 2012 or Summer 2008
  13. Hello. I have a database for tracking people on a certain course- (students in a 4 year plan). I have a report that pulls all students that are status=in progress and the contract was received within the term & year the user inputs in the user parameter (in the Show Custom Dialog script). I also have a similar report that pulls all students that are status=in progress and the “planner” was received within the term & year the user inputs in the user parameter (in the Show Custom Dialog script). I need a report that pulls both…. All in progress students that have turned in the contract & planner on the term & year the user enters. How would I use what the user enters for the year & term in the Custom Dialog Box for both the Contract & Planner (2 separate fields)? Thanks in advance
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