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  1. OK, So now I can gather all the size and colour information into two fields (All_sizes & All_colours) so that's great Now, because there are multiple colours/size and multiple sizes/colour I'm getting duplicates of the sizes and colours in each field (i.e. Black Black Black Black Black Red Red Red Red Red Red ) - is there any way to remove these duplicates?
  2. Although it should be a one-off I can foresee it being done a few times.
  3. Hi BC, Yep TS00# is a product number type thing, and the price is just a number with no $. Comment: 1) No, that's old info v10 now. 2) The purpose of reducing the listing is in order to bulk populate an eCommerce system (Zen Cart). I can upload data as a simple CSV but I need all the colour and size options for each product to be in a single record for that product - with the data as it is now each product appears multiple times (once for each colour/size option).
  4. Hi I've been given some data that I need to modify. Basically its a list of clothing in the following simplified record format: TS001, T-shirt, Black, Small, $5.00 TS001, T-shirt, Black, Medium, $5.00 TS001, T-shirt, Black, Large, $5.00 TS001, T-shirt, Black, XL, $5.00 TS001, T-shirt, Red, Small, $5.00 TS001, T-shirt, Red, Medium, $5.00 TS001, T-shirt, Red, Large, $5.00 TS001, T-shirt, Red, XL, $5.00 TS001, T-shirt, Blue, Small, $5.00 TS001, T-shirt, Blue, Medium, $5.00 TS001, T-shirt, Blue, Large, $5.00 TS001, T-shirt, Blue, XL, $5.00 TS002, Hoodie, Black, Small, $9.00 TS002, Hoodie, Black, Medium, $9.00 TS002, Hoodie, Black, Large, $9.00 TS002, Hoodie, Black, XL, $9.00 TS002, Hoodie, Red, Small, $9.00 TS002, Hoodie, Red, Medium, $9.00 TS002, Hoodie, Red, Large, $9.00 TS002, Hoodie, Red, XL, $9.00 TS002, Hoodie, Blue, Small, $9.00 TS002, Hoodie, Blue, Medium, $9.00 TS002, Hoodie, Blue, Large, $9.00 TS002, Hoodie, Blue, XL, $9.00 etc for 50,000 records I need to get this data into the following format: TS001, T-shirt, Black Red Blue, Small Medium Large XL, $5.00 TS002, Hoodie, Black Red Blue, Small Medium Large XL, $9.00 etc. i'm sure this should be possible but I can't figure out how to go about it. Can anybody help?
  5. Hi, If I read your post correctly you want to open an image from a page served by IWP, but the image sare not held within the FM database. If this is not right please ignore everything below!! I've been serving over 3 million images in this way for the past 4 years. Simple to do. 1) install a separate web server program (I use Savant) running on a different port (I use port 90) 2) In FM you need a field with the path to the image files on your network (i.e. g:images). 3) Create a new calculation field using 'substitute' to change the path to something the web server can understand (i.e. http:[your public ip address]images). 4) In your IWP page add a button that opens a URL which is the contents of your file path calculation. Works great and completely free.
  6. I'm sure I'm being dumb here but here goes anyway. I have a large database that has a single table ('Invoices') and the following fields: invoice_no account_no invoice_date type input_date I want to be able to search on any of the fields and display the results in a portal. I've created a self-join relationship between the 'Invoices' table and a new table occurance called 'Invoices_2'. The relationship is invoice_no = invoice_no When I do a search the results show fine in a standard list view, but the portal (showing records from Invoices_2 and set to display 25 rows) only displays 2 or 3 records per page. For instance is I search on 444 in the invoice_no field, all of the records on each page match, i.e. all the records with invoice number 4441 are on the same page, all the records with invoice number 4442 are on another page, etc. What I want is for it to display all the matching records on the same page. I'm sure I've got it wrong somewhere but have run out of ideas!
  7. Hi, I currently have a simple but large (3 million records and increasing by 100,000/month) flat file database currently being published using FMP 4 and CDML. It's accessed by just one IP address and they use it to search for and download (via a link) about 200 scanned images each day. Records are located by searching on any of 4 fields, all of which are numeric. There is no record creation involved via the web. There is no other access to this database. This system has worked fine for the past 3-4 years. I'm in the process of putting in place a backup server for my client and I would like to improve the performance of the searches as well as get rid of the 2 gig file size limit which I'm always up against. I have a spare copy of FMP7 client and have started setting it up to serve the database over IWP. I've been having a look at the alternatives and was wondering whether I should go for a PHP/FMP solution instead. Would this be more robust/faster given the size of the database? Please bear in mind that I have absolutely no experience in PHP and would be looking to use fxForge or CafePHP to help me out. I should also point out that I need this database available 24x7. If FMP7 IWP is going to fall over then it's not for me.
  8. Ahhhhh, Good point. Maybe that's it. :
  9. Hi, Upgrading FileMaker Pro. Yes I have tried uninstalling and installing from fresh before trying to upgrade again. Wierd!
  10. Am I right in saying that if I carry out a search that returns 100 matching records, the Get ( RecordID ) function would return 1 for the first record in the matching list, 2 for the second record in the matching list, etc. If so, I'm confused as this does not seem to be working on my database. Attached is a screenshot showing search results with the RecordNumber on the right hand side. I want to use the Get ( RecordNumber ) function to page the user through the results
  11. I've tried to upgrade from FM v7.0.1 to v7.0.3 on my Windows 2000 Server using the FM upgrade package but I keep getting an error message stating that a DLL is missing and the upgrade cannot continue. I've tried on two different servers withour luck. Anybody else had this problem?
  12. Hi, I have a simple database (but big number of records - > 3 million) that is accessed (read only) by a client via the internet. I curently use FM3 and CDML on a NT Server and it has run fine for the last 3 years. Only problem is the maximum file size, so I'm converting it to FM7. So far everything working fairly OK. I can search the records via IWP and display the results in a list (not using a portal). The only thing I have noticed is that if (when viewing in IE) I click on any field, that record moves to the top of the page/list. I can imaging that this behaviour will confuse my clients. How can I stop this?
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