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  1. Are the pictures you insert saved as JPG files? This must have something to do with the way images are stored when they are "blobbed" in a container field, but they must have lost all their compression. Is the resulting image (once inserted into a container field) still saved as a JPEG or does FileMaker convert it into another format -- which, like BMP files in Windows, doesn't support compression?
  2. Hi, I have the same question, with some differences: 1) the database images are not stored as a reference, and 2) I want to export them to a file and not Photoshop, with the same format as the original pictures (they are all JPEG files).
  3. Hi, We designed a photo gallery that contains JPEG images in a container field, they are stored in the database and not linked to. Having read your answer, can I know a little more about how to export the contents of a container field to a file (if it is possible)? I would like to be able to copy the image field contents to a file of the same format as the original (e.g. JPEG). I run FMDev 6 under XP - is it possible with this old version? Thanks in advance! Anne
  4. I use Inno Setup too, and it works like a charm :)
  5. Hi, Thanks for your input. If you are telling me I really need a full version of FM to access a runtime for e.g. an add-in that accesses the runtime's data for batch label printing only, then it doesn't meet my needs. I want to build a small, "extra" runtime that access data from an existing one, and I don't want to be forced to "rebuild" the runtime and send it to the customers, who will then have to uninstall what they have already and install that new solution.
  6. Hi, I have a question regarding the full access password. Is it possible to store it in a script that enters it automatically when you start that "extra" database solution? Thanks in advance!!!
  7. Thanks for the information. Because it requires the full access password, I am afraid I cannot rely on this.
  8. Hi, We developed a standalone runtime solution in FM Developer 6. As requested by a few customers, we want to create an "add-on" solution, which uses scripts to process data in our main runtime solution. Is it possible to access the "compiled" .USR file using another one? Thanks in advance for your input, Anne
  9. Thanks for your Troi suggestion. Unfortunately, customers who use Windows 98 are a very few. And because we plan to migrate that database to a .NET application in the near future, is it worth the money? Well... I don't know. Thanks anyway, Anne
  10. Hi, We developed and started selling a FM Dev6 stand-alone runtime application. A few fields, in the database, are picture containers. A customer runs our app under Windows 98. When she wants to insert a picture (by right-clicking inside the picture box), she goes to C:My Documentsfolder_name_here to get her JPEG file, but always gets an error message: "C:Program Filesour_app_path_hereher_folder_name_here is an invalid path". The FM runtime app seems to try to append the customer's folder name to its app path instead of getting the file into the full path given by my customer. This is the first time a user reports this bug, I just cannot reproduce it under Windows XP. Here is what I have tried so far: 1) I had her go to the "Insert Picture" dialog box, then go to the Desktop, and then selecting her C: drive, her "My Documents" folders and her folder, hoping the runtime app would remember the full path. Still the same error message. 2) I had her change the shortcut's properties and delete the "Start in" data, still no luck. Any idea? Thank you in advance. Anne
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