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  1. Thanks. I did figure out hoe to print consecutive pages. As to the stripe background ...how can I post the file. I don't see a filemaker extension allowed to upload. Thanks
  2. Two issues. One layout has this striped background. How do I make it white? Other layout with merge fields has all data showing in Browse, Layout and Preview, does not have merge showing fields in Find. Print set up as envelop#10 landscape. Now fliping through the records, every other is blank. Want to print consecutive pages. Help would be appreciated!
  3. I have an address list with many duplicates (eg., John&Susan&Bob...at the same address) and I need to create a mail list to housholds-one mail to each unique address. Please help. Thanks
  4. Ok, I am making some progress on scripting, thanks. Here is a funny problem with FIND, however- If i put ! in the MailAdress field, I get a list of duplicates. If I first do a find of 06=v and 04=v and then constain that set with ! in the MailAdress field, I get duplicate AND unique addresses. So whay won't ! work to constrain a found set?
  5. Golly! Ok, I am going to read up on scripts and try what you sent. I think the surnmae part is easier because I have two different fields: first name, last name. Thank you, I will work on this tonight.
  6. Yes, that is a cool template. It is so far beyond my novice abilities in Filemaker that I have no idea how to use it to get from my list to mail labels. I haven't learned anything about scripts yet and, looking at the ones in your template reminds me I need to learn! I think I am going to have to exporet to Excel and clean up the duplicats one by one. Cheers to you
  7. Thank you, Soren. I will look at your template when I get back this afternoon. I really appreciate everyone's help!
  8. Thank you! Thank you! Now I have the duplicates for addresses listed nicely. Do you know the best way to consolidate those? EG- John Smith and Jane Smith at same address = mailing label The Smith Family OR John Jones and Jane Johnson and Bill Barnes at the same address = Household (or maybe all names/one label)
  9. Thanks. I think my field is a text field "120 Main St". But how would I change the field type from number to text. I couldn't find the way to find out which it is and change it. :P
  10. I am using the Find Duplicates function, however when I put the ! in the address field, it finds duplicates of the street numbers only. 120 Main 120 Main 120 First 120 Circle What I want is all duplicate street number+name. 120 Main 120 Main 120 Elm 120 Elm How can I do this? Thanks
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