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  1. thanks for the reply. i appreciate it. The tax tables are based on fortnightly totals and so i cant add it to the individual records. Will look into the get(sumary) function.
  2. Hi all Have tax tables that need to be looked up off a total in a sub summary when sorted by name. Wont let me relate with a summary field. How do i get the daily wages to total other than using a summary field so that i can relate to the field in the sub summary or how do i relate the summary field that totals the daily wages to look up the tax tables as filemaker wont let me do it.
  3. In table 1 i have each record with two fields name1 and name2 with a different name being entered into each of them for each record entry. Each record also holds fields for date, load# pay name 1 and pay name2 plus more. In another table2 how do i get the name 1 and name 2 entries when inputed in table 1 to be put into 2 seperate records in the one field called name all thanks but i just cant work this one out as a beginner
  4. Thanks for helping me bcooney. I appreciate it. scripts have to be started by clicking a button i believe?. I have a calc field that shows an error message as the result when someone enters data incorrectly. I would like this to then automatically send an e-mail to a designated address with a designated message rather than a human having to intervene by clicking a send button. Any ideas here please regards Col Taylor :
  5. thanks. was hoping that the e-mail script could be triggered by a calculation result. thanks Col
  6. Hi Everyone simple i presume but how do i send an emails triggered from a calc field without having to manually click send etc in the e-mailprogram ( outlook 2007)- using fm server 10 and fmpro10 adv on windows small business server. Can anyone recommend a good e-mail plugin if this is the way to go or will the e-mail function work fine? thanks Col
  7. just a simple one from a beginner but how can i lock and when neeeded unlock a record so others cannot change it thanks col
  8. Thanks LaRetta Amazed at how quick you reponded and with such enthusiasm. Thankyou. My database is as simple as as a straight line record record with fields for date, load number,pax name, pilot, , overall flight time in minutes, plane callsign etc The first load might have three passengers so there will be three records all with the sortie time field. I only want one filled out and the others either hidden or cross hatched out etc. Think this is probably a calc but can you help regards Col
  9. Hi Guys. newbie here. Have simple plane load databsae with 1 record per person for every load. Once my staff have filled in the aircraft flight time for 1 record on load 1 how can i hide or fill in (checkbox etc)the next fields for aircraft time flight time in the records from the same load? regards Col
  10. Newby here and due to having two companies sharing a network through a common router with one running macs with server 5.5 and the other(mine) running pc's with server 7 i need to be able to change the port on filemaker server 7 so that i can port forward through the router the server 7 connections to my server 7 on my PC to enable remote connections to my server. Can this be done with filemaker server 7
  11. Hi Guys?Gals i am a newby and can get scripts to work but do not know how to have my database send an email from a a calc field result- 21 days before a date and or 20 hours flying time before my service comes due.Can you help please Col
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