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  1. Thanks for all the advice so far. Save a Copy does work with hosted files, but only on the host. I did a test with the file open on the main computer, with sharing on, and opened it on another computer on the LAN. I saved a copy from the host, and it worked fine. Of course, if a record is open (modified) on the client (or the host) it doesn't save the uncommited changes, which isn't really a big deal. But I'm not sure about the data integrity with this method. -Jason
  2. Hello, We are a small company currently running an FM database, with just one user. We want to be able to have more users at times, as many as 5 - 7. We are thinking of setting up a dedicated Mac Mini to host the file, but I'm not sure if we should be using FM Server or Peer-to-Peer. The Peer to Peer sharing speed has drastically improved in the recent versions of FM, so that isn't a hinderance now. The main reason for us having FM Server would be the automatic backups, but I'm wondering if I couldn't just use Peer to Peer, and setup a timed script on the host that would Save A Copy every night. I could even have another script run before the backup script that would check if this is a client, and if so, close the file. Thanks for any recommendations -Jason
  3. No, this can happen with any FMP database. What seemed strange to me was that it only happens on this one computer, with both FMP 8 and FMPA 8.5. I can have the same databases on other computers, opening them with the same versions of FM, and it works fine. This had happened for us (on this same computer) earlier, then it seemingly went away for quite awhile, and now its happening again. This was with the same database, but it also happens with others, and sometimes FM crashes before the DB is even open.
  4. Hello, Our main computer (Windows XP) has both FMP 8.5 Advanced and FMP 8 on it. When I double-click a file it opens FMP, then closes right away again, before the file even opens. When I just start Filemaker, it works fine, but when opening a file from there it shuts down. It appears that the file opens for an instant, then FMP shuts down. This happens only on this computer, but with both FMP 8.5 Adv and FMP 8. I'm concerned that our data file may become corrupted since its being so rudely aborted. I was also connecting to this computer thru a Remote Desktop Connection, and using FMP 8 to work on the file while someone else was using the file in FMP 8.5 Adv. FMP adv had hosting turned on, then I used Open Remote in FMP 8 to open the file. Sometimes it worked right, but usually FMP shut down when I clicked Open Remote. (the file was not yet opened at all) - (It worked fine as long as the file was not remote. The files and the software were all on the same computer, but this was a way to work on the file while someone else was using it) I'm wondering if uninstalling and reinstalling both FMP programs would fix the problem. Thanks for your help. BTW -- I know I double-posted, but who's going to find my other post way down at the bottom of the list;( I hope this explains my problem clearly enough.
  5. Hello, What should the stripe size be set to for optimal performance with Filemaker Server 9 on a three disk RAID 5 array? Our hardware: 4 x 36GB SCSI hard-drives with 3 in the array and a hot spare Adaptec 3210s RAID controller Thanks,
  6. This may be part of a solution for Mac/FileMaker users; http://www.busymac.com/busysync2.html
  7. Hello, Is there any way to sync to Google calendar from FM? I would like to be able to have FM putting an event on a Google calendar for each job entered into the database, then we could have terminals in the shop where everyone could check the calendar to see what needs to be done. The ones in the shop would also need to be able to drag jobs around and have them being updated in the database. The updating could even be done by a script or something on a timed interval, if its not possible to have it automatic. Is there anyway to accomplish this, with a plugin or otherwise? If theres no way to do this someone should certainly make one, as I think a lot of people would put it to use. Thanks in advance! PS. We're running only Windows right now, so it would be nice if there were a way to sync with what we have, but if we need to put in a Mac to accomplish this, we probably would.
  8. Our clients will probably all be PCs, and the one server needs to be PC (for QB), but the other server could probably be Mac or PC, though we would likely go with PC since that's what we have otherwise. We are also now thinking of using Terminal Services for touchcreen consoles in the shop, which would be accessing Filemaker only. As far as the RAID, wouldn't it be a possible to have two disks, and have the one a mirror of the other, so that if one goes bad that there is almost nothing lost, or should we just setup auto backups every 15-30 minutes to the file server, and then at the most we'd lose that much data? Which for us would be very little. And yes, I'd be glad for any more specs on the server, as far as brand, processor, RAM, OS, etc. We're pretty open to suggestions right now, we can narrow things done later.
  9. Yes, that I know. So it would be best to have two small servers, both with RAID, one running Filemaker Server, the other QB. I'd be glad for any suggestions on hardware, software, and setup, especially the RAID. We had in mind an array of 4 80+ GB disks. Also, should we be using FM Server, or, since we only have 4 concurrent users at the most, could we use the desktop version, and use some sort of scheduler to run a script to save a backup to our file server? (a little like Server would do) What about speed on a networked file? Should we be changing some things like automatic calculations and summaries, or can we setup our server in such a way that this isn't a problem.
  10. As far as I know there is no way around that. It sure is inconvenient sometimes. Also, I was wondering what "robot" client you were using and how it worked(I might need to use something like that).
  11. Hello, We are currently using FMP 8.5 Advanced and QB 2007 Premier and are linking them with FileBooks Link. We would like to setup a server on our network, so we could have several (2-4) computers accessing both FMP and QB simultaneously,linking them via FileBooks Link from each workstation. We would also like to enable offsite acccess for home based workers. We are considering raid 5 on the server, with periodic backup to network attached storage, housed in another building. Does this sound practical? Do you have any hardware or software recommendations? Mac versus windows for the filemaker server? We currently run windows. Thanks in advance for your help.
  12. This could be caused by a field validation. Scroll through your fields in Define Database and check for any that say something like "By Calculation, Allow Override" or something like that in the Options column.
  13. I have considerable experiance with these files and would be willing to combine them for you. Please specify exactly what you need to accomplish and I will get you an estimate. Oberholtzer Data Solutions [email protected]
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