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  1. Thanks for the reply - wasn't sure how active this forum was. Think I'll stick with export as excel with header row. Open in excel. Save as tab delimited to get what I want. Really makes me wonder what goes on in the developer arena at FM... to leave out something simple like that.
  2. FM 9 and you still cannot Export as tab with header row ! I see the only solution is to export as excel with header row. Open in excel. Save as tab delimited to get what I want. Merge was close but had to be cleaned of quotes and commas while risking corruption in case the data had a comma. Is there a plugin or something to add that basic feature?
  3. I went in circles with this a while back and pretty much gave up on it for now - other fires to put out. http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/190241/ If you are like me in your needs what you are asking for is not any more complicated than what we ask a basic html page to do in a browser - simply display the image found at the end of a "calculated" path with a preplanned name.jpg.....
  4. FM 8.5 Should we be able to use ODBC JDBC to Connect a Mac to MSSQL on a PC ? We simply want to import all the data for ease of use in FM. If yes, is it via ODBC or JDBC ? Should the FM provided drivers work ?
  5. I was just contemplating the same issues and about to post for FM9.... I'll have to add this to my list of reasons to It never ceases to amaze me how development managers not just at FM manage to leave out solid globally usable sensible functionality. Now to ice the cake they are usually such big operations you can't even get through all the layers past the script readers. In this case it is obvious that FM should have included a built in licensing/demo anti-piracy feature no more complicated than setting up and Adobe pdf. Common sense I say.
  6. Will FM 9 allow me to connect from a Mac to a live MSSQL database running on a PC ? Simply want to read or import the data and leave the PC side untouched.
  7. Does anybody know how to purge a drive of the trialware spyware file from Filemaker so that the trial can be reinstalled and actually work : Why ? I downloaded the trial around a month or so ago to test for display of images via path or calculated field aka "web browser style" - it failed. I deleted the trial. Yesterday I discover FM 9 has some new slick MSSQL feature that may solve another problem for us and now the rep tells me I'll have to wipe my drive or go find another computer. Ok Ok I guess I do have two or three PC's within visual range or a Mac mini with only 256mb ram..... but darn it I want it on my dual screen workstation !
  8. http://www.filemaker.com/products/fmp/sql.html Is anyone using this new feature already ? I'm curious if you connect to an MSSQL data base with unknown structure, tables, relationships etc if Filemaker magically figures all this out and will allow for simple import of the data... I'm especially interested in steps needed to do this from an OS X Mac over the local network. I drilled around at this for a few minutes while still at the office with no luck. We currently run an application that runs on top of MSSQL on a PC. That application uses xsl/xml templates for getting data and reporting that far exceeds my skill level and or attention span. I hope FM could take us away from all that.
  9. Ok so a simple relative path like and html page in a folder ain't happening. So just for my entertainment now what would the syntax be for the "calculation" string to display an image in a calculated "container" results field ? file://MacintoshHD/Users/barrettb/Pictures/press.JPG (this BB keeps cutting ofF the .JPG) FM won't allow that for the calculation, but does allow the Field Name that holds the string. Result is display of the Finder based file icon instead of the image.
  10. Ok maybe I'm getting lost in the forest...and think I see what you are getting at now. All the work I do has always been rooted in matching of a Product Code as golden. I have or can create a correct file with Product Codes and Image Names like: PRODUCT_CODE,Image_name_Old "26-00-01","batthamgf.jpg" "26-01-01","batexclv2.jpg" "26-01-02","batsphflp.jpg" "26-02-01","batexclv1.jpg" "26-02-02","batsphflpp.jpg" "26-03-01","batexclv5.jpg" "26-03-02","batsphflpy.jpg" On "Import Records|Folder..." I see I can match on the File Name given my source file is known correct. Ok all that is likely doable then. NOW let me turn up the heat. Many and in future most records with have an image on a path like these: Notice all the same except unique for the directory that is match for Product Code again. In this scenario if you have 10,000 records you have also 10,000 folders/directories Image URL Calc "/26-00-01/TileGroup0/4-5-5.jpg" "/26-01-01/TileGroup0/4-5-5.jpg" "/26-01-02/TileGroup0/4-5-5.jpg" "/26-02-01/TileGroup0/4-5-5.jpg" "/26-02-02/TileGroup0/4-5-5.jpg" "/26-03-01/TileGroup0/4-5-5.jpg" "/26-03-02/TileGroup0/4-5-5.jpg" "/26-04-01/TileGroup0/4-5-5.jpg" "/26-04-02/TileGroup0/4-5-5.jpg" "/26-05-01/TileGroup0/4-5-5.jpg" This is where I get into what I perceive as a severe FM limitation. Will FM not allow for creation of a calculated field through string concatenation with the results as a Container to display the resultant image I would expect to be able to specify a relative path where the images folder resides in the same as the FM file and not have to worry about breaking the links when moving the project folder around. Very simple for an html project.
  11. I contacted FM for presales tech info on FM9 today. This was the second time since I did not get an email back from the first guy I ran this by and stumped him. Today the next guy was way too cocked and locked to go into the spew about custom development bla bla bla I think I pretty much concluded FM 9 is NOT capable of doing what I need here. The import folder function is mighty close and imho some project leader needs to be hung by his or her tonails for not developing a simple path string import on a match field to easily associate a record with an image like in a product catalog project.
  12. In a nutshell I need an efficient image display solution on a bulk import basis or calculated field with no manual record editing. Can FM 9 do this today ???
  13. In FM9: I would like to provide FM a path to display an image during Browse and Preview on a layout for a record. This image is like a "product image" and part of the record NOT a decoration for the layout. The scenario would include about a million records and a preexisting local or web based folder of images. The path info string could either be preexisting in a field or calculated. file://localhost/Pictures/MadeOn_tang.gif OR maybe a url path http://domain/graphics/MadeOn_tang.gif
  14. Hoping to save me some testing and time wasting. 2 possible goals here: With webviewer function be able to setup a dynamic or calculated string to cause the desired url to be called on a mass of records without going to each indvidual zillions of records to do it. example: http://domain.com/andpathalwaysthesame/image_fieldvalue example result: http://domain.com/andpathalwaysthesame/cats_and_dogs.jpg Another twist or solution desired would be to display in webviewere or container dynamically file://localhost/Users/G5user/Pictures/image_fieldvalue result: file://localhost/Users/G5user/Pictures/cats_and_dogs.jpg Basically I'm trying to get in concept typical token based templating. Thanks, Barrett
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