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  1. PCIPal

    Pull the Balance from QBO

    Hello Veselko Thank you for reviewing your issues with me. Based on what I see, this will require a more in depth review of your scripts. This in-depth review with a certified developer will require that a paid tech support ticket be opened with a credit card so that a meeting can be scheduled. Paid technical support is billed at $185 per hour. All time spent by our certified developers is billable including meetings, follow up calls, correspondence, planning, etc. However, you will only be billed for the time incurred and we round down to the nearest minute with no minimums. If there is a plug-in bug, then there will not be a charge for our support session. Our developers typically are available Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm PST. Do you wish to proceed with a paid technical support ticket? This will be Paid Tech Support unless there is a bug with the plug-in. Best Regards, -Quincy
  2. PCIPal

    Pull the Balance from QBO

    Hello Veselko, If it only fails, then can you please send the the result of PCQO_SGetJSON( "Response" ). If you're getting any type of crash with an error please send that as well. Best Regards, -Quincy
  3. PCIPal

    Pull the Balance from QBO

    Hello Veselko, Strange behavior. how many customers are in the company file? Can you try doing a more specialized query? "PCQO_RqAddFieldWithValue( "QueryString" ; "Select Balance From Customer Where Id = " & $Customer_QBO_Id )" instead of setting the Id? It shouldn't error out like that. You can try calling the hidden function "PCQO_LogSet( True )" to enable logging, then run the call and see if you can get it to error out again. Once it errors, send the resulting log file located on your desktop in a PCINC folder to us, and we can see if something sticks out. Best Regards, -Quincy
  4. Hello, Value needs to be lowercase ItemRef::value. Best Regards, -Quincy
  5. Hello, Sorry for the delayed reply. I'm happy you were able to find the answer in our Developer's Guide. If you have any other questions or run into future issues feel free to ask and we'll be happy to help. Best Regards, -Quincy
  6. Hello, So you can push the item up but it doesn't come back down is this correct? Can you do a manual query for item and specifying the newly-created item's QBO ID, see if it returns any value? Best Regards, -Quincy
  7. PCIPal

    Issue after upgrade

    Hello, Happy to hear you were able to figure out the issue. With version 2 of FM Books Online, the API actually changed. You can refer to this link to review the current API: https://developer.intuit.com/docs/api/ Feel free to contacts us if you have any future questions. Have a good day! Best Regards, -Quincy
  8. PCIPal

    Push Bills

    Hi Mikki, Make sure that when you are providing the vendor's List ID to the request, it is being set for the VendorRef::ListID field; as Geoffrey pointed out, it looks like it's being set for the VendorRef::FullName field instead, which is an invalid mismatch. Also like Geoffrey pointed out, can you confirm that the context of "INVOICE_EXPORT" is equipped to handle Vendor Bills in addition to Invoices? If you can, please provide a screenshot of the value of the call to PCQB_RqExecute, as well as a call to PCQB_SGetXML( "Request" ) and PCQB_SGetXML( "Response" ) after the call to PCQB_RqExecute. Perhaps there is something in the request structure that QuickBooks is not happy with. Thanks! Chris Turner
  9. PCIPal

    Push Bills

    Hello Mikki, I'm not seeing anything wrong with the request. Can you please send along the results of PCQB_SGetStatus after executing the request? This will help us see what's going wrong. Best Regards, -Quincy
  10. PCIPal

    Modify an invoice with line items

    Hi Siroos, You would pull the TxnLineID for each transaction lineitem record after you push your Invoice the first time, after the PCQB_RqExecute. Simply open the line item record with PCQB_RsOpenFirstRelatedRecord( "InvoiceLineRet" ), get the field value with PCQB_RsGetFirstFieldValue( "TxnLineID" ), and store it in the related record for the invoice line. Then, when you are pushing the Invoice modification, loop over the invoice items and call "PCQB_RqAddFieldWithValue( "TxnLineID" ; <<TxnLineID Field Name>> )" after each call to PCQB_RqAddRelatedRecord( "InvoiceLineMod" ). If you have more line items in the modified invoice than what's already in QuickBooks, then pushing the modification should add those extra line items to the invoice, replacing what's already there. So if you started with 4 line items, but in the Mod request you specified 5 line items with TxnLineID's of -1, then it will update the invoice to have 5 line items.
  11. PCIPal

    Modify an invoice with line items

    Hi Siroos, When processing the response of creating an invoice in QuickBooks, the response document has specific fields at the line item level called the "TxnLineID", or the transaction line item's identifier. Using that field in the InvoiceMod request will allow you specify "I want to update this particular line item in the Invoice to have this information within the InvoiceLineMod related record". Naturally, you'd only specify the TxnLineID for InvoiceLineMod; InvoiceLineAdd does not have that field available. If you aren't picky about maintaining existing data between Modifications, and just want to say "Whatever I send in this invoice mod request is the end-all be-all of data", you can specify a TxnLineID of "-1" for each invoice line item that you push in the InvoiceMod request. That will tell QuickBooks to drop any other existing line items and replace them with any and all line items that you specify in the InvoiceMod request. Generally speaking, however, when it comes to modifying invoices, sometimes it is best to leave existing invoices as they are and perform a "Void and Replace" workflow instead; void the existing invoice, and push the replacement invoice anew. But it's really up to you as a developer, working in tandem with your customer's business rules, to determine how best to handle such situations. Hope this helps! - Chris Turner
  12. PCIPal

    Modify an existing payment on QB from FM

    Hi Siroos, That works for creating new Received Payment records in QuickBooks, certainly. However, you should also be able to add transactions to an existing received payment, so long as the payment still has available unassigned funds. You would use the aggregate link field "AppliedToTxnMod" instead of "AppliedToTxnAdd". There is an example in Intuit's QuickBoosk Desktop SDK docs page that is similar to this situation (although the docs are out-dated, it should still be valid): https://developer.intuit.com/docs/01_quickbooks_desktop/2_build/30_tutorials/44_appendix_f_overpayments_and_refunds Hope this helps! - Chris Turner
  13. PCIPal

    Modify an existing payment on QB from FM

    Hi Siroos, When you are performing your initial query for the payment in question, in the event that PCQB_RqExecute returns 0, you should open the first response record and pull the EditSequence property. That way, when you start constructing your ReceivePaymentMod request, you pass in the EditSequence where it belongs, which ensures that you are referencing the latest and most up-to-date version of the payment that you are modifying. If you don't use that edit sequence, and instead use whatever edit sequence is stored in your FileMaker solution, that is not guaranteed to be the latest edition, and thus QuickBooks will not accept the modification request. Hope this helps! - Chris Turner
  14. PCIPal

    How to find a customer in QB using ListID

    Hi Siroos, Using the native FM Books Connector functions, you can verify if a customer exists by executing the following functions: PCQB_RqNew( "CustomerQuery" ) PCQB_RqAddFieldWithValue( "ListID" ; $QBCustomerListID ) PCQB_RqExecute If the result of PCQB_RqExecute is 0, the customer exists in QuickBooks; otherwise, the customer does not exist. Using these functions ensures you don't need to worry about using a PatternCount to validate the results of the response; the plug-in will report error if the requested ListID is not found (you can further verify this by calling PCQB_SGetStatus immediately after the PCQB_RqExecute function call). Hope this helps! Chris Turner
  15. PCIPal

    Testing email alerts

    If you click on your Account Name on the top-right and go to Account Settings, you'll see an option for "Notification Settings" on the right. You can manage your notifications there to get notified for any replies to content that you've posted. If you're looking to get notified about new topics in Core4, you can go to the Core4 forums and click on the "Follow" button. Hope this helps! -Francis

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