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  1. KylePMerck, It looks as though you need to include the item ID in each lineitem specification. You may also want to see if you have any success trying with SetVariable calculations instead of using script steps. -PCIPal
  2. Hello KylePMerck, Unfortunately, here at Productive Computing, we don't have a sample file on how to push a purchase order(add or modify). However, if you could send us your xml, we would be more than happy to check it out and see where we can help you on this matter. -PCIPal
  3. Hello Stickybeak, They issue may be because the source location is a Dropbox folder. We have tested with a local folder structure on Mac, with same naming convention, and had successful results. The issue may be in the network connection with the Dropbox server. You may find more success copying the folder to a local temp location, zipping the local folder to the destination path, and then deleting the folder from the temp path. This is a bit of a workaround, but local should be far more reliable. -PCIPal
  4. I have confirmed this does not work! We ran a test and it only added the first two. It looks like only two can be added, and there’s no way to edit a customer to add more contacts. We did some digging and this is actually mentioned in the Intuit Forums as a missing feature. -PCIPal
  5. Hello KylePMerck, The additional contacts would be added as multiple successive additions of the “Contacts” element within a CustomerAdd request. You should make sure the logic of the script isn’t kicking out after two related contacts, and that each Contacts added is done with 1 RqAddRelatedRecord and 1 RqCloseRelatedRecord each. Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any other questions. PCIPal
  6. Hello Stickybeak, If I could ask for a little bit more information from you that way we could do some testing on our end. If you supply the following: What is the Operating system? What version is the OS? What version is FileMaker? Is FileMaker 32bit or 64bit? What version of the plug-in is being used? Can you provide a screenshot of the values you’re giving the zip function in the demo file? Kind Regards, PCIPal
  7. thieInthiel, Be sure to check that your company file in fact has the custom fields defined. Your scripting is properly making the request, all you would need to do is provide an "OwnerID" of "0" just after the last IncludeRetElement call. Best, -PCIPal
  8. Oliver, The demo file was intended for limited scope use. Unfortunately, there are no other demo files available at this time. PCIPal
  9. Stickybeak, Usually,the dropbox folder is stored in either the main volume (on Mac) or in the “Computer” / “My PC” / “This PC” section of the Windows file xplorer. I would check there and see if you can get the path of the Dropbox deployment for each machine, and then use those in his solution. Dropbox is a bit touchy, and using FIleManip with it might be tricky. PCIPal
  10. Hello KylePMerck, From what you have written, it seems like everything should be working correctly. We recommend checking to see if any recent installations or updates have knocked anything loose. Sometimes, new Windows updates can mess with things we don't want them to. You may also want to try a reinstall of the plugin and/or the U.ARE.U dependencies and see if your reader has any sort of damage to it. PCIPal
  11. Hello Stickybeak, You can try having the GetFiles function in an unsorted calc. You can have the call to GetFiles embedded within the definition of an unstored calculation field, and display that on the layout. That should keep a running list of files, but might also impact performance due to running the calculation constantly. You can, alternatively, have the GetFiles function put in an on-timer script, or as part of a script trigger, so any time you load a specific layout, you get a fresh update of the file list.
  12. Hi Limore, I just answered this question in your other request, using the PCAB_GetListOfValues function from the Address Book Manipulator plug-in. Original post: Thanks! - Chris Turner
  13. Hi Limore, The PCAB_GetListOfValues function requires three parameters: the record type, an indicator of getting either groups or members, and the field to retrieve. In your case, you would use the function call "PCAB_GetListOfValues( "Person" ; "Groups" ; "Name" )", which should return the list of groups names that the person belongs to. Keep in mind that you need to make sure to open the contact record before accessing the list. I hope this helps! - Chris Turner
  14. San Diego, CA – April 4, 2019 - Productive Computing, Inc. a Platinum Member of the FileMaker Business Alliance, is proud to announce the completion of its FileMaker Certification Preparation course. This course addresses the eight parts of the exam and is intended to help FileMaker developers study for and increase their chances of passing the FileMaker Certification Exam. Kalos Consulting, the top recruiting company for FileMaker developers, says, “Being certified can make you a top contender for open positions. For top hiring FBA Platinum companies, certification is strongly preferred. For companies that do not require certification prior to being hired, there is the expectation to become certified after a few months. Sometimes a company may look at a certification as a trade-off to having a college degree.” The FileMaker Certification Preparation course utilizes visual aids, engaging examples, and memory techniques to help the student retain and recall the information during the exam. "Believe me, exam taker, without seeing this course you'll never get the hidden meaning of lots of functions. Studying functions by reading or even practicing on your own is boring! But with this way of teaching, you'll like it. Thanks, P.C. guys for your efforts." Sayed Bondok This course extrapolates and expands on the information provided in the FileMaker Certification Study Guide to give the student a well-rounded understanding of what to focus on for the FileMaker exam. "I took [this] course to prepare for my certification. Even [when the course] was not yet complete, I studied the modules available [and]… I passed the certification exam! I cannot thank Productive Computing enough. I look forward to the next version of FileMaker and the next course! Thank you very much." Pierre Colin, Interface International. When asked why this course was created, CEO and PCU Instructor Marc Larochelle said, “It has been my dream to provide a comprehensive, purpose-built certification training course for FileMaker developers. After studying for the AWS exam, I realized how powerful it is to have specialized, online training and I felt that it was something missing in the FileMaker community.” The certification course is available as part of the University Bundle, which gives a student access to all training courses at Productive Computing University. Students who are interested in taking this course and would like more details can sign up for the free Certification Overview course. For more information and to enroll please visit www.ProductiveComputingUniversity.com .
  15. Hi BoloMan28, It looks like you have the APAccountRef field out of order with the intended structure of the BillPaymentAdd request schema. You need to specify the APAccountRef field after PayeeEntityRef and before TxnDate. Thanks! CT
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