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  1. Hello David, I have attached a copy of the functions guide from 2013 which is the oldest we have available. Please let us know if you need anything else by reaching out to support@productivecomputing.com -PCIPal Functions_Guide_File_Manipulator.zip
  2. Hello cjohnson, The outlook ID is always a unique identifier. It may look similar, but that’s only because the first 20 to 30 characters are often the same within the same folder (Contacts, Mail, Calendar, etc.). The IDs should be unique for each record when pulling from Outlook. -PCIPal
  3. Hello Kapps, This error usually indicates that either the item and/or customer do not exist in QB. Can you ensure the item on the invoice you are trying to push exists within your QB file? Let us know -PCIPal
  4. Hello Joe, You cannot search by part number directly. But there is a workaround. You will have to pull all ItemInventory records down from QB ("ItemInventoryQuery" maybe specifying and ActiveStatus as TRUE), then iterate over the set and see if the part number they have on hand matches the "ManufacturerPartNumber" field of each record returned. This process can be made faster by specifying "IncludeRetElement" with "ManufacturerPartNumber" so the query only returns the part number. Hope this helps -PCIPal
  5. Hello Bruce, This alert is typically caused when QuickBooks does not accept a change made to the customer. This is usually a change made to the display name, but can also be a mismatch of address, first and last name fields, or primary contact info. The recommended fix is to locate the duplicate record(s) in the solution and then adjust one of the names to differentiate them, then try the push again Thank you! -PCIPal
  6. Hello CliffKirk, This error generally indicates that the Acroplugin is not completely/successfully installed. Can you please verify this and let us know if the errors continue? -PCIPal
  7. Hello CliffKirk, Unfortunately, at this time the plug-in does not support "posting" or imbedding images into PDF forms. We are perhaps considering adding this feature to future releases, so be on the lookout for plug-in updates. -PCIPal
  8. Hi jkrier, When it comes to recurrences for events, the ability to set a recurrence pattern for an event relies solely in the Recurrence Pattern function calls. On the event, the "IsRecurring" field which you can see in the demo file is purely a true/false Get field, meaning it cannot be edited (this is why the field is grayed out and not editable). To create a recurrence pattern, once you have defined the normal fields for the event, you would call the PCEM_RPOpenRecurrencePattern function to open up the event's recurrence patterns and set the Recurrence Pattern fields for it depending on what you need to set (for example a recurrence type of "Daily", an interval of 1 for every day, etc.) After you have set the recurrence pattern, you would need to close the recurrence pattern with PCEM_RPCloseRecurrencePattern and then save the event record. You will also need to consider adding recurrence pattern exceptions if there are periods of time where the recurrence shouldn't happen when it normally does, and this should be handled after saving the record. Here's a quick pseudoscript of setting a daily recurrence for an event that will recur until a date specified by $$EndDate: PCEM_NewRecord PCEM_SetFieldData( "Title" ; "Test Daily Event" ) PCEM_SetFieldData ... ... ... PCEM_RPOpenRecurrencePattern PCEM_SetFieldData( "Recurrence Type" ; "Daily" ) PCEM_SetFieldData( "Interval" ; 1 ) PCEM_SetFieldData( "Pattern End Date" ; $$EndDate ) PCEM_RPCloseRecurrencePattern PCME_SaveRecord Hope this helps!
  9. Hello Sarah, You can make sure FileMaker has proper access to your system by navigating to the following screen: System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility In this case, make sure that the box net to your FileMaker version is checked. -PCIPal
  10. Hi Sarah, PCCP_GetLastError( "Number" ) should be returning the error code number of a recently-performed function. If the function was successful, the result should be 0 (just as the direct result of the function would be 0). I'll pass this along to our plug-in developer to take a deeper look. Thanks for bringing this to our attention! PCIPal
  11. Hi Sarah, Technically, you would only need to fill the table once so that entries referring to every connected printer device is stored. This is the case especially if there is only one machine in use, or if the machine is part of a network that has identical device connections for each client machine (such as everyone can print to an office printer in, say, the supply room). We have an example of populating the table in our demo file, though the demo file also does the job of clearing out all records in it when closing it or opening it. As for the license ID, PCCP_Register requires either the live purchased license ID (which you receive after buying a license from us), or the Demo license ID. for Change Printer, the demo license ID is "DEMO-CPS". The demo registration lasts for 30 days total, and you can use the plug-in in 2 hour increments per FileMaker session. The full call would look like this: PCCP_Register( "licensing.productivecomputing.com" ; 80 ; "/PCIReg/pcireg.php" ; "DEMO-CPS" ) Hope this helps! If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us or our support team at support@productivecomputing.com! Thanks! PCIPal
  12. Hello Vince, Usually when you receive a MAPI error, it means the bitness of FileMaker or Outlook are not the same. Please make sure the bitness of both are the same. If you can, please send in a screenshot of the error if you are still receiving it. Best regards, PCIPal
  13. Hello, Are you getting any specific error messages when trying to register? Please reach out to support@productivecomputing.com and we can help you more in depth here. Thank you! -PCIPal
  14. Hello Bruce, If you are trying to update the vendor's name, you should try updating the FirstName and LastName fields instead of setting the Name field. Name field changes likely will affect the way things connect via fully qualified FullName. Hope this helps! -PCIPal
  15. Hi Willm5455, When you are defining the fields to be passed to the PCCC_Register function for your server-side registration script, make sure to take into consideration the context that the server will be in by the time it reaches the registration script. FileMaker solutions will always run through any script that is defined to be run "OnFirstWindowOpen", so if you have an Open script like that, you will need to make adjustments or considerations for what is happening. We recommend you take a look at the server-side scripting for FM Credit Card demo file for an example on how it might look, and to better guide you in what fields and their table occurrences are used for the registration component. Hope this helps! - Chris Turner
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