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  1. PCIPal

    are they dates or timestamps?

    Hi Brain, Thank you for your feedback. I have sent all the information to our Products team to review. Thank you.
  2. PCIPal

    are they dates or timestamps?

    Hi Brian, "Modified Date" is a date property. The plug-in will convert any timestamp to a date value when passing it to Address Book. If you need to look for records based on a specific time of the date, then you will do some parsing in FileMaker after the records have been pulled in from Address Book. Thank you.
  3. Hi adgilcan, Can you post some screenshots on where you have placed the Acrobat plug-in? Sincerely, Carson
  4. PCIPal

    Adding BankAccountRef to Bill Payment

    Hi soundsessential, You would need to add CheckPayment as a related record and then set the BankAccountRef. Let me know if this resolves the issue or not. Thank you. PCQO_RqAddRelatedRecord("CheckPayment"); PCQO_RqAddFieldWithValue("BankAccountRef::value"; $value); PCQO_RqCloseRelatedRecord; Sincerely, Carson
  5. PCIPal

    Open balance of a bill

    Hi soundsessential, I would set the "IncludeLinkedTxns" to true in the BillQuery request. Then I would loop through all the LinkedTxn in the response and look for any records with a TxnType of "BillPaymentCheck" or "BillPaymentCreditCard". Please give it a try. Thank you. Sincerely, Carson
  6. Hi Sue, Try to do the following: 1. In Contacts, go into Find mode. 2. Select the "Company" checkbox and select "Omit" for "Matching records:" 3. Click "New Request", select "Omit" for "Matching records:" and enter in "NOMAIL" in the "Keywords" field. 4. For each keyword that you want to find, click "New Request" and enter in the keyword in the "Keywords" field. 5. Perform Find Sincerely, Carson
  7. PCIPal

    Counting the number of returned results

    Hi soundsessential, You can set the "metaData" attribute in the request and look for the retCount attribute in the response. Here is an example for Customer Query. PCQB_RqNew("CustomerQuery" ; "metaData=MetaDataOnly" ); PCQB_BeginSession(); PCQB_RqExecute(); PCQB_RsGetResponseAttribute( "retCount" ); Also, you should be using the latest version of the FM Books Connector plug-in. There were bugs on setting the attributes in a request in version 10 and of the plug-in. I've tested the confirmed that it is working on of the plug-in. Sincerely, Carson
  8. San Diego, CA – November 9, 2018 - Productive Computing, Inc., a Platinum member of the FileMaker Business Alliance, is proud to announce a new Maintenance Support Program for FileMaker users. This program is intended to provide FileMaker customers a low-cost alternative to time and materials billing when performing “fix it” type programming and regular maintenance on their systems. Support plans are designed to improve the performance of a FileMaker app by fixing nagging issues that users create workarounds for, reducing the costs associated with upgrading from one version of FileMaker to the next, providing a means to clean up and modernize legacy code, improving a solution’s user interface, and regularly meeting with and getting advice from a certified FileMaker development team. This program allows its users unlimited access to FileMaker experts without worrying about the bill. Productive Computing’s FileMaker Support Program includes: Unlimited support on small development and support requests Unlimited support on FileMaker Pro usage/training Free consulting sessions on programming best practices and workflow recommendations Free Health Assessment ($1,000 value) One free subscription to Productive Computing University ($149/yr value) Annual customer workflow audit, FileMaker new features overview, and system recommendation report "We just completed a massive upgrade in our FileMaker system and, now that we’re on the maintenance program, we’re able to reduce ongoing costs for any remaining open issues as a result of the deployment. The maintenance program has unquestionably delivered a tremendous value for an affordable price." Alana W., 25 Users, Historic and Fine Art Industry Representatives Clients who also purchase their FileMaker licensing through Productive Computing will be provided with the following services at no additional charge: Discounted hourly billing rates for larger custom development projects Unlimited FileMaker Pro client and server installation support Unlimited SSL Certificate installation for security of FileMaker Server Unlimited support on issues related to FileMaker upgrades and conversions This support program is designed for customers who: Are considering making changes to their system but are concerned about the cost Have recently invested in major custom development to expand their solution’s functionality Would like to have an on-call FileMaker support resource who knows and cares about their business and specific workflow Like programming themselves but occasionally need a little bit of help or advice Are interested in outsourcing their FileMaker development to free up staff time Do not have an internal employee maintaining their system Value annual system checkups and would benefit from regular service to keep their solution working at maximum efficiency Are interested in continuing to improve their system and business processes Want to capitalize on FileMaker’s newest features to benefit their company Productive Computing’s FileMaker Maintenance Support Program is available for $200/mo for up to five users, additional users can be added for $40/mo. For more information on plan details and restrictions please visit https://www.productivecomputing.com/filemaker-maintenance-support-program/.
  9. Hi Paul, You will need to edit your sales tax rates in QuickBooks Online. Then you can do a query to pull in the tax codes and tax rates into FileMaker. Edit Sales Tax Rate in QuickBooks Online Sincerely, Carson
  10. PCIPal

    Quick Books plug-In Error after update

    Hi jfk_25, That error indicates that QuickBooks has not been accessed by the third-party application (in this case, FileMaker 14) before. This is expected behavior when connecting to QuickBooks after upgrading FileMaker to a new major version. All you need to do is open QuickBooks and your company file, then begin a session and configure the QuickBooks configuration certificate as per the Developer's Guide, just like you were doing a first-time startup. You will then be able to use QuickBooks in unattended mode once more. The reason behind this is that the QuickBooks treats the combination of the FM Books Connector plug-in and the version of FileMaker as the key to determine when a different application has tried to access QuickBooks. If you were to set up a connection with FileMaker 14, and then upgrade to FileMaker 17, QuickBooks would treat FileMaker 17 as a "new application", and so the first-time setup would need to be repeated. It's a bit of extra work, admittedly, but it's necessary, and once it's been re-configured, anyone with access to your company file can connect from that new version of FileMaker. Hope this helps! - CT
  11. Hi Paul, You are correct! There is, however, a cap that Intuit uses which natively sets the limit to 500 records, due to a limitation of bandwidth and throughput on the network connection. You can also use pagination to pull in all records from QuickBooks, by setting a combination of the "StartPosition" and "MaxResults" fields, and looping until there are no more records left to pull. We have an example of how to paginate in the Developer's Guide, for future reference. Thanks! - CT
  12. PCIPal

    How to install plugin in Runtime version

    Hi Trebor, Runtime versions of FileMaker have their own Extensions folder that any needed plug-ins should be placed into. Usually, this is in the runtime's primary folder, in the "Extensions" subfolder. Place the plug-in into that folder to have FileMaker Runtime load the plug-in on initialization. To install the QB Bridge, when you download the installer package of the FM Books Connector, we have included in the Extras folder a copy of the QB Bridge installer as a standalone installation package. Normally, you'd just run the primary installer (the first "setup.exe" file), which would take care of the plug-in and the QB Bridge program all in one go. But some instances only need the bridge file separate, so we have the separate QB Bridge installer provided. You'd simply run that setup.exe file and it will take care of installing the bridge. Hope this helps! Chris Turner
  13. Hi TJ53, At this time, the Cloud Manipulator is not server-side compatible, so unfortunately it will not work with FM Go. I have added your name to our interest list, and if the plug-in is later updated to become server-side compatible, we'll send out an announcement. Thank you for your interest! CT
  14. San Diego, CA – October 18, 2018 - Productive Computing, Inc., a Platinum member of the FileMaker® Business Alliance, is proud to announce the release of Cloud Manipulator. This AWS FileMaker plug-in connects your FileMaker app to Amazon Web Services S3 storage. The Cloud Manipulator allows the user to upload, download, query info, and move buckets and objects in AWS S3 (Simple Storage Service). “As a company, we’ve been using AWS in an increased capacity over the past few years for hosting, testing, and automated backup routines. We also have several hosting customers with advanced needs who use S3 for their document/file storage and are able to gain all the benefits that go along with S3. Our new plug-in makes working with files on S3 much easier and far more available to provide automated workflows for end-users without the FileMaker developer having to learn advanced programming languages or master the sophisticated S3 API. "In my experience, I’ve found S3 storage to be arguably one of the most durable, flexible, and infinitely expandable storage technologies available. With the Cloud Manipulator plug-in for FileMaker, the world of S3 becomes more readily accessible for our FileMaker customers looking to have a world-class storage option at their fingertips.” Marc Larochelle, Chief Executive Officer, Productive Computing, Inc. The Cloud Manipulator Plug-in: Allows communication with Amazon Web Services S3 buckets, objects, and properties Enables FileMaker to upload and download object/files from AWS S3 Manages buckets and folders Pulls object details such as when last modified, size, owner name, and storage class Creates, copies, moves, and deletes objects on AWS from FileMaker Uploads objects to standard AWS storage class and downloads objects from any storage class The plug-in comes complete with developer tools including a Functions Guide with full function details and available bucket and object fields, a Developer’s Guide with detailed information and example scripting, and an unlocked demo file to exhibit all of the main features of the plug-in. The Cloud Manipulator plug-in is compatible with FileMaker client 15-17 and is available starting at $50 per year for a single user license. For more information on the Cloud Manipulator plug-in and system requirements visit http://www.productivecomputing.com/aws-filemaker-integration or email sales@productivecomputing.com.
  15. Hi Duncan, You might want to check to see if the file permissions on the PDF document allow your user account to make modifications to the file. We've seen situations where a file downloaded to a Mac does not receive the proper file permissions. If this machine was a Windows machine, I'd suspect that another process is trying to use the file at the same time, but based on your file paths, that doesn't seem to be the case here. If you can, try making a copy of the file and reference that file. Also, make sure you're following the standard PDF Manipulator workflow to open the file with PCPF_OpenPDF before calling PCPF_SaveAsPDF. Thanks! CT

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