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  1. Thanks Vaughan. So your "something" should be a calculation? And does there need to be two of them? Are you aware of a good explanation or tutorials available on writing scripts?
  2. A few years ago, when I updated from 7 (6?) to 9 advanced, one (or possibly more) of my scripts broke. Seems like it should be a simple one, a lookup of the current month's orders. I found a workaround and have been using it ever since. I've asked for some help a couple of times, but never got an answer that I understood how to make use of. Needless to say, I don't know scripts. By looking at the following, can someone tell me what might be wrong with this script? Go to Layout ["Monthly Summary" (Orders)] Print Setup [Restore; No dialog] Perform Find [Restore] Sort Records [Restore, No dialog] Go to Record/Request/Page [First] Enter Browse Mode My purpose is to bring up all records for the current month. I have another button that is to gather all of the previous month's records that needs repair. Is this enough info to help? If not, let me know? Thank you
  3. Wow, y'all got a bit beyond anything I recognize. Anyway, what I'm getting from what's been posted about MY question, is that somewhere in the script, I'm supposed to have listed all the fields that should display in the layout? Not questioning your expertise, but why did it work fine up until March? Could it be a conversion issue? Most recent, regularly used was version 5.5.
  4. Does it help to know that this is the page that the script "brings up", with what should be the current month's records? It brings up this layout, but gives me all records since early March. It "sort of" works, just has the dates mixed up. While I appreciate the help, I'm not catching on to the two suggestions. IdealData, I did try what you said. I ran the duplicate script, and it worked, once. After that one time it brought up only November's records, it reverted back to the "from March on" thing... I'm not sure I know what you mean after step 4 in your instructions above. Thanks again, folks. If I can get this fixed, it'll make my week. If I could afford it, I'd just pay you to fix it. Unfortunately...
  5. Thanks for replying. I should have been more clear. It's used in my "monthly summary" layout. It is used to display my orders for current month. For some reason, when I click the button to run the script, it displays everything starting in early March through current day. One other problem is that, when viewing my monthly summary layout, it doesn't pull up records that were created as a result of duplicating a previous record, then changing various fields within the record. Sorry for not having enough detail first time around. Lemme know if you need more. Thanks again, Ted Edit: Here's something that probably means something: I have a script called "previous month" that brings up the records for the previous month. Running the script brings up February's orders. Something seems to think it's still March. ??
  6. I have virtually zero experience with Scriptmaker, and have tried many times over the last 8 months to fix this. Hopefully a no-brainer for many of you. I don't know if it broke somehow, or if I did something to break this, but it worked for many years just fine. Someone else created the original files for me in version 4, I believe. Converted long ago to v9 Advanced.
  7. Hi, I've converted my 5.5 solution that I've used for years, first to version 8 (never finished converting in 8), then to version 9. Works fast and well, except that when I shut it down and bring it back up, none of the links between my 4 files work. I can go back to the field name dialog and choose the field from a different file that's supposed to appear in that place, but the links break again when I shut down. Is this common? Any idea what might be the cause? Also, it's my understanding that it would run better if I could combine the 4 files into one file with 4 tables, if that makes sense. Is there an easy way to accomplish this without recreating the solution from scratch?
  8. Ahhh, there's the word I've been searching for...paradigm. I have 4 related files. I've tried converting in the past (years ago), and basically had 4 files that were in the new format (with some broken ties). The way I understand the "new paradigm" is that those 4 files would all be tables within the new single file. Please correct me if I'm wrong on that. The other question would then be, is there an easy way to drop the other 3 into the table of the first one? I guess I'm mostly talking about the "relationships" window. Am I making sense?
  9. I'll do some shopping around, but last time I looked, 8 Advanced to 9 advanced was $290 upgrade. If you have a great source would you share it? If I rebuild the solution in 8, is it an easy migration to 9 if I do so later?
  10. Hi folks, I'd like to start this question with a little bit of background... I've owned fmp since version 2 or 3, but today, I am sort of a beginner. In the late '90s, I had someone create my order form, and in the 10 years or so I've made a lot of changes and additions. Many new forms, new ways to look up and display information. The majority of what I've done with it was in version 5.5. Since then, I've purchased versions 7 and 8advanced. However, with the major changes from 6.5 to 7, I never upgraded my solution. I am at a point where having the features of the newer format will be a major advantage, especially now that I'm using Vista. I'm assuming my 5.5 isn't likely to run on Vista. Anyway, it's $300 to upgrade to 9advanced, and I'd rather not do that at this moment. I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on this plan: I'm thinking of rebuilding or converting my solution to version 8, since I already own it, and have gotten no use out of it. I don't know if it'll run on Vista, but if it does, it'll make my life easy, allowing me to put it on the new computer (I keep an old XP machine running for my order system on fmp), AND, I have the opportunity to create and sell some copies of my system as self-running somethingorothers. I forget the proper term that allows me to create a solution, sell or give away copies without giving them a full version of fmp. Is it easy to upgrade to version 9 if I do this? Is this a good plan? This opportunity is happening a little more quickly than I thought, which is during my slow season, so spending the $300 is something I'd rather not do right now, especially after spoiling the grandkids at Christmas. Lee from Woodland, you may remember our discussion from a couple of years ago. I'm not that far from you in Citrus Heights. Any help would be appreciated. Ted
  11. I've got a solution that I developed years ago in 5.5, and am trying to change it over to 8. I'm not sure of exactly how to proceed. I've dabbled in one of the provided solutions and am finding that it's not all that different. I've got a solution that has 4 related files. Orders, suppliers, customers, and Misc. POs. I'd like to be able to just sort of "slide over" all of my forms into version 8, but am not sure how to do so. What I do understand, or at least I think I understand, that we want it all to be in one file, with 4 separate tables. Does anyone have any suggestions to get me started, or maybe can you direct me to another post that might have the same effect?
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