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  1. Late, I know, but... There's an entry on the filemaker community discussions covering this issue: https://community.filemaker.com/thread/77276 I have found that the number of values displayed is limited; you'll probably want to change your interface if you're trying to access more than 20 items or so - for me the drop-down and pop-up showed 10 items at once, with arrow keys to go to the next or previous ten.
  2. Late update to this, I know, but I was trying to use the export field contents technique and was getting processing errors from the vbs code being all on one line. I fixed it by appending a call to a custom function, CRLF, to the end of each line of vbs code in my FMP calc. The custom function: Char ( 13 ) & Char ( 10 ) For example: "Set objClient = CreateObject ( "Outlook.Application" )" & CRLF & "Set objMsg = objClient.CreateItem(0)" & CRLF Hope this helps someone.
  3. Sorry to be so late on this: 1. Take the 13.icns file from the NEW v11-v12-v13-icons.zip file posted by rivet above 2. Rename it to "FM12DApp.icns" 3. In your Applications folder, right-click on the FMD v13 application icon and select "Show Package Contents" 4. In the resulting folder, navigate to Contents->Resources 5. Backup the "FM12DApp.icns" file in this folder, then replace it with the file from step 2 above 6. Open the icons file in Preview (just double-click), click on the image and Select All, then copy 7. Go back to the Applications folder and then select the FMD v13 application icon; press cmd-I (for Get Info) 8. Select the icon at the top of the Get Info window (the small icon, not the large one which is already updated) and paste the new image 9. Close the Get Info window. Ta-da! (PS these instructions are intended for a wider audience than just you, Wim).
  4. After much further investigation, the clue was in the help file for the PHP Site Assistant: if the [Guest] account has the PHP access extended privilege set, you will not be prompted by the assistant to enter login details - and the "authentication.php" file will not be generated. I suspect that the assistant automatically adds the extended privilege to all privilege sets with an active account but am too lazy to test that right now. :getlost:
  5. Hi, all. I'm trying a sample in v11 and used the assistant to generate a site. I have noticed that the "error.php" file has a function Authenticate() and the body of that function has the line include "authentication.php"; but this file is not found in the folder with the other php files. A reasonably lengthy Google search has not shown much in the way of useful information, but I did see a snippet in a pdf covering FMSA v9 that the file is generated by the assistant. What gives? Mac OS X v10.5, FMSA v11.0.1.99
  6. It turns out that the command line tools did not work either. However, a restart of the machine (once all the customers agreed to the outage, a process that took around three months) resolved the issue. We were able to restore from backups after a lot of futzing around pulling data from the live files and importing into the last known good files. For anyone who is researching similar behaviour, I found other posts indicating that leaving the FM Admin Tool running on the VM seems to be the culprit.
  7. Just updating the saga here - the FMAdmin tool was still registering the backup scripts (Daily and Weekly) as running; attempts to force-quit the task failed to resolve the issue and now the admin tool cannot connect to the server. The server is still running and allowing clients to connect, but I suspect a restart of the OS will be required (logout and login also attempted but resulted in no change). This is one of those times where the ability to save a copy of the file from the host would come in really handy. :
  8. When you say you've enabled ODBC/JDBC on the database, is that the .fp7 file? Have you turned on ODBC sharing in the FM Server options?
  9. I think I have finally found the reason for this behaviour - the daily and weekly backup schedules are showing as still running. Why _that_ would be the case I don't know, but I suspect that explains why the file upload is failing that one final step. Any known issues from trying to stop the FM service in the middle of a running backup schedule? :)
  10. Hi all, I have tried uploading a database file to FMSA v10. The admin tool reports that the file uploaded successfully, but on finishing with the upload wizard the file is not listed in the databases pane. I have refreshed this view several times and tried uploading the file into its own folder as well as not opening the file on successful upload. Server is Windows 2003 Server, and on checking the file structure the new database is indeed moved to the appropriate folder and its permissions are the same as other files in that folder. Any ideas? Thanks.
  11. At a guess, given that ZippScript was used, it comes down to the type of plugin - FM v11 no longer supports the classic plugin interface.
  12. More testing has revealed the following: 1. Average CPU use is between 7% and 10% per user when the application is completely idle (as opposed to 0% for the v6 solution). 2. Peak usage is very similar to the v6 system, ~25% but each peak lasts a few seconds longer than with the older solution. 3. When another application receives the focus, FMP v10 rapidly drops to 2% CPU use (usually in less than a second). I am really scratching my head on this one, especially item three in the list above - the last time I saw something like that was with MacOS prior to X. Any help with this is much appreciated.
  13. Sorry, forgot to mention that. It was the first thing I did after installing v10.
  14. I have just tried upgrading a client's 40+ file system from v6 to v10. There are no custom menus in place, and the CPU use is at around 8% when the app is idle! When did this sort of level start happening? This is within a Citrix environment; using v6 the system can accomodate up to 12 or so users on one server while still remaining generally responsive but using v10 the Citrix servers are brought to their knees! Try actually using FMP v10 and the problem gets very much worse: to the point where the switch back to v6 was made within hours after the v10 upgrade going live. Does anyone know: 1. Why the app now idles at anywhere up to 10% CPU usage, whether on a standard workstation or under Citrix. 2. If the CPU resources required are a function of the number of files being accessed. 3. If the CPU power affects the percentage being used, ie will a new Citrix server with a faster set of processors be able to host more users than the current servers (4x Pentium4 2.4GHz on each server). All servers are running Win2k3 Server SP2, the "workstation" I tested on was the 1 year old file server (after hours). Thanks in advance.
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