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  1. BiknSwans

    can't find layout icons

    Thanks Lee. Now that I've learned that the missing buttons are referred to as 'footer bar buttons', I was able to search for those terms and find the solution I needed. I found the answer I was looking for at https://filemakerconnect.com/filemaker-16-footer-bar-button-icons-are-gone/. Quoting that forum: 5. Toggle Layout Part Labels - This button was only visible in Layout mode and was used to toggle the layout part labels from horizontal to vertical. When displayed horizontally, they make part resizing much easier; grab and drag on the label rather than the fine line that divides the parts. The ability to toggle the labels is no longer available as a button and is still not in the menu. However, it can be performed by holding down the Command key (macOS) while clicking on a layout part label. I tried this out and it worked fine. I'm all set, and I thank you for your help.
  2. BiknSwans

    can't find layout icons

    I may have stumbled across the answer to my question. I just read this in the New Features section of the help system: The zoom control area, which included the zoom controls, status toolbar control, and Mode pop-up menu, has been removed from the bottom left of the document window. How am I supposed to work on a small field covered up by the part labels? Other than going back to version 14, of course. Not cool.
  3. BiknSwans

    can't find layout icons

    I recently upgraded from FMP 14 to 16. In layout mode, there was a line of text and icons at the bottom of the window. I don't see them anymore and can't find an option to view them. The line consisted of a zoom number (typically 100), a minus sign "-", a plus sign "+", an icon, and then another icon, and a mode selector - Layout in layout mode. I would like to use the second icon which changed the view of the part labels such as "Body" and "Footer". I would like those labels to be shown at the side and not on top of the part. Where did this option go?
  4. BiknSwans

    Recipient name missing using Send Mail

    Thanks bcooney. Actually I just put the email addresses in a text field for testing purposes. The names and email address fields are in child tables and each record (membership) may be related to many emails, for example, different members of the family. I'm not a SMTP fan and prefer using an email client- just a personal preference. It appears that the name plus email address must now be enclosed in quotes, which can be done directly or with the Quote function. This was not the case in the days of version 5.5. Each name+email can be separated by carriage returns or semicolons. I did some testing and here are 3 formats that give the desired results. The quotation marks are part of the text string. " ( Sally Jones & Gordon Smith ) <sally_jones@host.com> " " sally_jones@host.com (Sally Jones & Gordon Smith) " " Sally Jones & Gordon Smith <sally_jones@host.com> " I can't get the format using quotes to delineate the name or names to work at all. This is the format I prefer, and used to use. If I use Quote( "Adam and Mary Smith" <thesmiths@smith.com> ), the result is ""\"Adam and Mary Smith\" <thesmiths@smith.com> \"" I tried a few more variations of where to put the quotes, but nothing worked. Thanks for your help, the problem is solved.
  5. BiknSwans

    Recipient name missing using Send Mail

    I just found out that a Filemaker solution used by out club doesn't work as it did before. When Send Mail is used, the recipient name is missing, and only the email address is seen in the To: field of the email. We are using Filemaker 11.3 and I'm using Apple's Mail program in Mac OS 10.6.6. I've searched the manual and forums, and the only guidance I can find is http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2862/~/send-mail%3A-including-the-recipient-name-in-an-email-message from 2007 and applicable to version 5.5 of Filemaker. In 5.5, if I have a text field containing the following text (separated by carriage returns or semicolons): (Sally Jones) sally_jones@host.com sally_jones@host.com (Sally Jones) Sally Jones <sally_jones@host.com> "Sally Jones" <sally_jones@host.com> and I specify that field to be used for the To: field in Send Mail, I see this in Apple's Mail program: (Sally Jones) sally_jones@host.com, Sally Jones <sally_jones@host.com>, Sally Jones <sally_jones@host.com>, Sally Jones <sally_jones@host.com> In version 11.3 of Filemaker, if I do the same thing, I get only the email addresses: sally_jones@host.com, sally_jones@host.com, sally_jones@host.com, sally_jones@host.com Our club needs to be able to search emails using the person's name rather than just an email address as email addresses are always changing. Is there something I'm missing here? Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. BiknSwans

    date format in search

    I gave up and decided to just use copy and paste to get the job done. When I did that, the correct date format was used. I don't see any way to change the date format option in the file. I guess you can use its "saved settings", but I don't see a way to even view those. At any rate, I'm up and running again. In Filemaker there is always a way to make it happen. Thanks for your time.
  7. BiknSwans

    date format in search

    The field that is being searched is filled in by a script with this step: Max(Get(CurrentDate);memberships::newsletter labels date+1;memberships::newsletter thank you date+1) The field that is being used to define the search is set by an Insert Calculated Result using this: ">" & GetAsText(memberships::newsletter thank you date) The file option "Data Entry" that I used was "Always use current system setting". I also tried "Always use file's saved settings", but it made no difference.
  8. BiknSwans

    date format in search

    Yes, it is a date field (global) and it's in the same file. Oddly I used the same calculation in another script and table, but in the same file, and it works fine. I've played around with using different field formats in the layout, but it makes no difference.
  9. I'm having a problem searching for all records with dates after a certain date. I enter FIND mode and then use Insert Calculated Result using the following: ">" & GetAsText(memberships::newsletter thank you date). The text in the search field looks like this: >2009/11/15 When the search starts, I get an error message: The value of this field must be a valid date in the range of years 10 to 4000 and should look like "12/25/2003". I use the exact same script step in another file on the same machine, and it works fine. In that case the search string looks like ">11/15/2009". I've checked the file File/File Options/Text option, and tried both "Always use current system setting" and "Always use file's saved settings", but it makes no difference in either file. How to I get Filemaker to insert the correct date format?

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