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  1. I've got 2 tables in an invoicing scheme: a primary table1, and table 2. Table 1 (invoice) shows a portal into which (Table 2) Invoice Item records are created, and which show in a portal field in the current layout (Table1).. On the layout (Table1), i'm showing a summary field (which totals all invoice items in Table2). IT maintains the correct amounts and updates, but does not automatically update every time a change is made in Table 2. Say for example if i change qty or change amount in one of the items in the portal, the summary field doesn't automaticallyupdate in my current layout. in order to force an update, I have to force the window to refresh. is there a way around this, so that windows refresh automatically when the remote table is touched? I've tried an "update" button, (tied to "refresh window"), but that doesn't seem to do it... the only thing that seems to work is clicking around on the page (forcing an eventual commit). .... I'm lost. is there a way to force a timed update?
  2. Conditional Formatting in List View

    ok... seems to me that if some calculations work perfectly in one view but a almost identical calculation does NOT work in that view, that's a bug. I'd be hard pressed to term it a 'feature', especially if it was fixed in a later version.
  3. Conditional Formatting in List View

    thx for the thoughts. This is not something for show.. You asked me to make a file to explain the problem. I did it. Filemaker has a bug, and I made a simple (and ugly) demonstration. I'm sorry it wasn't up to your expectations.
  4. Conditional Formatting in List View

    Well....duh... in my 10+yrs of doing FMP (albeit primarily for my businesses and not for pay) i'd never seen that option in conditional formatting.... derp! thanks..
  5. Conditional Formatting in List View

    You're correct. It seems we're having a communication issue. 1. Ignore the missing field. 2.I INTENDED to put labels behind the fields, in order to show the problem. The problem is that conditional formatting doesn't all work properly on fields shown in list view. It appears that it (conditional formatting) only works properly on the ACTIVE RECORD in a list view, under certain circumstances. See the attachment. Column A, and Column Three are unformatted. Column 2 ("field one") formatting works ONLY WHEN the current record is highlighted.. it doesn't format properly on other records (in list view). This is formatted using "IsEmpty" calculation. Column 3 ("Field two") is formatting properly.. it is formatted in reverse, using "not IsEmpty" calculations. 3. I'm a bit unsure as to why the version matters, other than a potentially known bug (is this a bug?) conditionalformat_MOD.fmp12
  6. Conditional Formatting in List View

    attached.. column 1 and 4 have no format. column 2 has format as shown in my work around (which works), but column 3 formtting does NOT work.. it appears that "isempty(x::xx) does NOT work in lines, but "not isempty(x::xx)" DOES work... Am I missing something? conditionalformat.fmp12
  7. Conditional Formatting in List View

    here's a shot now with it configured the other way (text fields in front are 'No Fill' , and mergefield text is formatted normally but if field is "not isempty(table::field)", then the text is clear and the fill is clear..
  8. Conditional Formatting in List View

    Sorry -- thought this would be pretty self-evident.. In the image below, the only list row which is showing PROPERLY is the one that's selected (ie., the backgrounded text is completely dissappeared, as the conditional formatting is working on that record and they're actually filling in... i'll try to pull a record togetehr to show this.. Well... in trying to show this properly, i found a work around.. using an "IsEmpty" seems to NOT work on a list view for items which aren't the current record. but.... "not IsEmpty" **DOES** work.... so i have to just flip the command (leave field blank, but if it contains something, then make it fill)...
  9. I sometimes use a trick in Conditional Formatting to give fast hints in form views.. i'll place a merge field (name of field, or helpful hint) BEHIND the actual form, then will format the field to have a clear/no backcground, using a calculation of "IsEmpty(Table::FieldName) - to trigger it.. So if the field is empty, the hint is visible, but if there is any value in it, the hint disappears. See screenshot below.. The problem is that this falls apart in List View.. active fields work.. inactive don't.. what ca I do?
  10. yes, this was more (or less) where I got stuck.. I did a somewhat 'dirty' work-around. my workaround was to create 2 separate scripts (for each portal), setting global field, which is the key field for the large image.. Since all images are stored in the same table, the ID# (key field) works... not elegant.. but it works.and, as this is a freebie project for a charity, i'm rather limited on how much time I can invest further in cleaning it up.. already 2x's as long on this as originally allotted... thanks for the help.
  11. ah the problem is that i don't know how to get the field occurence, i'm guesisng because I have a portal row, not a single image. i tried a few "get" sequences, but ended up with the field name of the related field showing in the container (ie., the container showed "graphics::imagefield" in the container, but not a picture) - because I'm suspecting that i didn't figure out how to actually get THAT INSTANCE of the row...
  12. Many thanks. Yes, i was going to do the first (global field), but for some dumb reason I can get the field name, but getting the global container to show the contents (not the name of) the portal row is killing me. don't know if this is the best (probably not), but i created another relationship by GraphicsTableID to Visits table, used a global container in Visits, and did a set-field on a script trigger...
  13. So i'm dealing with two tables. 1. VisitTable. 2. GraphicsTable in a VisitTable layout, i have one or two portals related to the GraphicsTable, each related by a different factor. One portal would be related by a Date field, the other would be a ClientName field.. My desire is to click on a thumbnail in either one of these portals, and have that selected image be displayed in a separate/larger image window (which could be a container field in the current table, Or another portal? I don't care how - i just need to have it show up) I don't know the best method for doing this (ie., click thumbnail to have image fillin a separate location). In this particular instance, I don't want this to be a separate window, but to display in a container field view on the current window/layout. how do I accomplish this? thx
  14. Multiple tables viewed in a portal

    Oh my word.... things i wish I'd known years ago!!!!!
  15. Multiple tables viewed in a portal

    In Visits table, I created 4 additional fields. These are each calculation fields [ List(Prescription::ItemName) , List(Prescription::ItemSize) , List(Prescription::ItemCycles), and List(Prescription::ItemQtyTotal) ] which reach thru the same realtionship (by VisitID#) to the Prescription table.. These calc fields are not ONLY used inside the self-related Visit reference portal. So when one flips to that layout, the portal sees a visible list of all related prescription names & sizes inside the portal... It's working fine, i think. My primary concern is whether or not running a handful of calculation fields in a portal would/could cause any sort of performance glitch - is that an issue? here's a snapshot of the double-chevron views: Here's how it actually plays out.. Side question: what do the pros call those double-chevron text fields? (<<table::fieldname>>)

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