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  1. I am working on my filemaker EMR and part of it is medication reconciliation. there is a nice database of meds offered by FDA that is public docs and it allows to mimic the behavior of their site drugs@fda.com locally inside my solution. I downloaded the data files and imported them inside my tables. I linked the tables together like their ERD. however what they do not offer is the scripts. Is it possible to figure out the scripts from the behavior of the site and the ERD with the table definitions that is likely SQL so i can have that in filemaker 11 calculations? The ERD location is: http://www.fda.gov/Drugs/InformationOnDrugs/ucm079750.htm The sites search location: https://www.accessdata.fda.gov/scripts/cder/drugsatfda/ It is clearly possible to link to URL and use the site, but i want to mimic the same behavior in my solution.
  2. An old thread that helped me great deal, am trying to mimic the behavior of the search medicine on FDA web site inside my emr solution and i was struggling with this particular issue and you both LaRetta and Comment solved it ….Thank you..!
  3. Thank you very much i have this function already in my solution however the CCHIT certification requires the function i posted above to pass the test. it is related to pediatric age and you may have newborns with age of hours.
  4. I could not find my answer in the referred site(s). Thank you
  5. I would like to be able to calculate age and report according to the guideline shown (knowing i input the hour of birth besides the day/month/year: I would like to be allowed the recording of date and time of birth (hour and minutes if known) and subsequently be able to express age in hours for the first 4 days of life, then in days from the 5th day of life through the first 28 days, then in weeks beginning on the 29th day of life through the first three completed months of life, and then in months beginning with the 4th month of life through age 2 years. Subsequent expressions of age may be expressed by year and month (2 years 6 months) or with a decimal place for expressing part of years (i.e. 2.5 years old) through age 18.
  6. Thanks very much. I learned a lot from your solution which does what I need. To me it seems that you are not really using the capability of adding new records through the relationship between the two tables. Secondly, is there a way of getting rid of the ID numbers? Your design seems to be secure enough that the user will not be able to enter a wrong name in the physician field; but he has no other option than to choose from the list . Am I right? Thanks again for your help.
  7. Thanks for your reply. Please see the attached file. Adding a new physician with this relation works fine; however, for every new patient a new record will be created in the physician table even if the physician is already present. I do not want to have duplicate records in the physician table carrying the same name. Please help file.zip
  8. I have two related tables; Patients and Physicians. I need to see the list of physicians names from the patient's table to choose one (value list), and to be able to add a new physician name in the Patient's table, if that specific physician is not listed, without going to the physician table to add a new physician's name over there. Thanks
  9. thx for the help. i will let you know if any progress.
  10. i did some work in the past on macromedia web pages where i used style sheets to control the html pages. are you referring to a similar process?
  11. HIPAA requires certain formatting of the info from my database solution. the way the insurance receives those info is transmitting a flat file which is a simple text file that has all the records encoded to ANSI x12. one way of doing it is using a database and link it to x12 translator another one is producing the flat (text) file from file maker directly. So if i want to sent a batch of records (patient's info) to the EDI it will be more convenient to do it internally with file maker and produce the output text file one step. so lets say i have : John Doe 37 male the insurance wants it: text file: John*doe*37*m~ when exported as XML another program like datastage for example takes those records and fields and map them to the text file i described above. what am trying to do is: since i know the HIPAA implementation guide and what is required in the transmission i can do it in filemaker internally without asking a developer to write me an ANSI X12 plug-in. here is a link to my other thread about the issue. i appreciate your help. Edit: Oops i forgot the link: http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/186966/
  12. the outcome should be a flat file and not xml. so you will still need to produce a flat file from the exported xml if you go that route. however if i can put the merge field records on one page, eventually in one text file then i can produce the flat file in one step
  13. I would like to deal with the file inside filemaker and not to export and then edit. i have the plan B to export to XML and map it to my datastage extender. but i think i can do it with filemaker only.
  14. I am trying to get the output from my solution to be x12 delimited. that is not an option for filemaker, you have to export the file then deal with it. am trying a workaround solution to print it to a text. like i have the fields: firstname1, lastname1 firstname2, lastname2 ....so forth. the outcome is in one text file : firstname1*lastname1~ firstname2*lastname2~ where the merge field is a way to get the output formatted my way. on one text file. so it is important to print those multi-records merge fields to one page rather to separate pages.
  15. i would like to ask another question: Is it possible to script printing merge fields of multiple records on one page? like <> you get on the page: name1 name2 instead of having name1 on one page and name2 on a second page. thx.
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