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  1. Hi! I cleaned up my TO graph and deleted all of my test data. I am reentering it systematically, making sure that all of the IDs are being passed between tables and then I'll try the layout again. As for the line item problem, the line items are services over time. I am trying to make a report by location of all of the customers ordering services for a given month. I think I'm on my way to fixing this. I'll be back if it doesn't work! Thanks for the help!
  2. Thanks for the link. I have most of my experience in SQL, so that site and the video alleviated some of my frustrations with FMP. I still have to figure out why it's not displaying data from the order TO that is directly related to the lineitem TO.
  3. My last problem never found a solution, so I thought I had a back-up. No dice! Here's my problem: I want to list items from a table and also list details about them from related tables. Those related details are not showing. It's a many-to-one relationship, so each item can only have one customer, so that's not the problem. Each Customer has orders and each order has itemized purchases. I want to show customer information without creating redundant "customer" fields in the item table, but I can't even get it to show "order#" from the order table (that's where the foreign key is linked in the item table) let alone other related fields in the order table, so I have no hopes of getting customer data until I get through the nearest table. : Thanks for any help. -Erin
  4. I'm attaching a graph of my table relationships. It's a simple model. Each salesrep has multiple customers. Each customer has multiple orders. Each order has multiple line items. Each line item has geographical (zone) designations. I need to make a report of all the businesses ordering production in each zone for a given month and their order specifications. For instance, Jan 07 will have zone A six businesses, zone B two businesses etc. I have made a list view layout linked to the zones table. Under each zone is a portal linked to the related inserts (line items) table. With this set up it does display all orders for all zones, but it wont filter based on month and it wont display business name because it's linked to customers table through the orders table. I've tried all sorts of relationships to get around this. I have tried making a new instance of inserts and set up a conditional ID. When I used that filter, I got nothing. I could simplify this whole layout but it wouldn't be as pretty (a long list of all inserts by date sorted by zone). I feel like what I'm trying to do is possible and maybe I'm missing something! Really trying to avoid redundancy here... Thanks for any help,-E btw-I'm stuck working on a Mac this week. FMP8
  5. What if you have a similar problem but want to omit all dates not listed in the original Find criteria? If I'm searching Jan 06, that would mean month field != Feb Mar Apr May Jun etc. and year field != 07 08 09 etc. Right now my Find criteria only filters a related table (geography, so all records are listed per filtered geography, but I want to omit records from different dates).
  6. I just needed to enable record creation for the relationship. Thank you!
  7. I feel like I'm either clueless or having the worst luck. I have this task that should be simple--entering orders for more than one month's of services in one statement/invoice. Rather than using repetitions which are difficult to filter by (in my limited experience). I decided to make a related table using Order# and slap a portal in there. On the layout, I have the business contact information, an Order# and some basic order specifications. In the portal, I want to specify the month of each item and some other descriptors. However, it is not allowing me to enter more than one item/record into the portal, even though I have room for 12 records. Am I missing something? I enabled table view on the layout and the form is in list view. The Time Billing template in the FMP8 uses the same structure and it appears you don't need a script to add a record inside that portal. What am I doing wrong??? Thanks in advance for any help. E
  8. I want to enable security and customization at two levels on my database. First level is general privilege sets, so that users can easily be added and a programmer is not necessary to administer this. I already know how to do that part programatically. But I want to further limit access by filtering searches by the current account logged in. It would also be nice if I could add a Welcome, <>! to customize the startup layout. What is the fieldName for current account logged in? Do I need any more information to accomplish this? Thanks for any help. -E[color:red]
  9. I found a temporary or maybe permanent solution. I froze the pull down menu in Browse View so that people can't inadvertantly change the active record. One has to click the "Find" button next to the drop down in order to enter Find View, where all of the fields are automatically cleared. In order to search one has to choose the name and click "Find" again. The search results populate and automatically send the user back to Browse View. I'm adding a step and potentially frustrating the user by freezing the drop down, but at least it works for now! Any better or different ideas?
  10. I'm new and thanks for any help in advance. I'm setting up a page where you can choose the name of a client from a drop down list and see their profile. Currently I have the drop down list bound to the search "name" field. When you choose the name, the correct record populates the various other fields. However, if you choose another name from the record, the client name of the current record is changed to a new name. i.e. John's Pizza: 555-1710 becomes Peg's Flower Shop: 555-1710 Obviously, this is a big problem. I know how to do this in .NET, but I'm stuck in FM. Is there a global variable field or something I can use as a place holder so that changing the search criteria doesn't change the actual field value of the active record? Or can I program the drop down menu to reset the Find altogether?
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