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  1. Hello and thank you for the tip - I was indeed running as administrator. I tried this on the main installed as well as on the setup program that ends up in the 'files' folder. I also tried the same thing on a Windows 2016 server and got the exact same result.
  2. Hello everyone, I am starting this post because existing posts on the subject appear to be too old and will not allow comments. I have had to rebuild an installation following a bit of a disaster. Long story short: Windows Server 2012 r2 all new and fully updated. Filemaker Server 15. I am continually getting to the point where it states that Microsoft Application Request Router 3.0 is required and cannot be downloaded - the install then fails. I have followed (as far as i am aware) all the tips and tricks to download the ARR manually - both V3.0 and V2.5 with all the pre-requisites in the right order and the installation still fails. This was working previously so it should be possible. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thankyou. Richard
  3. Absolutely amazing, thank you for that.
  4. I would like to construct a database for use by several sales people but I would really like to limit the records that each sales person sees to be only those created by or assigned to that sales person. I have read about record level acces but that only seems to allow me to stop someone editing other peoples records. Ideally I would like to create the effect of having multiple databases (one per sales person) but actually housing it all in one single database - such that each persons find reqursts reveal only their records? Is there any way that I can implement this with relative ease or am i better of accepting that I should have multiple databases - one per sales person?
  5. I can see that is exactly what is happening. Thus I can see why the 'fix' that I am using to subsequently select the required layout following the GTRR is working for me. Thank you for explaining that.
  6. That is amazing - thank you very much indeed - working well.
  7. Is there a method within Filemaker 10 that will allow me to display the contents of a folder (Windows platform) that might contatin word documents and PDF files and then double click those objects to launch the associated application? I would like to maintain a folder for each 'client' in a database and be able to access that folder from with the Filemaker database. I have seen some plugins available for earlier versions of Filemaker but am wondering if there is a 'built in ' method in Filemaker 10?
  8. Here is the calc. The table from which the script is being called is 'clients', the table which is used for the layouts being selected is called 'Policies'. The field which describes the policy type is 'Policies::Pol_Type' which is a numeric field and its contents are 0,1 or 2 (only testing with 0 and 1 at the moment). The Layouts are named as per the names in the calc field - same case and spaces etc. Case ( Policies::Pol_type=0; "Assurance Policies"; Policies::Pol_type=1; "Pension Policies" )
  9. Thank you for that - from what I can see - in Filemaker 10 at least - the GTRR step has all the features that should allow the selection of a layout - it just didn't work! - I shall stick to you method which does indeed work. Thanks again.
  10. Working for years in Filemaker up to V5.5 I have now jumped to V10 and am failing at my first hurdle. In am combining everything into a single file using tables where I would used to have used several different files. I have a file with a table called 'clients' and a table called 'Policies'. There are three different layouts to display different policy types depending on a field value. Policies for each client are displayed in a Portal view, a button on each row runs a script. I am using the GotoRelatedRecord step to show the record from the policies table and selecting the layout from a calculation based on the contents of the policy type field. I have used case as well as if statements and it fails 100% of the time. I have assumed that if I try to select layouts from a calc with a text answer, the answer must match the layout name. I have also tried using layout numbers. In either case the selected layout is always the same one. Have I missed something fundamental or should I be able to achieve it using this simple single script step? If I use the GTRR step and then follow it with either a case or nested if to then re-select the desired layout - it appears to work OK though I am about to embark on more testing to be sure. Any pointers regarding the use of GTRR in what I perceive to be a most basic form would be very helpful and much appreciated.
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