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  1. Hello, the following is the essence of a problem I need to resolve. The code is AppleScript display dialog "Hello \"world\" " This code needs to run in FMP18 as a calculated applescript. I tried: Perform AppleScript [display dialog \"Hello "world" \"] Perform AppleScript [display dialog \"Hello \""world"\" \"] Perform AppleScript [display dialog \"Hello "\"world"\" \"] Perform AppleScript [display dialog \"Hello \""world\"" \"] and other permutations of 1 backslash and 2 quotation marks cause the calculation to be unsavable b/o error. Perform AppleScript [display dialog \"Hello \"world\" \"] results in "A identifier can’t go after this “"”." -- after the calculation is saved. (Yes, "A identifier") Perform AppleScript [display dialog \"Hello \"\"world\"\" \"] results in A “"” can’t go after this “"”. -- after the calculation is saved and an error message of -2740. Can anyone help me please?
  2. I'm not sure what the reason would be for intending this behavior. It is clearly an annoying behavior. The only workaround is to insert an unstyled character in front of the selection, make the change then remove the extra character.
  3. I have a button script that changes the size of a selection in a text field. This is it: Insert Calculated Result [ TextSize ( Middle ( Get ( ActiveFieldContents ) ; Get ( ActiveSelectionStart ) ; Get ( ActiveSelectionSize ) ) ; $size ) ] A problem with this is that if the selection begins with styled characters (bold, underlined, etc) then the entire resized area becomes styled. If there is at least 1 unstyled character before the first styled one, then all styled and unstyled characters remain as they were. What is missing from the calculation?
  4. Not true: https://community.filemaker.com/thread/113191
  5. A google search reveals that FMP not recognizing modifier keys is at least a decade old problem. It's hard to resist making some kind of a comment but I will resist. At any rate, it seems that restarting the computer, at least on a Mac, resolves the problem, (until it pops up again). My question is this: Is it understood what is it in the restarting process that corrects the problem, and if it is, is it something that can be imitated with some kind of script, command, etc? Thanks
  6. Well I would think it would decrypt it then pass in on to another app. But if I'm not mistaken, I understand what you are saying so thank you for your suggestion Asu
  7. Hello -- I would like to open pdf files that are stored in a secure external manner. Only the first page of multipage files show in a FM container window (if I';m not mistaken) so I am wondering about using Preview (Mac, of course). I can retrieve the file path to the secure file by processing the text output of the container file, and then use it as a variable filename in a Send Event script step, but Preview cannot open it. Any suggestions?
  8. I know. Don't use them. But There is a simple task and a repeating field would be a quick solution. Field 1: a number Field 2: a calculated repeating field, each repetition adds the repetition number to the value of Field 1. Can it be done? Thanks
  9. Sure but this is a concept question. Thank you for your answer. Sorry, I forgot to ask the other half. Now I need to set the "active field" to a value.
  10. Hello FM Mavens, I need to accomplish the following task. I have several fields, sequentially tabbed, named A, B, C, D etc. Each of them can be set to 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4. User sets some of the fields to a number other than 0 THEN: I need a script that sets the fields that were left empty to zero. Obviously it could be done by explicitly defining the fields but there are dozens. I thought of something like Go to next field, if (isempty "next field") set "next field" to 0. The problem is that the (isempty <field>) function requires an explicit field definition so how do I accomplish that? Or there may be a better solution? Thanks Asu
  11. Thanks but nothing over $10/month is worth it. It is a personal database.
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