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  1. Thanks guys. I'll look into. At first glance if looks pretty good. If EventScript doesn't get recompiled for windows then I'll have to use zipp. Then I'll have a ton of re-programming that I'll have to do. Bummer Thanks nut
  2. Does anyone know if the EventScript plug-in will work with FM9? I've been using EventScript with FM8.5 for sometime now and it works great. However I think our company is upgrading everything to 9. It looks like the EventScript webpage and plug-in hasn't been updated for quite some time. I only use it for one thing. That is on-field-exit perform an execute SQL script that updates data in an external Oracle database. If EventScript doesn't work with FM9, is there an on-exit field option that can be set or something else that I can do with FM9's new support for external SQL databases? Thanks nut
  3. Thanks Jalz. Since I won't be sending attachments then using mailto: should work fine. It's still pretty annoying, hopefully a fix will come soon. nut
  4. I'm trying to set up a Send Mail script using FM8.5, Windows XP SP2, and Outlook 2003. When I perform the script "without dialog", a new email window pops up. But the problem is that this new window can't be minimized and I can't return to Filemaker until I save a draft, cancel/delete or send the new email. This is a little annoying because on OSX, and Entourage it doesn't work this way. I can minimize the window and return to FM for extra info. Does anyone know how to prevent the Send Mail script from locking the FM window? Thanks nut
  5. Hi all, I've been having the worst time possible trying to create PDFs using the “PDF Printer” that comes installed with Adobe Acrobat Standard 6.0 out of Filemaker 8.5. (I’m using Windows XP sp2) I typically print 100's or 1000's of carton labels for our warehouse out of Filemaker. In the past we've printed them out of FMP6 but recently we switched to FMP8.5. When we converted our databases over and I tried printing labels this is what happens. The Acrobat print dialog pops up and, runs extremely slow. When it finishes, the file created only has a portion of the created labels. In other words of 500 labels only 280 print out and I have 220 blank pages. It’s erratic as to how many labels it actually prints out. It does the same exactly thing on multiple computers all with different specs. (this rules out memory/processor issues) In FM6 I never had a problem printing this many pages to a PDF and it was extremely fast. Nothing has changed with Acrobat 6 and it's printer settings. The settings are exactly the same when I go to print from both versions of Filemaker. What the heck is wrong with FM8.5? This has caused me to revert all of my label databases back to 6. Thanks -nut
  6. No, not exactly. It looks like you set it up so that Employee is the "Main" table/layout in that you select which companies that employee belongs to. I want to do the reverse of that. I want Company to be the "Main" table/layout in that you select which Admin, Associate, and Director belongs to that company. The final form of this database will have 3000+ companies added to it and maybe 30 empoylees. So I'll be creating new companies all the time and choosing the appropriate Admin, Associate and Director. There won't be many changes at all to the Employee table. That is why I want 3 popup menu fields on the Company Layout that lists only Admins, only Associates and only Directors. That is the reason for the 3 constants on the Company Layout to constrain the empolyee list by category for the popup menus. I know that this can easily be done if I put the different types of employees into different tables, but I don't want to do that. I added some more notes to my original file so that it can make more sense to everyone. Thanks nut RelatedPopupMenu-BetterNotes.zip
  7. 1: Yes there will be multiple companies. For now there is only 1 sample company in my sample file. For each new company added, they can have any combination of Admins, Associates, and Directors. 2: Yes each employee can be assigned to multiple companies but only to thier category. 3: No, Each employee can only be in 1 category. Thanks nut
  8. I know my answer is somewhere in this forum, but after looking at 10 or more posts and sample files I cant seem to find my answer. I have 2 tables, a Company table and a Employee Table. The employees are in different categories. What I want to do is have 3 PopUp menu fields that return the Employee Number back to the Company Table. Those three popup menu fields should only list the employees from a specific category (Admins, Directors, and Associates). I created 3 calcs fields with the 3 categories names... after that I fiddled with relations on the table map and nothing seemed to work. Can someone take a look at my sample file and figure out I'm doing wrong. Now I could just put the different categories of employees into sperate tables, but it would be nice if I could enter all data into 1 table. Thanks nut RelatedPopupMenu.zip
  9. Hiya guys, Is it possible to perform a script with the "Execute SQL" command to update records in another database (such as Oracle) from a client machine but use the ODBC drivers and Data Sources from the server?? The reason I ask is in the past when I want users to perform an "Execute SQL" script I have to set up ODBC drivers and Data sources for each machine that will use the script. It would be easier for me if this script was ran server-side where the ODBC Drivers and Data Sources would only need to be set up once. But still make it so that users could run the script from thier own client machine. Does this even make sense and is this even possible? Thanks nut
  10. I changed the extension from .txt to .tab and it seems to work. Sometimes it the small things. Thanks!!
  11. I'm trying to import a text file that contains commas and double quotes. When I do the import Filemaker removes all of the double quotes and the chops off all of the data after a comma. I know what its doing it, because quotes are text qualifiers and commas are separators. I tried replacing the commas and quotes with escape characters " and ,. That didn't work either. What should I do?
  12. Wow!! It works. Thanks Fenton for the reply. I'm sure if I dropped enough time into the manual I would have found it. I wasn't even thinking of using a varaible and the get functions.
  13. Hello all, I'm trying to put together an Export script that saves a file to your desktop. I need it to work for both a PC and a MAC. The operation needs to be seamless in that both the PC and MAC users have same script with the same filename on both OS's. On a PC you can define the file path as C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersDesktop it should show up for every user for that PC on thier desktop. However this will only work if they have write permissions to that folder. Since I'm not very good with Macs I have no clue what the relative path would be for the current users desktop. Can anyone help me with the what are the correct file path references for the current user's desktop on both a PC and a Mac? Thanks!!
  14. NVM I figured it out. I checked the access privileges and it turns out the account indeed has a username which isn't blank. For some strange reason you can login to the database with a blank username. I assume it has something to do with the fact that this database was converted from 6 to 8.
  15. I tried the username "Guest" and that didn't work. I don't have the permissions to create a guest user account in our database. What if I try to pass an ascii or html null character in the URL?? It may sound a little ridiculous but I'm just trying to brain storm ideas. Thoughts?
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