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  1. That doesn't seem to work. Any other possible solutions. Thanks for the tip.
  2. Helping a friend with a database and he doesn't seem to remember adding a password protection to any of his files but when he emails a file to his other computer the file ask for a password. Is there anyway to set the privileges to a file to full access without know the password? Thanks,
  3. I'm wondering if it is possible to open two tables at the same time from a single database. Is this possible?
  4. thanks for the heads up, actually all i don't really need to go from quickbooks to filemaker it is that i want to go to fm to quickbooks. And all i really want is for it to take two small pieces of information (client) and amount due and create an invoice in quickbooks. It seems that the automater action pack can pull the information from fm pro it is just a matter of figuring out the quickbooks scripts.
  5. I was wondering if there was a script that helped take invoice information and help it work with quickbooks. I'm just taking a basic client name and credit or charge amount and plugging them into quickbooks. I think that filelinks fmbooks are way more advanced then i need in sharing information. Thanks, Jonny
  6. So your final solution worked pretty well for me. Since it meant not restructuring the database too much. I only use one table for invoices, basically found sets according to client and a couple of other sets and this allows for that type of solution. Not the best solution now, but when i wrote the database i didn't know better. Anyway thanks for the help.
  7. I am having a problem with a summary equation that i'm using. Here is the problem. I have a layout page that views all the orders i enter each day. It is in list mode so i can see a summary of each job. In the Footer I have a Summary field that gives me the total cost of the orders. Then i have another field (also in the footer) that allows me to add a volume discount to the orders, such as %2 discount on the total. I then have another field(caculation) that multiplies the total due * the discount. The problem i'm running into is that my final caculation changes according to which record is selected in the body of the layout. So if the first record is highlighted it gives me that records total - the percentage discount. If the next record is highlighted it gives me the first two records total - the percentage discount and so on. It would be nice to fix this problem even though for now i just select the final record and i get the grand total. Thanks, Jonny
  8. i was wondering how one would go about inserting symbols into a field. This would be such as percentage and dollar signs. Like when i enter .002 into a field if it could show 2% or if i enter 5.35 it would show $5.35. Thanks, Jonny
  9. I was wondering if there was a way to write a caculation that was dependent on two fields. Such as If (field one = 2) and If (field 2 =2 then ; "3") thanks
  10. I'm using Cases functions to do a few caculations for me and for the most part they work quite well. What happens sometimes is that they decide to not work sometimes. What i'm doing is using them to pull information from another table/field if a field is defined in a certain way any reason that these would not work. Anyhelp here would be great. Thanks, Jonny
  11. jdhunter


    I was wondering if it was possible to create a column within a list view. So i could print pages that have same information running down the page twice. Thanks, jonny
  12. I think that would work well, but i do i get the global field to store the name from a different table? Jonny
  13. I was wondering if there was a way to seach according dates. I have a timestamp in my layout and was wondering if i could use a function to search for all records from the last two weeks. Thanks, Jonny
  14. I'm trying to pull the name from a field in one table. Go to a report page and perform a seach using the name from the field that i grabbed from the first table. I know this should be easy and i'm trying to use the get (script parameters) function but i seem to be messing things up a little. Any help with this would be great. thanks, Jonny
  15. I'm trying to create a calculation (logical function) using the case function. What i want to do is create a calculation that gets information from two fields then turns that information into another field. So what i want is Case (Field 1 = "A" and Field 2 = "B" ; 3) What i don't understand how to do is create the AND part of the equation so that i can incorperate more than one field into the logical function. Also is there a way to do the same way but with the > or < functions. Thanks a bunch. Jonny
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