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  1. THANKS TO ALL YOU GUYS.. My friend make am XP recovery and now the FM8 work as always. Gracias a Todos... Thanks to all... Arevois
  2. Sorry for the mistake. She said the problem is the program, not the file. She cannot open the program. She copied the files and save it. She un installed FM8, installed again, but could not open the FM8. The file is in Spanish. I can send you a copy if you want. Is simple data entry. Windows won't let her open FM8
  3. is a program to save the people names. It will grow up. She un installed the program and took all the fm8 files out of the hard disk, then install the program again. It said the same thing. She save the file, but could not add more files to it, because the program wont open.
  4. I have no problem with FM8 in my PC. Although my files are small. Another friend send me the following error: Microsoft inform that there is a problem with the program. Microsoft? Then is goes the Error Signature: AppName: Filemakerpro.exe Appver: Modname:Unknown Modver: Offset: 000o01/9 This is the second friend that report the same problems. Did I get a bad, or fake copy? Version 8, WindowsXP
  5. Ram is more than 1200k.No I have not run the latest updater. File is access in a single machine, not net Platform is Windows XP. I have to ask him about the latest Service Pack Thanks for your help. HH
  6. I gave a friend a program for his music (FM 8 Advance). After 200 entries or so the program crash or won't accept anymore data. Is not the first time I have this complaint. He had plenty of RAM and H.D. space to work it. This never happens while using FM 6. What can I do to prevent this?
  7. Thanks Lee: I just send and e-mail with a sample copy of what I mean. Muchas Gracias. Thanks a lot. Printery
  8. Thanks Lee: But I mean lines in the report, one green, one white, and so on. Your help me to resolve other problem I had. Please advice if you got the time. Gracias Printery
  9. 98 percent of the work I do, the printing margin is half inch in the four sides. Every time I make a new layout I have to change the margins to half inch. Is there’s a way to set the margins default? Gracias, Printery
  10. If this is an old one, please let me know the link response. I want to print a report that shows a line in plain text and the next one the text in a shade of light green, just like a regular old computer green bar printout. Gracias, Printery
  11. As a novice, I found the answer in Help, I have to delete the account. Thanks
  12. Ender: If I try the formula (RectCount ( LadoA ; LadoB ; OriginalA ; OriginalB ) work fine. But when I try to import it to my file it say that the RECTCOUNT does not appear in the new file. I try it with FM Pro advance, with no luck. Is that a Script or something like that. I am new in this. If you could help me again, I will appreciate it. Humberto
  13. Gracias mil... I try some of them and up to now it work. Enjoy the hot weather. Thanks for your help! Humberto
  14. Help: My problem is based on calculating how many pieces of paper I get from a specific paper size. In printing one way to find how many pieces we get, is using the following math work. I write the size of the original paper, and then I write the size I need. By canceling the number I find how many pieces of paper come out of the original size. I work it out like an algebra problem. The original size on the top, on the bottom the size I want. By crossing (dividing o canceling) numbers I find out how many pieces I get. For example if the original paper size is 17” x 22”, and I need pieces of 8.5” x 11”, I will get four pieces from each original sheet size, depending the way I set the paper in the paper cutter. I’m using FM 7 & 8. Is there any printer that has sold this problem the easy way? Thanks Humberto
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