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  1. Ted, I want to open a directory and have the user select the file from the directory I open. The file is a word file. Once the file is selected it is opened in word. I could get it to open my documents but I could not get it to open a set path other than that and let the user then choose the file in the path.
  2. I just wanted to say thank you. I did get it to work. I still would prefer not needing a plugin. But I was able to get the plugin to work, I did have it in the wrong directory... The plugin does need to run on each PC which is why I would be happier without plugins... Also I found out it actually returns the path to the file and not open the file itself, but it works fine with the send event. Thank you again for your help. Elana
  3. Hi, I know this was posted a while back but I just wanted to say Thank You! I was using Send Event and using the calculation option for the file path and it was only working on path and files with no spaces. I added in your subsituion suggestion to the path and now it works for all paths with spaces as well. Thank you. Also will this be a problem on a network if I use the subsitution, in other words are there any cases where the subsitution is not needed and it will not work if it is done? Thanks again.
  4. Thank you again. I never used plugins which may expain why I'm not able to get this to work. I was able to open a directory in a script but I could only get it to open in my documents and no other directory. So that is why I was hoping I could do this without a plugin. Anyway here is what is happenening. I run the plugin but then it is not showing it installed. It is not showing it under preferences.So I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. I'm just not sure what. I have followed the recomondation to install the C++ but something still is not right. My other question is once I do get this to run if I'm running it on a server does this needs to me installed on each PC running FileMaker or just the server? Thanks again for your help.
  5. Thanks. Do you know if it lets you select from the file list or just displays the list? I need to be able to select a file and open it. I would rather not do it with a plugin if there is a work around. can't get this plugin to intall but will look again at it. Thanks again,
  6. Hi, I'm in Filemaker 8. I'm trying to set the script to just open a static directory on a server. I do not want to open a file. I want to open the directory so the user can choose the file every time. Thank you.
  7. LaRetta, That was just what I was looking for. Short and sweet. And I like the Boooo part too. Thank you all.
  8. It seams this is very simple so I know I'm just missing something. I want to check a global date field to check that it is valid. I'm entering it in a message box. Is there a function for this? For example if I enter the date 2/29/2009 it should not allow it instead it just deletes it automatically. Any invalid date like 13/13/2007. I have error capture off.
  9. This is a temp solution. I want to give access to the Account & Privileges off the menu line in a custom menu but I only seam to be able to give for all Define not just the Account & Privileges. I know they would need to have full access and could then change thier access. But like I said this is just a temp solution. Is there a way isolate Account & Privileges? Thanks in advance
  10. Thanks, but maybe I was not clear. It is importing some of a field but not all. It skips where the data is not correct. Some fields maybe just blank in some records where as inother records there is data that is not importing. I can drill down and figure out the records by importing them back on matching key and seeing wich ones are missing. Also I can figure out the missing fields by skipping import fields and seeing if more fields load. My question is is there a log (or a script) somewhere that will allow me to skip those steps and just tell me which records and fields were skipped. Thanks
  11. Hi. I'm importing records from another FM8 database. I know that the data that I'm moving may have some errors in it (does not comply to my field settings). So at the end of import I get the message of records skipped and fields skipped. Is there an error log somewhere which details which records were skipped and which fields? So I can pinpoint for the users which records they need to fix? Thank you
  12. Sorry I was not clear. It was in windows only. It was inserted manually by the user by doing the following in FM6.0: •Right click in the container box. •Insert object option. •Select: Create from file. •Select: File and open it. •Then click display as icon. As far as I can tell this stores what appears to be a copy of the file in the container field and you can make changes to it. I inherited this solution and I can tell you the file is huge and I'm looking for a better way to accomplish this in the future but they do not want a link to the file they want the actual file. Right now I’m concerned about the data converting and importing properly. Thank you for any thoughts on this.
  13. I converted from 6.0 to 8.5 a solution that contaned several container fields. The container fields were storing files like word and Excel. When I did a direct conversion of the file to FMP 8.5 the container fields sometimes ended up with unknown objects. I know QuickTime is needed for the image but the problem here was the whole file was missing. I found for some of the smaller files I had with container fields I was able to export records to a FM 6.0 file and then import to FMP 8.5 and they were fine. However with the larger files I found only the following to work: 1. Export the records in small groups 2. Then convert the records to FileMAker 8.0 3. Import to FileMaker 8.5 This looks like it works but I wanted to know if any one a a more reliable consistent solution. I realize the answer may be given what they are storing in the container files that there may not be a better solution. Thank you for your assistance.
  14. Hi I have a question on this topic. So I hope it is OK I'm going to ask it here. I’m having a file size issue in the container field. The container fields are storing the actual files (not links to the files). They are currently inserted by the user using the Insert object option. Selecting: Create from file. Selecting the file and opening it. Then clicking display as icon. They do not want a link to the file they want the actual file but will not need to edit it. Is there any way to save it to keep the file size down? I know in FMP8.5 file size is not an issue but I would still like to save the file in the most efficient way. Thank you for any thoughts on this.
  15. Hi Wim, Thank you so much. This does not solve my problem but at least I know now it is not me! Thanks!
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