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  1. I have a FMS 18 server that has 20 database files that I would like to sync nightly to another FMS 18 server as a manual failover server. I believe the configuration is FileMaker Server to FileMaker Server for $1600, but is there an additional fee for syncing the 20 database files?
  2. Barb, good sleuthing to find out what the issue was. I have a client that is using FileMaker in an RDS Farm and is having Not Responding issues intermittently during the say, mostly in the morning. We are trying to make sure there isn't a network issue that is causing the issue and it appears not to be a database issue. Do you have any recommendations for the configuration of the RDS Farm? Or can point me in the direction on how to configure the farm for working with FileMaker Server and FileMaker client? Currently we are using FileMaker Pro 18 client and FileMaker Server 17. We will be moving
  3. I'm using a web viewer to display a html webpage that allows the user to interact with it via java scripts. The web page works on a Mac running FM13 and FM14 with Mac OS X 10.10 and 10.11. When I try to view the web page in a web viewer on Windows 7 running with IE11 installed, the webpage doesn't allow any interaction with the java scripts, and the web page renders incorrectly. I'm running FM13 and FM14 in Windows 7, and they both render the webpage incorrectly. When I copy the HTML out of FileMaker and paste it into a file and open it directly in IE11, I get a security warning on the bo
  4. Wim, do you still have the examples available somewhere? I can't find a downloads section on your website. I'm trying to execute a VBscript from within FileMaker Pro 13 so I can in turn execute an Adobe InDesign VBscript automation script and return any errors back to FileMaker Pro 13. I can do this now on a Mac with AppleScript and an InDesign automation AppleScript, but I need to port the process to Windows 8. Thanks for help. Tom
  5. This is a show stopper for me too. Apple doesn't make it easy to change the default ports for Mac OS X Server web and wiki services. So I'm stuck with the hacking work around. I agree, Apple dropped the ball on communicating with a company they own and show a total lack of collaboration with FileMaker.
  6. When I wrapped the on error section in a tell section the error was ignored by FileMaker. try return 100 / 0 on error tell Application "Finder" set fp to open for access file "Macintosh:Users:tomhorton:Desktop:NewFile" with write permission write "productID, outputFailed" & return to fp starting at eof close access fp end tell end try
  7. I'm trying to setup an error capture method for catching errors from an AppleScript that will be called from FileMaker. The test script is listed below. This script works fine using Apple's Script Editor but I get an error trying to add this script to the Perform AppleScript step in FileMaker. I'm trying to enter the exact script into the Native AppleScript field in the Perform AppleScript step but get the following error on the write command: "Expected end of line, etc. but found """. Does the write command need a different syntax than the normal AppleScript syntax? try
  8. Removing carriage returns beforehand might be a good way around the problem. The ultimate goal is automation so I don't care if the files are human readable. I'll try this out.
  9. I'm trying to use Export Records on a single record to export a single field containing XML code. The file needs to be in UTF-8 format, which is why I'm using Export Records instead of Export Field Contents. I'm exporting as a Tab separated file. The problem I'm having is that the resulting XML code is malformed because the carriage returns are stripped out and there is one single line. Is there a way force FileMaker to keep the carriage returns so the code is correct? When I use Export Field Contents the code is unchanged. Thanks
  10. The applescript looks promising but I haven't ran an applescript from within FileMaker before. For the following code, how do I export a global field called g_field to a file called text.txt? I'm not sure where to put the actual field and filename. copy cell "filename" of current record to fileName copy cell "Text_" of current record to exportMe do shell script "echo -n " & quoted form of exportMe & " > ~/desktop/" & quoted form of fileName
  11. I have a global field that I'm trying to export into a file using Export Field Contents but FileMaker is creating a UTF16 encoded file. I need a UTF8 encoded file. Is there a system or FileMaker setting somewhere that can change this default? I'm on a Mac running 10.6 Thanks,
  12. Thanks for the confirmation. I was thinking that was the case. Oh well, I should be able to come up with a script that will automate the import of the data I need from Access. Full ESS woudl have been easier.
  13. Does ESS in FileMaker 9 fully support the lastest releases of MS Access? I don't want to just import data from Access through ODBC but want to use it as a data source through a shadow table to get data on a regular basis. Thanks, for the help. I've been reading about ESS support for Oracle, MS SQL Server and MySQL but not much on MS Access apart from importing.
  14. Hey Tom, I have a similar problem. I have a single value Option list that I want to be visible only when otherfield1=otherfield2. I set the text properties to be invisible by default, like you suggest. I can get the conditional formatting to work for making the text of the option list appear, but I don't see how to apply the conditional formatting to the option's circle so it is appears too. Is that possible? Thanks.
  15. That's a good question. Unlike Tiger, Leopard doesn't give you the option to add individual ports, you add firewall permission on a program by program basis. After I allow the access everything works fine, so the correct ports are enabled in the firewall, it just has to ask EVERY time.
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