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  1. How do you take this one step further? I want to compare two lists and show a list of values not being used yet... Example: List A = 1 2 3 4 5 (All Available Options) List B = 2 3 5 (Selected Options) I want List C = 1 4 (Options Not Yet Selected... virtually List A minus List
  2. YEEEEE HAAAAAAAA ! WE HAVE LIFTOFF! I went to Program Files > Filemaker > FMP 7 and copied the server.pem file and pasted it into the FMP 9 folder, because the file did not exist in this file. I powered up FMP 9, open remote, and there were my files! [color:blue]O Happy Day ! Thank you to EVERYONE who dug deeeeeep to find this issue. It sounds like FMP needs to get the bug out. Seeing as how it was a "date" issue, it will no doubt be surfacing more and more. Thanks again, Stan
  3. Thanks Andreas, I appreciate any insight FM may have on this issue. Please post their reply. Thanks, Stan
  4. uh... (sheepish grin) ...hadn't thot of that. Good call...unfortunately, after reviewing the info, I'm still in the same boat. This is a moot point, because I can successfully use the same computer to access the file in question under FMP 7. Again, obviously a moot point, because under FMP 7 the files show up. That one's out...I'm on a PC. Moot: They are most definitely open and available. They are the same on both my computer and the server: Date and Time. I appreciate your searching. I will delve into that area as well, although I can't imagine not being able to do this. Would I actually be the FIRST person to try this?
  5. Ted, I did a search on opener files. I now understand what they are, what they do, and how to implement them. The only problem is, they will not work for me. This is because they either: 1) "open" a remote file or, 2) call a script from that remote file, such as the "startup" script, and selects that window. None of that helps, since I cannot gain access to the hosted files. I cannot open remote, and I cannot call a script from the remote file, because I cannot get into it. My only two options for getting into it are "open remote", or to access it directly, which I cannot do, since it is currently hosted and open by FMS 7. Am I missing something here? I don't think so. I think the "opener file" concept is very straight forward, but it is designed more to automate users getting into the database. These users should already have access to the hosted file. The "opener file" is just a shortcut to get them right in without having to go through 2-3 steps. In my case, I have NO access to the hosted file from within FMP9. But I DO have access to the hosted files from within FMP7 (on the same machine). Sorry to be such a bother, but I'm more than SLIGHTLY irritated and with no hope in sight. I don't want to try this, but does anyone think it would help to do a complete uninstall of both FMP7 and FMP9, and do a reinstall of ONLY FMP9?
  6. Thank you Ted, I will look into that... Until a viable solution can be found, I'll try a "work-around" if it'll work.
  7. I hate to show my ignorance, but what exactly is an "opener file", and how would it help solve my current problem (even if it was just a "work-around, that would be acceptable to me at this point). Thanks in advance.
  8. Ok, so now I'm just a bit curious... could it be that I'm not actually totally delusional? Is it a bona fide possibility that there's a real, genuine problem? Granted, at this point we're only talking my pc, and 1 OS X Leopard, and 1 OS X Tiger, but hey, ya gotta start somewhere. Has anyone else experienced this problem, or knows of anyone else who has experienced this problem? I'm finding it hard to fathom that, with over 300 views to this topic, there isn't any solution to be found. At what point to I scrap it all and throw in the towel? What's next? Where do I turn from here? I am open to some good educated suggestions, because frankly, I'm at a loss at this point. ...time to pull out my abacus.
  9. So does the silence indicate that there is no solution? Is it truly possible that, after loading FMP9 Advance on a box that has been successfully running FMP7 (and still has it loaded), I am NOT going to be able to use my FMP 9 Advance to open our database, which is hosted on FMP 7 Server? That just DOESN'T make any sense. I LOVE FMP, but I would HATE to think that this is NOT a possibility. I am totally willing to admit my stupidity, if only someone could show me where I am screwing up here.
  10. Yes, but that doesn't work on my computer at all. I made this change, and it works for any FP7 databases I open, but not the desktop shortcut to the files shared on the server (the link mentioned above). It still starts up FMP 9, but refuses to open the file. Fortunately I CAN still get into my daily company database via FMP 7. But I would REALLY like to get into it with FMP 9 Advanced!
  11. This database solution is hosted on FMS 7. I closed all the databases via FM Server Admin Console and opened them locally on the server. "Network access to file" is set to "All Users" for every file.
  12. The shortcut link on my desktop is: fmp7://, which works (worked) just fine with FMP 7. In the Open Remote Dialog Box, the Network File Path is: fmnet:/ This works fine in FMP 7, because I can see the list of available files for the local host But FMP 9 Advance doesn't show any available files. So I manually enter fmnet:/ and it gives me the error message mentioned in my first post. One additional observation...my desktop shortcut: fmp7:// stopped working immediately after the FMP 9 install. So currently, in order to get into my database, I must first open FMP 7, and then open remote, and select the customers file. This is beginning to be more hassle than it's worth. :
  13. I agree...but then, what is the problem? I'm sure it's got to be something small and extremely simple. It usually is. I don't mind looking the fool. Go ahead, embarrass me. Show me just how EASY a solution it is...only please show me : Thanks, Stan
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