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  1. I thought I could do an easy conversion to make these compatible for Windows but it is actually not as easy as I thought it would be. Apple uses an icns format and windows uses an ico format. I found a few converters but they didn't seem to like the files. If rivet provided png version I have a program that would convert that to ico format.
  2. Working from the aspect of needing historical data and reporting at different levels I would suggest a data warehouse model. When each invoice is complete you copy the invoice line item values and the foreign keys to another table or better a "reporting database" and then you can do all your reporting from a date bound table that can easily summarize by product, customer, day, month or anything. It is all point in time data, but will include any current invoice that has been completed. Kevin
  3. Ok, I think I figured it out. My cert request was for west.{myserver}.com but the cert came back as {myserver}.com. On the mac I am using the west.{myserver}.com to connect and get the green icon, but I had to change windows to go to the {myserver}.com. I was going to change the IP address of the root site but it looks like I am stuck if I want SSL connection to the server on Windows. Kevin
  4. Now that the most recent patch has come out for FMS14 I have my custom SSL cert installed. However, things are not all roses. In the Mac client I get a green padlock and Web Direct is showing the secure connection and the correct SSL cert information. Windows FMPA14 isn't showing a green lock icon. Get ( ConnectionAttributes )on both Mac and Windows shows: [ Peer Certificate ] commonName: {mydomain} CA Issuers: Go Daddy Secure Certificate Authority - G2 Get ( ConnectionState ) on the Mac returns a 3 (for a secured connection with a fully verified server name in the certificate) and a 2 for a secured connection (SSL) when the server name doesn’t match the certificate (default FileMaker Server installation). Not sure how connecting to the same server and opening the same database should cause two different results. Any thoughts? Kevin
  5. I am not completely sure what you are trying to do, but if the result is just the text you show here then it isn't in XML notation and I don't think a style sheet would help. If it is an html page then insert from URL is what I would suggest but it looks like you are on FM11. If this is a response to an API call of some sort I think your best bet would be the Baseelements free plugin. (http://www.goya.com.au/baseelements/plugin) Then maybe you could use the BE_HTTP_POST ( url; parameters {; username ; password } ), to request the page and then the results come back and you can capture those to a field or variable. Set Variable[ $result; BE_HTTP_POST ( url ; parameters {; username ; password } )]
  6. FMS14 is the same. Had to do it a number of times because of the SSL cert bug preventing me from using SSL certs on FMS14.
  7. Do you know where you manage your domain name? (servername.domainname.net.au in your example) You need a DNS server to provide the translation from IP address to FQDN. If the domain is managed externally by someone like melbourneit.com.au then you would get things configured on their DNS manager. You would create an A record for servername.domainname.net.au and point it to your external IP address, assuming 1. your IP address is static, and 2. isn't already set up for some other reason. If it is setup already then it is a routing issue, not a DNS issue. Now if this isn't an externally facing solution and only used on your internal network then you need to have your own DNS server on your network if you don't already. A quick google search and out of the box you need Mac OS X server to have a Mac act as a DNS server. (However, I did find an app that could do it on standard OSX http://passingcuriosity.com/2013/dnsmasq-dev-osx/). Once your network DNS server knows that servername.domainname.net.au is local and what IP address it maps to anyone on your network would be able to get to your FM server via the FQDN. This all assumes static IP for either internal or external configurations and that all the firewall routes are setup correctly, but if IP address is working I would think they are setup.
  8. I was thinking that FileMaker Go for desktops wouldn't work to replace runtimes because of the concurrent license costs. I totally forgot that Go currently runs files local on the device. I think having to download Go for desktop to run a local version file would be a really good idea for FMI. They get to engage with the end user, get the marketing info and start a new relationship with your customer, before they use your solution. Now I am going to be disappointed if they don't come out with a go for desktop solution.
  9. Do you usually dip bacon in coffee? Just askin
  10. I came across this not too long ago, I haven't played with it so I can't tell you how well it works, but Tim does an amazing job with other things. http://timdietrich.me/fmeasycalendar/faq.php
  11. The next step you could do if you wanted to; script your find for active and then attach that to a layout trigger like OnLayoutEnter. That way every time you go into the layout it will filter to you active employees, and if you wanted to see the others you could show all or do a manual find.
  12. On the database theory comment, I like the video series that Cris Ippolite has on Lynda.com, Relational Database Design with Filemaker. No tutorial will ever replace experience, but I thought it was a good place to start. http://www.lynda.com/FileMaker-Pro-10-tutorials/Relational-Database-Design-with-FileMaker-Pro/83839-2.html He just updated the series to include fmp12 sample files and updated everything to keep it version independent.
  13. No, FM13 doesn't support the way that those icon formats are stored in 14. There are a bunch of free resources that you could use that would give you a similar look. http://www.flaticon.com/authors/freepik
  14. One way to do it is to create a script that sets a global variable to the state the popover was last in and have an if statement built around it. My method breaks if you click something other than the button because that action closes the popover without setting the global. The user would then have to click the button twice to open the popover. popover.fmp12
  15. Thanks for the repost John.
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