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  1. Hello all I have one layout and I would like to display two portals, each from a different table, to display and enter data. Seems simple but my layout is tied to one of the tables and I would like to display data from the other one. I know they need to be related but not sure what field I need to relate them with. Each table consists of two fields, one is the id field or key.
  2. I have a database with a layout with 4 fields to display images. Next to each one is a button to delete or clear out the field. Instead of using 4 different scripts based on each field, I would like to use one script but the script need to know what field name its focused on.
  3. Hello all Is there a command to capture the field name, not its contents, into a local variable?
  4. Thanks EOS, that was very nice of you to display that sample file. It did make things clearer for me. I didnt expect such a clear answer and I appreciate it.
  5. I have a home asset table with a item field among other fields. I also have two other tables name category and location with a category and location text field, respectively. In one layout with a tab, I have two portals (see attachment). The left will list my categories and the right I hope to list my items that are located in the location area. I am not sure what relationships are needed to get this to work. Once I get the category to work, I will do the same for the location tab. The layout is based on the category table for now but that is probably wrong i Know.
  6. Thanks, supernatural. That was the problem. thanks alot.
  7. Hello all I am working on a new database using FM Pro 12 adv. The problem right now is that my fields seem to relocate when I switch between layout and browse mode and not sure why. See attachments. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. I have a portal window in my application. One of the fields among the records (rows) in the portal is a service cost field from my Service table. Outside of the portal on the same layout is a Total Service Cost field (Summary field based on Total of "Service Cost"). When I delete a row I have to go to another record and back again before my Total Service Cost field displays the updated totals. How can I see the updates as they happen without going to anther record? thanks again.
  9. Display top 4 Regional sales only via a bar chart Hello all I have managed to summarize my data like the following: Regional name: Total Sales: A $199,500.00 A $400,100.00 B $344,200.00 C $222,600.00 D $663,800.00 D $199,223.00 E $788,222.00 but I would like to display only the TOTALS of the top 4 regions (bars) via a bar chart. How would I limit the data the chart displays. I'm guessing that it will involved a calc field but not sure how. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello I would like to display a layout with a bar chart within my runtime solution via a button if the user happens to have a full version of FMP11 or higher but prevents the user from going to the chart page if they do not have a full version of FMP11 or higher. Since you can't display charts within a runtime package. What command determines if the user is running a runtime version or not?
  11. Hello all I would like to display a list of home inventory items such as the following: Item: Insurance type: replacement cost: Computer Home 800.00 iPhone Home 300.00 Truck Auto 12,000.00 ATV Motor Sport 4,000.00 Motorcycle Motor Sport 8,000.00 But only display in the format of the folowing in a portal display: Insurance type: replacement cost: Home 1,100.00 Auto 12,000.00 Motor Sport 12,000.00 I am using two separate tables for this. An asset and Insurance table with the relevant fields with both tied to by an Asset ID field. I am familiar with the relationship stuff but not sure how to group the records with a total. Thanks in advance for any help. ( Just in case the view of this post is bad as far as displaying my examples, I’m adding a pdf version. ) pdfversionofpost.pdf
  12. Hello I am using ver. 10 advance of FMP. I would like to perform a find of only 1k records of a database of over 70K. If possible, I would prefer not to hard code the number but prompt the user for a number to enter. Thanks in advance for any help.
  13. The data file including zip code, city name, state, county name and others. The complete data file contains over 65,500 records. This data file is available for immediate download once your order is completed via a secure PayPal payment. Remember, you don't have to have a PayPal account to use the service. This data fle is perfect for distributing a custom application of yours that has a need for zip code, area code, city and other lookups. http://www.mljpublishinggroup.com/software/MainSoftwarePage.htm
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