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  1. Newbie to firewalls and such (so be kind). I have FMSA 8.5 on a dedicated server running Windows Server 2003. We have an IT guy who set the whole thing up. There is a dedicated domain name and the firewall was configured to allow incoming traffic (I have no idea which port etc but can find out if needed). On the office "intranet", all is well. No connection is ever lost and all clients are without complaint. IWP also works, however: I can access the database over the web most of the time. 1 time I logged off properly and then tried to log back on..."address could not be found". I tried multiple computers and was unable to access the logon page of iwp. In the office, the intranet wourked fine and I could access the server remotely. FM said that the file was "normal" and it ran fine in the office. I had to hard reset the server to get iwp to work again. The second time, I was navigating through the DB on the web and one of the pages failed to completely load. From this point onward, I could no longer log onto iwp. Interestingly, in the "clients" section of the FMSA console, it still has me listed as being logged on remotely although no files are listed. I turn off the database and it still lists the machine where the program hung as a client. Help! Rick
  2. I want to set up a portal to display lab results. New results are available daily. I want the top, horizontal line of the portal to display date (1 week's worth) and the corresponding results to be listed below (vertically). Any idea how to sort a portal by date displaying along the horizontal sxis? Thanks. Rick
  3. The My Procedure TO uses calculated relationships so that only records from a particular user are displayed. BTW, I worked through my problem with new TO's of the EP and Cath Procedures tables and then linking them to My Procedures. It works! Thanks to all for all of the useful input. Rick
  4. (Newbie comments to follow) I added new TO's for the EP and Cath Invoice tables and added relationships to them from My Procedures. I then added the 2 portals that I am interested in to the HOME BORGE layout. I then wrote a script "Find Patient-Home Page" (attached to the Find button). The entry fields around the "find" button are global and are shared by the "New Procedure" button nearby. When I enter a patient and ask it to "find", I am told that "one or more of the relationships are invalid". Could someone more knowledgeable than myself look at my relationship tree, the script noted above and see if there is an easy way to fix this error? A new copy of the DB is attached (sign in as Guest). Thanks alot. Rick db.zip
  5. Sorry about that. Try this file. Use the guest account with no password. Thanks. Rick Procedure_Data_Base_copy.fp7.zip
  6. I have attached a copy of my DB. I'll do my best with this narrative: Main tables: PATIENTS, MY PROCEDURES (TO of PATIENTS), EP PROCEDURES, CATH PPRCEDURES. Layouts: PATIENTS and BORGE HOME. PATIENTS is supposed to be a general layout that can display cath and ep invoices from the entire DB. There are 2 portals, one that shows all cath procedures for a particular patent and the other for ep procedures. BORGE HOME is a "homepage" for an individual user and contains a portal that show only invoices related to that user (Borge). I would like to put the 2 portals found on the PATIENTS layout onto the BORGE HOME layout. That way, "Borge" could see both his personally related invoices (portal that is already present) as well as search the entire DB by patient and then display all invoices for that patient. How would I change the relationships to accomplish this? Clear as mud? Thanks;) Rick Procedure_Data_Base_copy.fp7.zip
  7. Is it possible to have 2 or more portals, both of which access data from the same table yet are sorted by different criteria on the same layout? For example: Portal 1: accesses data from invoices and displays the current weeks records. Portal 2: Displays all invoices for a particular customer. Both portals access data from the invoice table but are sorted differently. Thanks. Rick
  8. I have a script that adds new records. The layout that is used to enter the new record is different for different users (one type of physician uses one form and another type of physician uses a different form). Within the "add new record" script step, I want to determine who the user is and then send them to the appropriate form. I tried the following script step: Go To Layout [Case (Get (AccountName); "admin"; LayoutNames ("EP INVOICE"); Get (AccountName); "cohen"; LayoutNames ("CATH INVOICE"))] where admin and cohen are two different users and EP INVOICE and CATH INVOICE are the desired destination layouts. I get no error messages from this calculation, however, the script seems to get stuck at this step. I also tried a If/ElseIf statement which also didn't seem to work. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks. Rick (newbie)
  9. The following changes were made: 1) The status field is still a dropdown using choices from the "Billing status" dropdown list (this is unchanged) 2) In define database, I the status field is still a text field, now with a calculated (text) result using the calculation suggested above. The "Do not replace existing value in field (if any)" was deselected and may have one of my original problems. 3) I redefined the script for "sort records" to do just that (sort records). The colors now work and the portal will sort appropriately but only if the sort records button is used. This is opposed to the other fields such as date range and physician that result in an updated portal immediately after selecting the desired filter (such as range of dates, individual physician etc). Is there a way to attach the "sort records" script to the color calculation so that the portal refreshes immediately? I have attached a copy of the database for your review. Thanks again. proceduredatabasebackup.zip
  10. Sorry for all of the confusion. My original post described how I had modified the file that is linked above and a description of how those modifications resulted in a non-functioning portal. I restored the database back to its working form and that is what is linked above. I am going to retry the above noted calculation and will relink the "new and improved" database here later today. Thanks for everyones input, I'll try to clarify things after work. Rick
  11. I want to make the "Billed" and "Paid" items in the portal appear in colors (eg red for "disputed", green for "paid").
  12. I have attached a copy of my database. Choose the "Billing List" button to view the portal. The contents of the portal update when new filter parameters are chosen. This occurs in Browse mode. Currently the portal relationships all appear to work. All data is essentially in black and white. I'm sure that I'm not using the proper terminology to adequately describe things. Take a look and see what you think. Thanks. Rick Procedure_Data_Base_copy.fp7.zip
  13. The portal is a table occurance of a client table which has 4 relationships to an invoicing table. The relationships are: (billing portal) (invoice) c_billingstatus=status c_physician_billing=physician_billing c_datelowbillingportal<=procedure_date c_datehighbillingportal>=procedure_date All of the calculation fields ("c's") above, are used to allow all records to be displayed if no more specific sort criteria (eg "billled", "Dr X") are chosen. The portal sorts dynamically from Browse mode. I'm not sure how to post a demo as you suggested. By the way, is there a way to write a script that will simply change the color of text in a field based on what word is in that field? That way, my relationships would remain unchanged and I could simply change the color after the sort has taken place. Thanks again.
  14. c_billingstatus generates a text result. I suspect that the problem is with the calculation used in c_billingstatus: Case(IsEmpty(x_status); ValueListItems(Get(FileName); "Billing Status"); x_status Specifically, the calculation looks for the "valuelistitem" named "Billing Status" (a pull down menu). When I change the field "status" to a calculated result (text by the way), the valuelist "Billing Status" is no longer being used and the relationship no longer is valid. Any thoughts on how I can modify the above calculation to incorporate the calculated result in the status field? Thanks. Rick
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