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  1. Many thanks. It's working out that way and using word.
  2. Sorry, but the symbol table says: Ascii (hex) 29 for right parenthesis Ascii (dec) 41 for right parenthesis Please which key is supposed to introduce a group separator?
  3. I used ascci 29 hex, which is right parenthesis ) I copied a square symbol, but it didn't work I used the right parenthesis in excel and word. Indeed I would very much rather import from word or whatever easier. I just typed the symbol in between the data. Hope this is enough detail. Many thanks
  4. I've tried to import repeting fields from excel and word without success. I used Ascii 29 (square and right parenthesis). When importing, FM does not discriminate repeating data and in some cases when importing from a word, memory isn't enough. I would appreciate your help again.
  5. Many thanks. I'd rather keep FM just as it is, otherwise, the 140 aprox. records will multiply by 40 at least. Is there any other option using word or other software for importing repeating fields?
  6. FM file is for law bulletin, gathering monthly data since 1994. Each record ranges around 40 repeating fields using data of the same kind. I'm afraid cannot modify the document. So I should export the data from FM to Excell, thus delimiting the spread sheet and reusing it with new data?
  7. How can I import data from excel to filemaker 5.5, which is supposed to fit into repeating fields? The excell column has cells with data to be imported into repeating fields of one f.m. record. Thanks.
  8. You helped me before with importing data form fm 2.0 into later versions of fm. I did not understand about normalizing the file. I just need to import columns of excel into a repeating field, without opening a new register for each cell of the column. Thanks.
  9. Ender, how can I import data from excel to filemaker 5.5, which is supposed to fit into repeating fields? I read the manual (FM 2.0) on SYLK but it seems related to exporting rather importing. I would appreciate your help again. Regards, Rodrigo
  10. Ender, I have just exported the repeating fields into a word document and then all the way around back into FM2. So now I have to buy a FM7 o 8 and to do the same process, which I hope will work as fine. I must say that I did the try using a 1993 Mac Powerbook, with an old that Word and the FM2 by Claris. The new FM I plan to buy is to be installed on a PC. I have no doubt that FM must have changed a lot, but I hope that elemental things (creating fields and presentations) work just like in the old FM2. Many thanks to you and many thanks to Lee. Rodrigo Tala. Santiago, Chile.
  11. My FM2 manual is an spanish version. So yes, I meant repeating field and document, as Ender made it clear. About splitting repeating fields to export them, I'll try that, but then can I import those values to the the newest FM? Many thanks Ender and Lee.
  12. Thanks Lee, but as I explained to Ender, the problem are repetitive entries which doesn´t seem to be exportable from word documents. I will be most appreciative of any suggestion. Regards
  13. Thanks Ender, but I am not sure that repetitive entries will be recognized. I have exported from Word doc to my FM2, and only the first entry is exported, but not the repetitive rest. Would FM7 recognized that? But still I'll try exporting repetitive entries from FM2 to word. Regards.
  14. In fact I have an FM v. 2 pro from Claris since 1994 and a lot of information stored. Can I export the information to any of the next versions of FM the newest if possible? Or import to this one from my olf FM? Which is the latest OS version that would allow me to open FM v. 2 and the latest FM version so as to export or import the information if possible this?
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