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  1. bmen

    drop down boxes

    thanks john ,got it working ok now
  2. bmen

    drop down boxes

    hello thank you as i said bit new to all this and i find the "help" a bit unclear at least to me . jacky
  3. Hello, very new to filemaker actually just got 30 trial version today i cannot figure out how to create the drop down boxes i can set the edit box to read drop down with scroll bar but cannot proceed to enter any options in the box .help please jacky
  4. I have 3 tables parts, orders, jobs. Orders takes info from parts. Job takes info from orders. relationship part1,order1,order details works correctly i have made copies of the relationship to make more instances of the fields but only two out of the six work but they are exactly the same except the names???
  5. Hello thanks guys I have tried your suggestions and I can restore all the data except 10 known entries that just doesnt appear.As i said earlier no real damage was done as a backup current to ealier in the day was available ,the whole excercise was basically for any actions that i should take if similar occurred in the future.What made it all seem odd was the way the error was activated as soom as any field was clicked on,though i could look at some tabbed layouts and its data ok jacky
  6. Hello again Lee, another point you refer to a pristine d/b do you mean one devoid of data or just another known to work? jacky
  7. Hello Lee thanks I will try what you suggest ,I know that there are some 15 records more in the d/b than currently shown on the screen that opens .which as i said as soon as you touch any field --bang you are locked out. The thing may be beyond help any way as it occurred whilst i was working on files only remotely connected to the d/b jacky
  8. Is it the end of the road when having tried to recover a d/b it still will not operate ok? Mine opens ok but any attempt to work on a field instantly brings up "encountered a problem" All is not lost as i have a back up just one day old but for my own knowledge i would like to know what else i could possibly do to try recover use of this d/b jacky
  9. Hello, thanks I will try that, I wrongly assumed that you could perhaps select the print area as is Excel etc regards jacky
  10. hello, not sure this is where this query should go but is there any way that the "delete all files" option can either be removed or hidden ? This is my 1st d/b and whilst it is working ok an operator has mistakenly deleted all the records. I,M not concerned about the loss but want to prevent this occuring again thanks jacky
  11. Hello, The problen has been partially resolved. The fault must be in the printer software somewhere as when i connected an epson it worked ok. Thanks for your help I will now try to rectify the printer. jacky
  12. Hello again the version im running is 7.01 and i have updated the from the site you gave me My printer is an HP deskjet 690 and over the weekend im going to try it on an epson to see if the result is the same regards jacky
  13. Hello, thanks for reply. I have tried replacing drivers but no difference what is very puzzleing is that same printer prits it out perfectly when copied to word regards jacky
  14. Hello, I cannot get filemaker pro 7 to print in other than economy. The settings are all set to fine etc and saved . you print doc it comes out in ecomy --go look at properties and they are set to fine . What am i doing wrong here ? IF I copy the page to word and then print it is ok .
  15. Hello John,thanks for the reply. I am using ariel size 9. I havent tried others and will do so tomorrow morning. printer is a hewlet packard something like 760 as im not at work i cannot be sure as yet. regards jacky
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