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  1. sorry but I am a novice; what is a table occurence, and how does one change them? I was able to paste the layout into the inactive db, but when switched to browse mode, I got lots of "table missing" messages.
  2. I have an active customer db, and an inactive customers db; they are almost identical, and should be, but are not always because I change the layout in the active db, and forget to change it in the inactive db. Can I, and how, export a layout from one db and import it into the other? I am using FM7 on a Mac. Many thanks!
  3. Thank you for replying to my post; I was not clear about the template I mentioned; the one you suggested using is the same one I said in my post was way too complicated. I am hoping someone with more experience than I can give me some suggestions as to how to actually set a simple one up, so that multiple thumbnails can be seen on one page. If this is not appropriate to ask on this forum, just let me know. Thanks in advance.
  4. This is my first post; I am a novice filemaker user (although have been reading alot, online tutorials, etc). I am trying to see if I can save $200 (the cost of a dedicated digital asset management program) by creating my own, much simpler solution. Can someone guide me as I create this? I am familiar with all the basic concepts, eg fields, tables, portals, repeating fields, etc. I don't know anything about calculations or functions (and don't want to get into those yet), or Scripts. My main goal to start with (and I will probably make it much more involved at a later date) is to simply be able to show all images (thumbnail size) on the screen at one time (might have to flip to other pages as my collection grows), as I do a find on some keyword. I would like to show at least 9 at a time on one page. Each thumbnail would have under or over it some text, like a stock #. I have looked at the template photo catalog, but it is way too complicated to even modify or understand, at my novice level. So, how do I get started? Thank you much,
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