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  1. very good point... i changed the separation to "unit" instead of a "-" and modified the scripting you included to create the same result. this is a lot more universal... Thanks for the advice!
  2. Is there any way to do conditional value lists without referencing other databases? Is it possible to combine the content of 2 fields into one value list? Thank you! Moosh
  3. Hi, I have a field with content as follows "505 Woodland Terrace - 3" Which is a Property Address + the Unit. Is there a way I can extract the content of the address and the unit, i.e., use the "-" as the point where the data is split? So I'll have 2 other fields that read this one, and the first would output all the content before the "-" and the second field would have all the content after "-"? Thanks! Moosh
  4. Hi all, I have set up 2 tables for a property management tool. The first is tenant information, and the second table is billing. I have generated a number of invoices in the billing table for the tenant. The two tables are related through a "tenant id" field. What I'd like to do is perform a find of all billing records, and pull up only those relevant to the specific tenant. So if I am on the tenant profile page, I want to write a script that goes to the billing table and pulls up all the records that pertain to that tenant only. This is a find command, but I can't figure out how to perform a find where the criteria is an exact match to a field in the tenant table. If anyone has any ideas on how to solve this, I will be eternally grateful. Thank you. Moosh
  5. Is it possible to limit the number of new records that can be created in a table? Thank you again! Moosh
  6. Thank you so much!!! This totally does it. Cheers, Moosh
  7. Hi there, Is there a way that FM tracks the current date always, without having to paste it into a field? I am building a real estate database and want to specify the end date of a lease, and then do this end date (in future) - current date = remaining days left on the lease Thank you! Moosh
  8. Is there a way to do a calculation that says If X is BLANK (where blank is an empty field) then so and so... Looking for the Syntax of BLANK (empty field). Thank you! Moosh
  9. Thanks for the leads and tips. I thought I was using the relational features -- as I said, I have 2 tables that are linked through the tenant ID. I tried the go to related layout which says it can jump to a layout that's based on the same table. If this is all I can do with this function, then it doesn't solve my problem as I'm trying to go from the Tenant table to the Lease table. Thank you!
  10. Hi all! I have been struggling for DAYS with writing a find script to do what I believe should be fairly simple. I’m building a property management database. I have two tables, Tenant and Lease. These two are related via the Tenant ID field, present in both tables. When in the Tenant layout, I can press “create lease” which creates a new record in the Lease table and copies over base tenant information including the Tenant ID. What I want to do is from the Tenant layout – create a button that says ‘view lease” such that it references the tenant ID number in the tenant table, goes to the Lease Layout page and finds the record that has the tenant ID that matches the tenant ID from the Tenant layout. When I script the Perform Find, I want to find where Tenant::Tenant ID = Lease: Tenant ID…. Any help will be very much appreciated!! If I am not being clear, please let me know. Thank you!
  11. Hello! I am working on a property management database and wondered if anyone can help me figure something out. What I am doing is making a "tenant roster" or a list (view as list) of all of the tenant records. In the roster I want to be able to select a month via drop down (know how to do this). So now the MOnth Select field reads "January". In the same table I have 12 fields corresponding to 12 months from now which is a payment matrix and holds a year's worth of amount they paid per month. So for the first record, a tenant that started paying rent this month, field 1 is April, field 2 is May, Field 3 is June, etc. The tenant that starts next month will have a matrix come up of 12 months from when they started, so his field 1 is May, field 2 is June, Field 3 is July, etc. In the roster I want to be able to go next to Tenant 1, select June from the pull down menu and I want to automatically poplulate another blank field (we will $$$) which basically looks up June in the payment matrix. For the 2nd record, a.k.a. Tenant 2, I want to select June also, and this time the blank field $$$ it pulls up what this tenant paid -- from this record's Field 2. I am not sure this makes sense. Essentially I think what I'm trying to do is use Field 1 in Table 1 as a condition, from which I search a matrix (or Table 2?) for a match in Field A, but then it returns the value of the corresponding Field B into Field 2 of Table 1. Any advice is very much appreciated. Thank you!! Moosh
  12. Hey Søren! I didn't see the file you uploaded. That's *exactly* what I am trying to do. Holy smokes this helps a lot!! Thank you! Thanks for everyone who has been helping! I just joined and you're all amazing. Warm regards, Moosh
  13. hello, thank you for the advice. the database is quite comprehensive, this is the "final touch" to get the various components. I feel that if I could understand how to do this then the applications would be tremendous. the challenge is that i don't understand how to make the lookup function work. is there a simple example of a file that i could look at? thank you!
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