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  1. I did the imports as you described. However, this results in two identical files, each having duplicated patient demographic data, just like the Master The objective is to have one file, "Patients" containing only one record for each patient; and the other file, "Clinic Visits" link to "Patients" to retrieve demographic data for each subsequent clinic visit. The existing “Master” file has records for every clinic visit, but patient demographic data is duplicated in each record, a flat database if you will. Records for each patient are uniquely identified in the “Account Number” field: e.g., "3498 a" the first visit, "3498 b" the second visit, etc. These are text fields. Account Number Prime is a calculation field (number field) “LeftWords(Account Number; 1)” that allows easy searching for all visits made by each patient. My challenge is to migrate all data in “Master” to two tables, I guess in a one to many relationship, i.e., one patient but many clinic visits. Thanks for the help.
  2. I have a client who created a Filemaker database back in the early 90s having over 12,000 records in one table (“Master”) that she populated with patients having a unique account number (actually a text field) consisting of numbers beginning with 100 and increasing incrementally by 1. Each account number is followed by a letter suffix. The first time a patient came to the clinic he/she was assigned an account number, e.g., 2476 a The next visit by the same patient was identified with the account number 2476 b, the third visit 2476 c, and so on. Each of these records duplicated the same demographic data, i.e., name, address, telephone number, etc, instead of the currently conventional use of related tables - a contact table and a clinic visit table. My job is to create two related tables form the “Master” table: 1. A “contact” table having demographic information for each patient 2. A “clinic” table getting demographic data from the “contact table” but which stores records for each visit the patient makes to the clinic. The unique data currently stored in the “Master” table are in fields as follows: 1. account number 2476 a 2. account number prime 2476 (the account number stripped of its letter suffix) 3. visit date What would be the easiest way to create the two related tables without losing data? I am using Filemaker Pro Advanced 10.0v3
  3. Are there any graphics plugin for Filemaker 8, perhaps like the paint module in Appleworks?
  4. Thanks. I did not know the default account was "Admin" Tried it and it worked. Thanks agian.
  5. I just upgraded to FM8 Adv. from FM7 Dev. None of the databases I was using in FM7 were password protected. Now when some of them are opened, a password dialog box comes up with my Mac User name as the Account name and none of my favorite passwords work. In some of the other files, I'm allowed to open as a guest. And in still others no dialog box comes up. All of the files are linked by relationships. HELP! I need my data!
  6. Hey, thanks everyone. Both approaches work well but with Kent's suggestion there is one less step, and therefore this is the one I'll use. Thanks again. s
  7. Thanks, but layouts are not relevant in this solution. Each record has a unique article with title field and text field. Also, when a new article (new record) is added, I would like it to automatically appear in the value list.
  8. A field "TitleField" contains the title of an article. The text of the article is contained in another field (ArticleField). I would like to create a value list that lists every title in the "TitleField" so that when the user clicks on a 3rd field the "ValueListField" and selects one of the titles, a script whould then take him to the record containing the text of the article associated with that title. Each title is unique. Any ideas? Thanks
  9. Found the problem: The "Today" field had the autoenter today's date option turned on. Therefore if any older records are present with an earlier date, that date shows in the header date field. Using the Get (current date) function solves the problem. Thanks.
  10. I have a layout with header, body and footer. In the header is a "Today" date field that shows the correct date (4/24/06) in Browse mode but an earlier date (4/19/06) in Preview mode. Anybody know why, and how I can correct it? Thanks.
  11. I don't need to for this particular task, but would appreciate knowing how. Thanks again.
  12. Thank you so much. The MiddleValues ( textField ; 2 ; 1 ) function worked beautifully. What a great resource this Forum is. Ciao for Niao
  13. I have a text field in a database with 1200 records containing 3 lines of text: First Name Last Name Street City, State, Zip I need to extract just the Street name which has variable number of words of different lengths. What text function or script would be best to use? Thanks
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