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  1. Thanks. Then I cant really use sliding. I should probably restructure it into a relationship model, but right now, it seems oh so much easier just to create a few different layouts and base a print script on an IF statement depending on which fields are empty. Thanks for the help! Its great to have a place to go to for a part time filemaker guy!
  2. Oh, I should have mentioned. The guest account has full access.
  3. Im having problems with getting the sliding function to work. I have attached a small version of the database Im working on. I have marked off the sections I would like to slide, based on how many extra fields have been added on the main layout. However, neither in preview mode, or when printing does it actually slide up. Am I missing something?? Any help would be much appreciated Legal_Database_Clone.zip
  4. thank you! When I added -1 to that....it works perfectly:D
  5. First off, I apologize if it has been answered, but I couldnt find this specifically. I need to be able to calculate a loan end date from a start date and a term: Start Date: 04/01/04 Term: 36 months Calculated end date: 03/31/07 The problem that I am having, is of course that depending on the years that are entered, sometimes I will get a day before, or a day after...i.e 03/30/07 or 04/01/07. Is there a way around this, so I can actually get the right date all the time?
  6. You would definitely be the guy I would go shooting with in the dark then......perfect once again:) Sorry about the confusion....trying to get something down while working on something else on the phone doesnt always work well:)
  7. I have another little update that I was wondering if you guys could help me out with. The calculations worked great for the first part of the layout, but I am having some problems implementing the second part (late fees). I have attached a slightly altered version of the file I got. Basically what I need, is to have the layout show the Late Fee next too the same date of the loan date on the left. (When I use a new date calculation (Default to End), it of course starts with the default date on top) Sorry if it sounds confusing, but hopefully the attached file helps. PaymentDetailed.zip
  8. Perfect! I need to add a whole bunch of additional columns and dates, but this is exactly what I needed:) Now I can just expand this base... And I actually have an advanced version as well, just not at home...only at work:( Is there any other fancy version if I use advanced? Not that I really need it...would just be fun to learn:) Thanks again!!
  9. I am trying to do this to an individual record, not a whole set, so unfortunately cannot use summary (I think).... Each record has two dates (among others), and a monthly pmt amount. Default Date Loan End Date Monthly Pmt We have a calculation field that looks pretty much like this: (Loan End Date-Default Date)*Monthly Pmt This gives us the total amount outstanding, after the loan went into default. However, the lawyers needs a printout which will basically say: Date - Monthly Pmt Date - Monthly Pmt etc etc ..for all of the months between the loan end date, and the default date.
  10. I am building a legal database, where we have loan summaries. All the calculations for giving us the totals etc work just fine. The only thing is that the lawyers want details, as well as the totals. So, the total would be outstanding amount for range 06/01/06-12/01/06 is $600.00 ...should read: 06/01/06 - $100.00 07/01/06 - $100.00 etc.. Is there an easy way to do this in filemaker, or do I have to try and incorporate excel in some way? Please let me know if I need to elaborate any more than the above. (working on this for a few weeks leads me to believe that everybody are on the same "page" as me) Thanks!
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