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  1. :idunno: I am having problems understanding sorry So how would you do it with the example as i would probably understand better if I see what it is. Now you mixing portals with container fields and tabs I will learn this trust me. Thanks Mac
  2. Thanks for the link Soren but 5 days out and I am still scratching my head and now the other "insert image" Buttons don't work but I can still right mouse click and insert image There must be a way to get the images into several container fields within a tab or will I have to define the database as Image 1 > Image 64 so each one has its own container field? Any assistance greatly appreciated. Thanks guys Mac
  3. Thank guys for the input. I agree Fenton a 5mb photo is way too big thats why I want something that is easy for every mum and dad to be able to take a photo and go insert and then let the plug in or whatever is needed to handle the resize to about a reasonable image size of 96-100bytes. I also think batch processing would be out of reasonable understanding for most users. Plus the image only needs to reside in FileMaker and will only be used as a reference. This will in turn keep the database file size down for export as well. Thanks again and we'll see who else we can attract with this topic :
  4. doesn't anybody have idea about how to do this surely someone must have tried this and found a plug in or a script maybe? Cheers
  5. Hi Soren and Vaughan, First off Soren I have tried something a little different and that controlled the flicker. So between you Soren and Vaughan enlighten me on how or the best way to do the following: I have 17 Tabs and in each tab there is 4 containers for images how can I insert an image into each field without it showing in the next tab? See my layout in the file attached. Any help would greatly appreciated Thanks guys images2.zip
  6. Hi John, I have tried this as a solution and I still get a flicker through the 16 tabs that are set to 1px and covered with another single tab. Any suggestions as to how I can stop the flicker between tabs? Mac
  7. Hi to all I am looking for a solution to keeping a database size small by compressing images sizes on import. As most home users that use the new digital cameras with a file size of around 5Mb and the database will hold around 100 images that creates a file size around 500Mb which will be too much to send via email. So I am looking for a solution to this issue if anyone can offer some sound advise or point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. I hope I have been able to explain this so all can understand as I am still a newbie. Cheers Mac
  8. Hi sinnetbs1, Your point is not moot in fact very valid for us newbies. That is what turned out to be my issue and once i had been shown the way all is good and I thank other for their kind support. Cheers
  9. Hi I too am having the same issue with the fields being in the layout during the layout view but when switched to browse the portal is there but no fields:( I too am looking for what I have done wrong (only a novice) gr8ly appreciate any assistance
  10. try Alt + Tab it should show up and open from there I have the same problem with other apps as well. Cheers
  11. Thanks Genx just the ticket looks like i have some work ahead tho Thanks again your a champ. Cheers
  12. Hi All, Another newbie here and I have read this topic and have found it interesting and just what I am looking for in my solution. Unfortunately being a newbie I am having problems understanding and was wondering if anyone could supply a sample of how this works. I am also not sure how to store the zip/post code and suburb data so it can be recalled I would like to be able to do what PaddyO was doing with the auto fill using drop down menus also not sure on the relationship side. Any help would be gr8ly appreciated Thanks in advance Mac P.S Have done search on "Zip Codes" and there are no real examples of what is required ...........................................
  13. Hi to all FM guru's ever have one of those ideas that grows until it is just a nightmare. Well i have one and much respect to my loving wife for her patience but alas i fear that the grim reaper of marriage will soon be tapping me on the shoulder if i don't complete this very soon.(its keeping me up at night has increased my snoring Not a good thing) I have tried to combine The Business Productivity Kit plus several other solutions to make a complete solution for the business that I am in. I had build this using REALbasic but found that i couldn't print all forms so I changed to FM8A to try an complete my project AND do I admit I am no programmer. I have been able to design the look and feel but it is putting it all together that is my main problem. So I am looking for someone to help me complete my application. I have had a several quotes of around $500 > $800 USD to rework & compile but everyone seems to busy plus i have had 2 others say that they wanted to help but tried to take ownership so i am now looking at a NDA as well. Budget $500 > $800 USD neg. Platforms Mac & Win Time frame neg. Willing to neg. Someone please help! honestly Mac
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