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  1. Sorry the returns cannot be cleared, this is what makes this so difficult for me.
  2. 1. yes the returns are there, this is how the file is given to us from our supplier. 2. yes the first two lines are always the ISA and GS segments. 3. Yes the SE line is not needed. 4. Yes the ( GE and IEA ) are always the last two lines 5. the ST number is a unique serial number. Thanks
  3. Attached is the file Im trying to create from an import of the 810.txt. 810.fp7.zip
  4. Thanks, I did not make my question detailed enough. I know what the field definitions are for the 810 but Im looking for a way to import this info FMP. Right now its just one line with "~" breaking each line. How can I import each of the the lines into the database in some meaningful way so that each person in the 810 will have a record. Next post is the example of the 810 in FMP.
  5. I have an 810 edi format file that I need to import into filemker pro 8. I have no idea how to do this. I have looked this up everywhere I can think of, but to no avail. Can anyone help. A sample is attached of the 810 file. The filemaker database im importing it into will be built from scratch for this once I know a bit more about the import. Any help would be grand! INVOICE.810.TXT
  6. I have two databases 1. customer_database.fp7 that has multiple records per customer. ie: Name,email,date ordered,product name record1: joe blogs, [email protected],11/4/2008,product1 record2: joe blogs, [email protected],8/2/2007,product4 2.email_database.fp7 is a database for customer service to answer emails. The two databases are joined by email address. The problem I am having is that when I come across an email from [email protected] in the email_database.fp7 it shows his old order from 8/2/07 instead of the one from 11/04/08. Is there a way to sort by newest record or something in the customer_database.fp7 so that the related record from customer_database.fp7 will be the newest. Im newbie to FMP and Im using FMP8. Any help would be great!
  7. Thanks for the reply. I downloaded your image but IM still lost? I dont see how I can add a drop down list of the 5 scripts?
  8. I have a basic field layout that I want to put a drop down box that shows certain scripts in it. I have say 30 scripts in the scriptmaker but only 5 that i use alot. So I would like these 5 scripts in this drop down box. So when I want to perform script 1 on record 99 I can pull down script 1 from the list of 5 scripts. I do not know how to set up a button/edit box to do this. Any help would be great/ Thanks
  9. That is true, I could make the same find from the message table. Let me explain, the subjects from the table repository are added as new junk mail comes in. I add a few new terms to this every day so that the next time a message comes in with this phrase it deletes it. This is why I need to keep these records the same, and have the table structure I have. If anyone can think of a better way to do this im all ears.
  10. Im struggling with a junk mail filter. 3 tables -repository holds subject text that is known junk. -intermediate holds subject and message id -message holds subject, body, message id. I perform a find in table intermediate to delete all messages that match subjects with table repository. Once it deletes the messages in table intermediate it also deletes the corresponding messages based on message id in table message. The problem with this is that some subjects may say “Viagra now” so the match with the single word Viagra wont match and wont delete this message. The solution I can think of is to use pattern count from table intermediate to repository to get rid of terms like Viagra, ect. I have attached the database so you can see what I mean. A script has been added to get rid of the junk messages but as you can see when it runs it does not delete the Viagra ones. Im stumped on this one! junkmail.fp7.zip
  11. I have a field that has some non english characters in some of the records, eg: V�stervik Café StraÌ°åÄe Månzfa Sérgio ZÌ’rich Fürstenfeld What I need to do is if the record has a non-english character in it to do a calculation that finds all those records, so I can manually replace the non english "é", with "e". My original idea was to make a list of all the non english characters and do a pattern match but there are too many non english characters and no real way to know them all. Does anyone know how to do a pattern match or some other way to find all the non english character in this field? Thanks for your help
  12. Thanks again Fitch, Ok I have the check box set up as a button but setting it up so that a click without shift sets a starting point is beyond my knowledge. What do I need to set this up, set the checkbox as a variable to record the record id? Hows doe sthe shift click initiate the script? I have attached a new example that has the script and the check box setup. I know Im close but just missing some details. Please take a look at the new example. Thanks mail.fp7.zip
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