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  1. How to parse a text file with multiple paragraphs (with carriage return), into a portal containing the paragraphs separately.

  2. Is there a way to create an autocompletion field that shows entries from two other fields, so that when I start typing, it searches for the entry in either fields and runs the autocompletion.
  3. I got exactly what I need. I created a calculation field that grabs the name from the last physically populated field by using the Case, IsEmpty and GetAsText commands, repeatedly for all fields. I created another field for "father's name" with similar scheme to grab the field prior to the last....... Now searching these two fields gives me the entire lineage of pertinent persons, and with multiple search request I can compare lineages of different people.
  4. Yes. Every name has a full lineage. You are absolutely right. However, the reason for searching is to find how many persons have the same combination and how they relate to each other, which is historically important.
  5. The genealogy tree I have is an old one containing about 60,000 names and goes back about 40 generations (starting from four ancestors). There are no last names "family names". The person is known by the his name and his father name ("name" son of "father name") so the only way to search someone is through a sequence of "his name s/o father", and some times with his grand father. Please advice of the best way to handle the data. The goal of the search is to find how two or more persons are related and at which generation do they the same grand grand ... father. That why I thought a linear genealogy is easier to trace the records and to see where they meet with a common ancestor! Thanks
  6. Thank you for the input I will try the multiple table option, but for now, forget about the genealogy tree. This is just an example to show what I would like the search script to find.
  7. Hi every body I have ancestor database "test file" attached . I need a script that gives me theses search results: If I search for a single name, I want to find the records where the last field is the "single name" If I search for two names "Smith George", I want to find only records with the last two fields having the two names "Smith as the son and George as the father" If I search for three names "Smith George John", I want to find only records with the last three fields having the three names "Smith as the son and George as the father and John as the grandfather" Search parameters------------Output (result) John-------------------------------2 results : REC3 (George, Smith, John) and REC6. Smith George ------------------ 2 results : REC2 (George, Smith) and REC9. Smith George John ----------- 1 result : REC9. Thank you all test file.fp7
  8. With what I have, just creating a new record (Ctrl n) will show up the calculated value in the field "Case_ID" Would this be still possible with the script? And the other thing how to auto reset the value when the month changes?
  9. Hi I have an auto entry calculation field with value from the field "serial" which has serial increment Right(Year(Get (CurrentDate));2) & "-" & Right("0"&Month(Get (CurrentDate));2) & Right(("000"&serial);4) The output of which is: yy-mm#### ; 13-110435 .... 13-110436 ......... How can I make calculation to reset the value "serial" in order to start from 1 at the beginning of every new month Thanks
  10. Thanks LaRetta, Your help is very much appreciated, and sorry for the inconvenience. But being a busy doctor, I wish I had more time to learn more about FM. I love this program and I hope that you recommend a book or a site that teachs FM in a simple but concise manner. THANKS
  11. Thanks LaRetta for the advice, In fact I've been trying for the last hour, in vain. But I will try to learn how to set variables and etc......
  12. Sorry, I'm not familiar with the procedure you are describing. I appreciate it if you can help with the script and loop... Thanks
  13. I have a table with two fields "ID" and "Paragraph" as this: "ID" "Paragraph" ---- ---------------- 1 John is a student 2 Mary works hard I want to add a portal to this table to show the words of the paragraph as separate records: "ID" "Paragraph" "Portal" ---- -------------------- ---------- 1 John is a student John is a student 2 Mary works hard Mary works hard THANKS
  14. For money exchange, I have two fields "DOLLAR" and "EURO". Is there a way that entering the amount in one of the fields would give the result in the other, and vice versa. Or do we need to have two separate procedures.
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